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Pocket Code: Learn programming your own game apps!



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Description of Pocket Code: Learn programming your own game apps!

Program, play, and share your own games, animations, interactive art, music videos, and many kinds of other apps, directly on your phone!

Pocket Code allows you to create, edit, execute, share, and remix Catrobat programs in a visual programming environment and programming language. You can remix programs that others have made and share them with your friends and the world. All public Catrobat programs can be downloaded under a free open source license to maximize learning, remixing, and sharing.


If you find a bug or have a good idea to improve Pocket Code, write us a mail or go to the Discord server https://catrob.at/dpc and give us feedback in the "🛑app-feedback" channel.


Get in touch with our community and check out our Discord server https://catrob.at/dpc


Visit our wiki at https://wiki.catrobat.org/


a) Translation: Want to help us translate Pocket Code into your language? Please contact us via translate@catrobat.org telling us for which language you would be able to help.

b) Other contributions: If you can help us in other ways, please check out https://catrob.at/contributing --- We are all pro-bono unpaid volunteers working in our free time on this not-for-profit free open source project aiming at increasing computational thinking skills in particular among teenagers all around the world.

About us:

Catrobat is an independent non-profit project creating free open source software (FOSS) under AGPL and CC-BY-SA licenses. The growing international Catrobat team is entirely composed of volunteers. The results of many of our subprojects will be made available in the months and years to come, e.g., the ability to control more robots, or to create music in an easy and fun way.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.0.3 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Catrobat

User Reviews


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SpeakingNewton 2021-03-04

It\'s good, You should add the feature to add videos as backgrounds or objects. I think you should make a PC edition for Pocket Code too. Thanks.
S M 2019-07-01

I haven\'t tried the local storage yet (no time at present), but I have been in excited anticipation for it for so long. This will add a whole new dimension to programs and games. I hope it works. Thank you Developers for the icing on an already delicious cake!
Alex Reeves 2014-08-28

This is NOT coding! They are just things you can add to make a game there is no real coding involved. As a game dev this makes me sad when others try to pass this off as coding
Emily Bell 2020-08-19

OMG I LOVE this!!! I have been wanting something to make games with because that\'s gonna be my future job and I found this I make games when I bored or something it is the best! I\'m glad it isn\'t trashy or etc but I was working on a app and I added hide after when background changes to... it stopped the app and I have to restart the scripts and could you possibly add a thing where you can Import videos into it And please add a way to make first person games with a joystick?
A Kid That Play Fnaf 2020-11-14

I think the app is okay for a free mobile game maker, but it does have it\'s kinks. The game I\'m trying to make crashes at certain points, and is VERY laggy when I export it, which is very frustrating. Like I said, it\'s good for what it is though. It does have quite a few features, and I would recommend this to a begginer making games, not a professional. Soon I will upgrade to Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and I think this app is a great starter for game makers, not for professionals.
The BlueBlurYT 2020-06-11

Great app for beginners i enjoy but my only prob is converting my project into a app or a apk file it takes a 22 mins and nothing happens i hate that plus my freinds having a lot of issues in their games just try to fixe the app.
The Digital Basement 2019-05-16

I used to praise this app to no end and recommend it to both new coders and seasoned developers....not anymore! This update caused the lose of a years worth of work and took away any access to direct edit the files. You NEED to be able to edit xml files for MANY reasons. SO disappointed. You ruined my favorite app. You made something that let people really create and then just took it away. Whatever motivated you to do this, you should really think about why you made this app in the first place?!
zef 2020-05-22

Nice, but please let us make it into our app without uploading it for everyone to download and see, if that makes sense? Everyone would just steal the work that was done, and take credit for it
Super Edd 2017-03-08

Hello Catrobat. I need help. Can you make a block that \"when an object is unpressed(when pressed already)\". You understand? When the object is unpressed when already pressed, blah blah blah. I will realy appriciate it.
Silver Box 2020-11-04

I have had this app for a while now and really really like it. It is the best coding app for mobile in my opinion and definitely recommend it for any new or old coders as it is easy to use and provides excellent results! Thanks for this great app!!