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Description of Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

# One of the best rated messaging apps on Play Store #

# More than 20 million downloads #

# Translated into more than 20 languages #

# Many support groups in different languages #

Plus Messenger adds some extra features to official Telegram app:

• Separated tabs for chats: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator.

• Many options to cutomize tabs.

• Multi-account (up to 10).

• Categories. Create custom groups of chats (family, work, sports...).

• Categories can be saved and restored.

• Change default app folder.

• Different sorting methods for chats.

• Increased limit of pinned chats to 100.

• Increased favorite stickers limit to 20.

• Show floating notifications when users are online/writing.

• Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/unmute, archive...).

• Forward messages without quoting. Edit message/caption before forwarding.

• Save documents using original name.

• Copy selection of text message.

• Set photo quality before sending.

• Show user's bio in chat.

• Add time to floating date in chat.

• Start round video using main camera.

• Show download progress.

• Quick switch between chats through the quick bar.

• Show user messages and media in group chat.

• Show/hide mute/unmute button from channels.

• More than 10 different bubbles and checks designs.

• Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and settings menu.

• Show username instead of mobile number in navigation menu.

• Easily switch to night mode from navigation menu.

• Show/hide options from navigation menu.

• Use phone emojis.

• Use phone font.

• Save and restore Plus settings.

• Chat counter.

And many more options!!


Channel: https://t.me/plusmsgr

Support group: https://t.me/plusmsgrchat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/plusmsgr

Plus themes app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.rafalense.themes

Telegram themes app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.rafalense.telegram.themes

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More Information Of Plus Messenger

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:rafalense

User Reviews


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Here i am stand as a Man 2021-01-20

it was better when we could set more than 80+ profile pictures, now that you removed that option, i really can’t get more than 2 starts because i’m using your app since it’s release and ngl i really shared it with many people and told them to install it cause it’s great but now i’m disappointed. i really hope you turn back the option, i really don’t know why you did this!! 2021 update : this app it’s getting worse and worse, now why you removed the tabs option that was the BEST
Rex Or 2020-11-03

All good. I\'d like to be able to make pretty much everything smaller. Don\'t like being limited on how small I can make text or avatars etc. When you\'re using bigger devices you need that extra scope. Edit: Please let me make all text smaller. Edit2: I want to be able to edit colour of voice note messages, been waiting patiently for ages.
][ 2020-07-08

I love your app. But as of recent addition of custom folders being added into the app because of the API update, I have been facing an issue with hidden chats. I have hidden my \"Saved Messages\" chat. And every time I access the hidden section, my saved chats randomly doesn\'t show in the list. I have to use the sidebar to access it. Kindly fix this issue please.
Mira Maione 2019-03-30

Thanks for fixing the bugs, but I found another: I have created a category, when I use it, I can see the chats related, but if I go back, Plus becomes bugged, and doesn\'t show the chats as they were before, I need to restart it. // I love plus messenger, I always prefer it to the original telegram app, I love your work. Keep it up!
Dante R. Wolfington 2021-02-03

Plus Messenger is the best version of the Instant Messenger App Telegram! Telegram by itself is pretty amazing in my opinion, but Plus takes it to a whole new level, they add features long before Telegram does that a large majority of users indicate as important. They have added features that Telegram hasn\'t even thought of yet, which give you a VAST selection of customization, from the colors of the UI (including text) to the size of the UI, and even what is shown or hidden, so it all fits you!
Tall tuna 2020-08-29

HELP it\'s a great app but for some reason it won\'t show the content of messages in the pop up notifications...I\'ve went through the settings and there no problems ther and the weird thing is that on my second account(I use two accounts with the app) it doesn\'t have this problem...this is honestly a 5 star app pls fix this and I\'ll change my review
Md. Muhtaseem Khan 2020-10-15

I face lags ,stutters,freezes for a short amount of time when i use low cpu clock speeds. Needs low end device optimisation. Reduce storage & memory footprint. Ease of use can probably be improved. Loading/buffering of videos take exceptionally long time. When playing video sometimes the time is moving but video is actually stuck.Otherwise a great app
Manojit Maji 2020-04-07

It\'s a very good app. But I am facing a problem during downloading any file. I can\'t pause & resume any file. If I pause while downloading today and resume it on tomorrow, it\'s starting from the very beginning, not from that exact downloaded portion. Why is this happening? Please help me out.
Amir Hossein 2019-04-23

please fix the bug. after you select a message and copy it and quit the app , you won\'t be able to edit your messages anymore. in fact no options will apear after touching any messages after that.
Kashi Snep 2020-05-09

I loved this app before today\'s update. Now with this new \"folder\" system, every thing is messed up. It unpinned my 50+ chats in every category, and it shows an unread chat counter instead of an unread messages counter. Honestly would prefer to revert it all, or even use a different product, even though I\'ve exclusively used this app for years x.x