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Play Magnus - Train and Play Chess with Magnus APK

Play Magnus - Train and Play Chess with Magnus



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Description of Play Magnus - Train and Play Chess with Magnus

Play and learn chess with the World Chess Champion, MAGNUS CARLSEN, today!

You can also play chess against his Grandmaster friends like Wesley So, World Fischer Random Chess Champion, and Judit Polgar, the greatest women chess player of all time.

Discover their stories while you challenge them at different ages. Expect some tongue-in-cheek banter during the games. Unlock achievements and earn rewards for playing.

Expect more Grandmasters to be introduced regularly, providing you with a fresh yet diverse chess experience.


You can learn chess too, as we provide you with helpful hints in-game, take back pieces when errors are made, and use the Magnometer tool to guide you on the right and wrong decisions in the game.

To become the best, you must train with the best. Nothing feels better than having World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen sit next to you and assist with your chess improvement. After walking you through the basics, Magnus starts sharing strategic tips and tactical tricks. Whether you aspire to become a Grandmaster or merely want to win your next game, his advice will prove invaluable to you. Also, expect to flex your mental muscles, as active learning is the key to success!


Get detailed statistics on your performance. See how well your friends do and share your memorable games with them. Unlock achievements. Track your rating.


Try our other award-winning app, Magnus Trainer, to get even more chess coaching from Magnus Carlsen himself. It’s a superb way to master chess with the reigning World Champion!

Or, if you are an ardent fan of solving mind-boggling chess puzzles, make sure to check out Tactics Frenzy – another app developed by a team of world-class chess experts led by Magnus Carlsen.

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:5.1.52 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Play Magnus

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Mark Q 2019-05-06

Keep your stupid politics out of the chess game. Assigning black to go first now makes people believe the chess pieces are black and white people. You are inappropriately forcing identity politics into this beautiful game. Shame on you. Edit: Can\'t wait to see your campaign about racism against white people.
Martin Ong 2019-10-05

You need more improvements on the overall gameplay. When the opponent is left with a castle and his king and I\'m left with my king, you should make the game a draw automatically and not waste my time to make 50 moves just to draw out the game. Asking the game to end as a draw is useless because the opponent NEVER accepts the draw. Its so frustrating as a F2P player because a draw grants me half the points of a win and I have to waste my time to make 50 moves just to get the points.
Abhishek Srivastava 2020-04-17

This is the best app. It is best at every level. The engine doesn\'t make silly errors, all errors seem human like. It\'s best if you purchase the months. From age 9 onwards the opening of Magnus seems to get better and better so you need to brush up your openings. Also I like that it doesn\'t allow take back(unless u spend more $$) as if you are playing a real solid game. You need to save pgn and analyze later. It would be best if they include a post game analysis with full strength Magnus.
Arun Saxon Marix 2020-04-24

I love this wonderful chess app, It is so smooth and clean. I request the developers to have the option of post game analysis and my personal game progress. Thats the only basic feature I feel missing here. If I really want to improve my game, I should do some post game analysis, so developers please consider my request. If possible kindly add the feature of browsing my old games for analysis. What is the use of following a people here, not able to communicate, watch or compare their scores?
Goose 2021-02-06

8 year old Magnus makes mistakes. 9 year old Magnus sees 5 moves ahead, never makes a mistake. Always plays the best moves. 30 year old Magnus wishes he was this good. Mostly idiotic and frustrating. Don\'t recommend.
Shabadpreet Singh 2021-02-25

To the developers at play Magnus and Mr. Magnus Carlsen, First and foremost of all i want to tell you that this is the best chess game i had ever played in respect of graphics, difficulty and gameplay. Second and final thing is that i didn\'t know what i was paying irrespective of the fact that the advertisements in the app are not an issue to me. So i request you to please issue the refund for the same, not that the amount bothers me or anything but could spend it something more productive thing. Thanks and regards
Ethan Bailey 2020-12-04

A great app, but after the update, they screwed over non members. You can only unlock 2 levels out of the 20 or so if you dont want to spend money on a chess app. All of these features should be free, and most of them were before the update. The company is clearly not making money from this app, so they decide to worsen it by making the entire thing pay to play. Thoroughly disappointed.
DarkSide 2020-06-27

I like this app. It is like it is really Magnus at that age because the engine is tuned for each age. Why did I give 4 stars? As I was registering, I typed my email in, nickname, etc. And then, the others but the email are allowed. When I checked what was wrong with the email, it said that it has been used, which didn\'t make sense since I\'ve never used that email address before for the app. So, please fix that. Anyways, I\'m just going to continue as Guest. Great app, though. 👍👍👍👍
Charles Dennis 2019-03-13

Great app. Please add a function that allows you to see previous moves during a game. I know you can export PGN, but replaying the match within the app would be super useful.
Bryle Velarde 2019-06-19

Great app! So far the only problem i noticed is the design of the board and pieces. Would you provide other options for the design like the ones featured in other apps? And please increase your board sizing to the fullest ---it\'s too small. Lastly, please add time controls. Thank you.