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Description of Pluck It: hairs and emotions

Pluck It is a game about going through a weird journey of hair plucking. In this journey, you will experience all kind of emotions as you pluck hairs. Do you remember when was the last time you felt these emotions?

Some hairs are moodier and you will need to use your creativity and imagination to pluck them. Can you calm down a hair on fire? Can you stop the hair from crying?

- You pluck a lot of hairs. A lot.

- Experience over 30 different emotions.

- Your creativity and imagination will be tested. Can you stop a hair from procrastinating?

- There is a secret easter egg in the game? Are you CURIOUS?

- The game is completely free with no advertisement. Pay what you want.

*** NO hair is harmed in the making of this game ***

Pluck it is made with the purpose of promoting self-awareness and emotional awareness of people's everyday life in the information age.

In this busy digital era which all kind of things try to attract our attention, sometimes we have little or no time to understand and take care of our emotions and mental health. Pluck It brings this topic to you in a fun way.

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:1.6 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Feeling Game Company

User Reviews


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Heather Smith 2020-06-04

Although the graphics weren\'t great and the controls we\'re not the easiest, the overall concept was so cute and (though it sounds cheesy) I truly felt and understood all the emotions they were trying to portray. When downloading I thought it would just be a time killer, but it turned out to be a cute, fun, well thought out, beautiful game and I enjoyed all my time playing it! Also I loved the voiceovers, and audio as well as the visuals (though not the greatest). Also there is no ads!
Usman Playz 2020-07-24

I absolutely LOVE the game!! it was so much fun and relaxing that I finished it in just 2 days!! It had so much relaxation. Recently, the files I\'ve been working on for almost 3 years just got hacked and corrupted. I was so depressed after that but this game saved my life. I was getting sucidal thoughts and stuff but this game helped me calm down!! I even showed some generous support and I\'m rating the game too. Thank you so much.
evoo 2020-07-15

To everyone saying the game is trash because the controls makes you frustrating: personally I think that\'s the point in the beginning. You have to find a way to control it. Once you understood how to pluck the hair it\'s pretty relaxing and the frustration just goes away yk. I also read that some of you don\'t like the voice and the accent : bro just turn off the volume. Don\'t spread hate man, this game is amazing and made with love - you can feel it every time you pluck a hair.
Sunglasses Don\'t Protect from Radiation 2020-06-09

This game is beautiful. The narrator\'s accent is cute, and his voice is soothing. The feeling of tranquility and nostalgia is unmatched. It feels like I\'m playing \"the story of I\" On coolmathgames back in 2010 again. Nothing compares to that feeling. Thanks, game dev(s?). This game made my day, my week, and probably several months after.
Verda Kelly 2020-08-13

I thought this game was very creative and calming to play, it was a short game, but a very enjoyable game, and i loved the voice it was very funny to hear and helped to convey what they were saying!!! I also love how there were no ads, except for maybe twice the entire game to ask me to donate, so they can continue with no ads!!! So thus game is definitely amazing!!!
janinja 2020-11-06

This is the first real free to play game I have played--no annoying ads, that\'s a big plus! I also love the narration, it gives so much personality to the game, and makes it a more personal experience than just plucking some hair. Just one constructive criticism, please fix some grammatical errors, which are very obvious in stages like Emotion. Other than that, kudos to the team for creating this game!
Harlie C. 2020-07-10

I honestly almost deleted this game out of frustration, but I took a deep breath, tried again, and succeeded. I\'m glad I did, because this game is actually really good. No ads. Simple enough gameplay. And it genuinely makes you feel the intended emotions. For joy, I was upset when I started, but I plucked the hair and the animation was so silly that I found myself smiling at it. Same type of thing with the other emotions.
random anon 2020-05-23

For a game about emotions and plucking hairs, this game is garbage at conveying either. The voice acting is bad, annoying, goofy and tone deaf. It feels like the person who made this did one take for each line, and is clearly not fluent in English. Plucking virtual hairs (the main mechanic) not only has nothing to do with emotions, but was clunky, unsatisfying and not fun. Everything in the game has an ugly outline on it, including the credits, which made them impossible to read. The game tries to have a deep, profound message towards the end, but any and all portrayals of emotion are extremely shallow. This feels less like a game made from passion (like it claims to be) and more like a college project that isn\'t being graded on quality, but completion. Who knows, maybe it was made with love, but it certainly wasn\'t made with talent. This game is boring, frustrating, tone deaf, and most of all doesn\'t justify its existence at all. What is the point of making this? Try again.
Lindsey 2020-05-21

This is a very wholesome game. Its obvious that it was made by a beginner team or a single person, but that just adds to its charm. Each level incorporated the designers depiction of each emotion through an interactive hair plucking game. Its satisfying to pluck the hairs ans see the animation that comes along with it. The controls are a bit difficult because it requires 2 fingers which block most of your game play field as the hairs grow at the top. Also, the graphics could be a bit better.
g me 2020-12-08

Is this game utterly bizarre and nearly unsettling at points? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Do I wish it was longer anyway? Very much so. This is very short and sweet, strange but in this kind, loving way that guides you through it and makes you not want to leave. The jank and lack of polish is the charm of it. It certainly earned the money I could spare and a five star rating. I enjoyed it very much.