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Description of pMD

pMD provides health care teams with powerful, intuitive mobile software that improves patient care. Thanks to our HIPAA-compliant, mobile communication and data capture platform, health care teams finally have an elegant and simple technology to capture everything right at the point of care and communicate quickly and easily with both colleagues and patients. More efficiency, better collaboration.

A subscription is required to use this app for charge capture, clinical communication, and care navigation. This app is free to download for distribution to existing customers and for secure messaging.

Free pMD®️ Secure Messaging™:

Instant, HIPAA-compliant communication for care teams and small practices. Communicate securely with both colleagues and patients. Featuring Messaging with Patients and Video Chat

pMD®️ Clinical Communication™:

Secure messaging, patient-hand off, and activity feeds for practices, and enterprises

pMD®️ Charge Capture™:

Reduce charge lag and increase revenue with intuitive code search and point-of-care charge capture

pMD®️ Care Navigation™:

Care teams stay connected, well-informed, and view a complete picture of the patient’s health with activity tracking, care plan management, and analytics tools.

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User Reviews


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BJ McNeal 2020-04-28

I had some concern when told it would be a video-med visit....I was totally satisfied! Best Dr. Visit I ever experienced...really I didnt feel the Dr was rushing thru the appt. I was allowed to ask questions and received answers to the questions I asked. I didn\'t feel like because I am a senior there were no need for answers....since after fifty it seem to an accepted assumption that everything after 50 is AGE RELATED..
Brenda Williams 2020-07-14

It\'s like being right with your Dr. But in the Comfort of your home,\"its Wonderful , My MOTHER is 82yr.old and she was so happy she didn\'t have to go out and when I used the app and she could see and talk to her Dr. She Smile so big to be able to sit home and still be able to visit her Dr. In Comfort. 😊. .
Huldah Brooks 2020-04-15

It was very enlightening that I could visit the Doctor on line. At first it was very scary but after talking it was easy. Save a lot on travelling time. Thanks for the experience Huldah
Brian Borkowski 2020-06-29

Doctors. Billing should be the last thing on your mind. Im a physician. Low cost. Great app
Ed Ozier 2020-03-25

Unable to download this app, tells me not available in my country USA. Very, Very hard to find this app...
Katie Thornton 2020-10-29

I think is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!! It worked lovely I had great visuals and I wore my baseball cap no makeup and a little lipstick. It is going to change medicine and its about time. thank you.......It was easy for me to understand it and install it as i remember thank you .......
Janet Kennedy 2020-11-24

Dont forget your pswd or your SOL!! Took me 30 minutes to reset, reset and reset new pswd. WHEW!! What a pain!!
suznb823 2020-03-19

Will not download to my Android. Tried several times. Plenty of bars and 4G connection strong.
Sharon Maurer 2020-12-04

This app is usually very easy to use only it has been so long since I used the last time I don\'t have it set up with the password yet which is what I\'m trying to do right now
Abbylou Jones 2020-04-14

Had video visit with doctor. Went well almost to the end and then cut out. Great to see doc and he me. Finished on landline.