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Description of Plum Village: Zen Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Looking to touch peace, calm and ease in today’s frantic and often stressful world? The Plum Village practices are an invaluable support.

Use mindfulness meditation techniques taught by a renowned Zen Buddhist Master to connect deeply with the present moment, soothe anxiety, experience more joy and happiness, and taste enlightenment.

Explore a wealth of easy-to-use guided meditations, relaxations, and talks.

The Plum Village app enables us to bring mindfulness into our life, so we can live each moment more deeply and create a happier future.

As Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh says, mindfulness allows us to be truly alive.


Plum Village: Zen Guided Meditation App – Main Features


• Free forever with no ads or in-app purchases

• 50+ guided meditations

• 10+ mindful practices for daily use

• 300+ video sessions and Q&A with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

• A “Mindfulness Bell” to incorporate into our daily routine

• 10 guided contemplations

• 6 guided meditations for children

• “Favourite” your most loved meditations to find them easily

• Download talks and meditation to app for easy offline practice

The Plum Village app is regularly being updated with new guided meditations and talks. It is completely free to download and all of the content is available for free.


Plum Village: Zen Guided Meditation App – Main Categories


The Plum Village app is split into four easy-to-use categories – meditations, talks, resources, and bells of mindfulness:


Meditation is a deep practice that helps us generate peace and calm, master our mind, develop a healthy headspace, and get deep insights into ourselves and the world around us.

Meditations include deep relaxations, guided contemplations, silent meditations, and eating meditations. Whether you have a little time or a lot, and whether you want to be on your cushion or applying mindfulness in your daily life, there are meditations to nourish, inspire, and incorporate into your daily routine.


Listen and learn from the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh: in question-and-response format, or full-length teachings.

Ask Thay includes hundreds of real-life questions asked to the Zen Master, like “How can we let go of anger? and “How can I stop worrying?” His answers are compassionate and infused with insight.

Dharma Talks are teachings given by Thich Nhat Hanh on how to bring Buddhist wisdom and mindfulness into our life. Rather than discussing theoretical concepts, he focuses on direct and clear teachings to relieve suffering and create happiness in our day to day lives. Topics include depression, PTSD, relationships, sexual abuse, fear, and dealing with strong emotions.


In Resources you can find a library of daily practices, chants, poems, and songs. These bring to life the practices taught in Plum Village monasteries around the world and offer ways to bring mindfulness into our world, wherever we are.

Bell of Mindfulness

In Plum Village monasteries bells of mindfulness chime at regular intervals. Everybody stops and takes three mindful breaths to pause from their thinking or talking, breathe, and return to their bodies. The Bell of Mindfulness allows us to have the same reminder on our phone.

We can customize the bell to chime at different time periods. Settings include:

• Start time / End time

• Chime intervals

• Bell volume

• Daily repeating schedule


Why not give the Plum Village app a try and see how you can benefit from it? The app is a digital companion on your mindfulness journey. Created as a gift to the world, this free app contains invaluable resources to guide you towards inner peace and freedom.

Download today for free!

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User Reviews


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Valerie Leng 2020-10-23

I really like this app a lot. It works perfectly with no annoying ads to contend with. It is so reliable and any one will be able to relax to the meditations. If you speak French, you\'ll like it, too. I highly recommend this beautiful app especially for during this covid year. I\'ve give this app, 5 stars, unreservedly.
Kanchana Bandara-Coore 2020-11-28

This is an amazing app. The wide variety of ways to engage in a practice of mindfulness alone earns it 5 stars. I began with the guided meditations and now working my way through the \"short talks\" section along with a 20 minute silent meditation. It nourishes my soul. I have been using the app as part of my daily practice for about 3 months now, and it has changed me. New material is constantly being added. My Plum Village time has become as vital as my morning mug of tea to start my day.
Laura Art 2020-10-08

Wow, the latest update is even better than it was before! Lovely collection of knowledge and views of life and beautiful new design and illustrations. I\'ve learned a lot and have a lot more to discover here in the app and outside of it. Thank you for the humble approach on the subject which distinguishes this from other apps.
daniel alvarez 2021-03-09

This is an absolutely amazing free app. The guided meditations are excelent and helpful ffor beginners aannd those already familiar with mindfullness exercises alike. My favorite feature is the Bell of Mindfulness where you can set a bell to go off at X interval and remind you to come back to the moment. The only problem I encountered is that sometimes, if you happen to be using your phone when the bell is supposed to sound, it does not go off.
Kelly K 2021-01-01

Quite possibly the most engaging and well designed app connected to not only meditation, but the wider teachings of this particular Buddhist community. The most valuable digital content I\'ve encountered in a long time. While not as deep as some of the more commercial meditation apps, this one is both genuine and deeply inspiring.
Nathan Shepherd 2020-12-05

Very easy to use and helpful! Much easier than scouring YouTube for videos. The content is accessible and well organized, and the app offers a wide variety of resources. And best of all, it is completely ad and purchase free. Its a genuine offering of goodwill to humanity, in the form of an app! Thank you so much for putting this out into the world!
Szilvia Krekovic 2020-10-20

I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing present, it\'s like always I can remind myself to stay in touch with my inner-self and even when I\'m at work or I\'m just on a go. I read 3 off your books, they are amazing. To hear now your voice that gives extra experience. Thank you. Namaste 🙏❤️
Paula Mirante 2021-03-02

This is a truly beautiful app born of genuine love and caring. No matter what your religious belief, this app is a blessing. I find reasons to love it even more every time I open it up. It\'s effectively helping me deal with issues such as loneliness, depression, anger, and more. My deepest gratitude to those at Plum Village, and their benefactors, who graciously make this app a free gift, given out of love, for the whole world.
Michelle Merrill 2021-02-04

Wonderful app. Helps me to find moments in the day to practice. I very much enjoy the bell reminder. I have mine set hourly and, whatever I am doing, I stop when I hear it and breathe for at least 3 breath cycles. I have really enjoyed the deep relaxations as well. I also love the Dharma talks and listen to them on walks. They are always adding new content and you have the ability to download and save your favorites. I highly recommend this app.
Natú Par 2021-01-18

This is a beautiful and well-made app. It is designed to be very accessible and includes dharma talks and guided meditations to accompany and enrich our daily lives. I find myself opening the app several times throughout the day, as it reminds us that in addition to seated meditation, we can find nourishment and calm in all aspects of our daily lives.