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Description of Plutocalc Water and Wastewater

Plutocalc is the most complete and popular calculator for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions. Plutocalc calculations were carefully tuned to require minimal inputs and provide accurate results based in the latest advances of science.


- 103 solvers

- 2670+ different calculations

- Internal databases for chemicals and standards

- Results as you type

- Multiple languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

- Calculate and convert from the search bar

- 100% offline

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Solver list:


- Angle

- Area

- Conductivity and resistivity

- Density and concentration

- Energy

- Flow - mass

- Flow - volumetric

- Flux and rates

- Forces

- Hardness in water

- Length

- Mass

- Power

- Pressure

- Speed

- Temperature

- Time

- Volume


- Buffer tank capacity

- Cylinder volume

- Cone volume

- Cube volume

- Circle properties (radius, diameter, perimeter and area)

- Horizontal cylindrical tank volume

- Triangle properties with sides/angles determination

- Municipal plants capacity

- Nominal pipe sizes and wall thickness

- Sieve sizes according

- Rainfall volume

Energy and power

- Head loss in pipes

- Open channels or partially filled pipes

- Orifice plates with incompressible fluids

- Parshall flumes flow measurement

- Rectangular flumes flow measurement

- Flow adjustment for dosing/metering pumps

- Pump power and energy consumption

- Blowers and compressors power and energy consumption

- Mixing velocity gradient

- Reynolds number and speed


- Boiler water quality and blowdown

- CO2 conductivity

- Periodic table of elements with oxidation states

- Ionic Balance

- TOC, COD and KMnO4 relations

- Langlier Saturation Index - LSI

- Ryznar Stability Index - RSI

- Silt Density Index - SDI

- Modified Fouling Index - MFI

- Sludge Volume Index - SVI


- Chemical dosing flow, mass and concentrations

- Dry chemical dosing flow

- Chemical solutions density database

- Water properties (viscosity, density, pH, conductivity)

- Gases properties (density and molecular weight)

- Oxygen solubility in water

- Multiple streams blending

- Specific gravity, Baumé, Brix and API relations

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

- Sorption/Exchange capacity

- Empty Bed Contact Time and BV/h

- Ion Exchange regeneration

- Ion Exchange softener design

Filters and membranes

- Cylindrical filter rate and speed

- Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration comparison and normalization

- Reverse Osmosis membranes and datasheets comparison

- Reverse Osmosis plant normalization and performance

- RO / NF skid designer

- Membrane Recovery

- Normalized permeability

- Granular media head loss (sand, resins, anthracite, carbon and custom)

- Granular media backwash expansion rate


- Equilibrium for Carbonates, Ammonia, Sulfates, Boron, Sulfides, Silica, Phosphates and Nitrous Acid

- Disinfection with Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chloramines and Ozone

- Disinfection with Chlorine for Giardia Cysts

- Disinfection with UV

- Iron oxidation and precipitation

- Manganese oxidation and precipitation

- Sludge from chemicals

- Food-to-microorganisms ratio - F/M

- Ultimate BOD

- pH correction dosage


- Surface loading rate - circular

- Surface loading rate - rectangular

- Hydraulic retention time - HRT

- Solids retention time - SRT

- Solids loading rate

- Volumetric solids loading rate

- Return activated sludge recycle - RAS

- Discrete sedimentation

- Sludge concentration and mass

- Sludge age


- Ordinary annuity

- Annuity due

- Compound annual growth rate - CAGR

- Interest rate conversions

- Simple interest

NOTICE ABOUT PRIVACY: No user data will be collected or sent by Plutocalc.

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Wonderful app. A lot of Data
Dilan Weerasekara 2019-06-07

very useful app
Ibnahoo 2020-07-05

Great effort and compilation of most treatment fundamentals and calculations for the water treatment professionals.. It makes it possible to get quick results at your fingertips. However, it should be paired with proper engineering tool for thorough estimation before you can rely of this app... RIGHT? How far these methods are accurate? Forgive me Daniel for asking.. Today is my first day after downloading
Tara Tech 2019-06-10

Alltogether! thanks for the developers. congratulations!
ALI SALMANI 2017-10-13

Wonderful app!
Andrew Daniel 2016-06-28

Great app for water treatment math. Unfortunately, I was looking for a PPM calculator (from dry grams per minute and flow gallons per minute). It would save me alot of time. If one of you will contact me i would be more than willing to help with the math. Thanks Andrew
Saravanan Jayaraman 2018-02-18

Good and need to add more water treatment process related calculation

Usefull... Very usefull aap, excellant performance, can give 5 star rate
Dennish world 2015-04-25

Good app Just I downloaded, not yet to be used,but seems over view is good enough for professionals.
Kyaw Zwa Thant 2018-09-25

Excellent App