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Description of Play Phone for Kids - Fun educational babies toy

Toy Phone Fun for Kids! BabyFirst’s Play Phone for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love getting their cute little hands on your phone! Now, they can safely play with yours and learn numbers, too.

Play Phone for Kids is the best toy phone app out there! It simulates a real-life phone experience for babies who can pretend to answer the phone, video chat, send emojis and dial. This kids app features some of the most beloved characters from the BabyFirst TV network including Harry the Bunny, VocabuLarry, and Peekaboo. It even offers a Music Player to keep the fun going!

Benefits for kids:

• Gives children the chance to learn numbers 0-9

• Allows your baby to pretend to talk to characters

• Encourages emotional and social development

• Dozens of animations and sweet sounds

• Supports hand-eye coordination

✰ 2nd Edition of the Award-Winning Play Phone App ✰

The huge hit, Play Phone, was the iKids Best Preschool Game App winner of 2015. Play Phone 2 offers even more fun, with several exciting new features!

✰ 6 Main Phone Functions for Kids ✰

• Dial – Babies can get familiar with numbers 0-9 as they push the buttons on the toy phone dial

• Video Chat – Play Phone for Kids uses the selfie camera on your phone to simulate a real face-to-face video call!

• Text – Your baby can send adorable emojis and get them back from their character friends

• Answer – Incoming calls pop up to get your little one excited to answer the call

• Music Player – Sweet music to engage babies and toddlers

• Funny Cam – Take photos in funny frames and put cute stickers on them

✰ Learning On the Go! ✰

This kids app is perfect for when you’re out and about in the car, at a restaurant or waiting in line. With Play Phone for Kids, your children can talk to their new friends at BabyFirst and learn numbers too, while you’re out on the town.

✰ BabyFirst - a Wealth of Experience with Toddlers✰

BabyFirst is a global TV network for tots, toddlers and parents alike. Created by experts, BabyFirst aims to provide children with the necessary tools to learn language and numbers. Visit www.babyfirsttv.com to learn more

To find more trusted kid’s apps from the BabyFirst family search "BF123" in Google Play!

And check out our fun & educational videos on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/BabyFirstTV

An infinity of joy!

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:BabyFirst

User Reviews


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April Williams 2016-02-22

Toddler loves it! My 13 month old son loves this app. We use the phone and the music player. The music player is his favorite and will actually throw a fit if I try to play him music on any other app. My only complaint is the pause button being placed on the spinning image on the music player. My son is constantly pausing the songs since he likes to point to the animals spinning on the screen. Oddly, he pauses it with no effort but can never unpause.
Melissa Mehalik 2016-02-05

Great app, but wish it would lock This app is amazing for my toddler. The only thing I wish it had was a way to lock the child into the app, like Kids Mode that comes with the Samsung Galaxy phone. My son loves the app, but is also obsessed with pushing the home button, on my phone. If there was a way to lock him, in the app, it would save a lot tantrums and stop him from handing the phone to me to \"fix it\" every 10 seconds!
Deon Thompson 2016-08-11

I thought the first version was cool. My 18 mo old son loves this app. He can\'t wait until I give him my phone to make \'calls\' on to call some of his favorites from Baby First.
Joanna Riley 2019-03-26

This was one of my sons favorite apps. The most recent update seems to have ruined it. Several characters have disappeared from the video chat part and the 3 videos are completely gone. Update (3/2019): Company responded quickly. After some time they did bring back the 3 videos. However, not all the characters returned to the video chat and they did not add any new characters.
Maria Chata 2020-04-10

I Downloaded this game for my 10m daughter, there\'s a lot of buffering going on and it makes me sad for her because she gets super excited. Then the call ends or just repeats itself over and over. The camera doesn\'t work, it\'s all black and won\'t take her picture. Just a little disappointed knowing this is the newest app compared to the original.
Shannon Stokes 2016-01-16

Freezes on first screen Cannot get past the first screen that loads the app. My phone is HTC Desire 626. If this can be fixed I will adjust my review.
Joni Thibodeaux 2017-03-10

This app is horrible!! Most of the buttons don\'t work!! You have to click on them numerous times to get them to work!! My 2 year old was only entertained with it for about 15 minutes then he was done!!
ShaiSky 2019-02-10

Im 7 years old and its kinda boring now please add more apps on the phone!
Arcturianne Nova 2016-03-28

My son loves this app. HOWEVER, I usually only let him play with it when he\'s cranky. I will start the app up and he gets all excited to video chat with his favorite characters....BUT THEN! I have to tap forever on each name several times before it connects him to the FaceTime. Try explaining that to a screaming 20 month old who wants to see Harry the Bunny NOW, not in several minutes trying to tap his name to pull him up! I have a galaxy s6 active. Please fix this and I\'ll give you 5 stars since my son loves this app so much...when it works.
Jennifer Samuelson 2017-03-08

My girl loves it n so do I