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Description of Pocket Optics

Pocket Optics provides an interactive demonstration of basic principles of geometric (ray) optics. Optics professionals can use it for basic ray and image tracing.


1. Fully interactive touch interface (stylus or compatible mouse is recommended for precision).

2. Supports various screen resolutions - from small phones to large tablets and Android TVs.

3. Point light sources with variable opening angles and optical beams with variable width. The ray density can be adjusted for each source.

4. Adjustable focal lengths for Lenses and Mirrors.

5. Apertures with adjustable openings.

6. Traces images of an Object throughout the optical system.

7. Scrollable screen.

8. Bench configurations can be saved on device for future use.

9. Coordinate grid (can be turned off in Settings).

10. Optic components can be snapped to a smaller grid.

11. Visual Help illustrates all interactive features.


Pocket Optics is inspired by Optics4 Applet by Prof. Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College (http://webphysics.davidson.edu/applets/applets.html)

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.2 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Alpa-Tek

User Reviews


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Don Powley 2019-11-30

Nicely done. I\'d pay real money for a third dimension. The ability to visualize non-uniform lenses would be nice. Wavelength dependent refraction and a prism object couldn\'t hurt. It\'s a good start, both for the developer and whoever has the nerdacity to engage this offering.
Puspam Adak 2019-11-24

This is the best app for light physics simulations. Please add the option of zooming the viewport and a full screen mode.
Hunar Omar 2020-05-25

Perfect, although i prefer having an option to choose values by entering numbers instead of pixel perfect dragging. Along with some other information as text, as a mode that you activate in the settings
Konstantinos Lagogiannis 2019-03-21

love this little thought lab, helps clarify ideas. minor issues with gui on handling colimated light sources, it enters in resize mode, but it doesn\'t seem to respond to resize. all one can do is hit the X to exit that mode. thank you!
ali moradi 2017-02-03

It\'s a great app but it doesn\'t have any vertical scroller or any information about distance between arrow and mirror or between arrow and it\'s picture. Please solve these problems.
Mark O 2017-01-03

Unique educational tool Great app for demonstrating the principles behind how lenses work. Surprisingly, there\'s only one other app on the Play Store that does this, and it\'s not free like this one. This app should be more well-known than it is.
Joe M 2019-11-18

Cute little app that stays within its means and doesn\'t bother you about money.
Rony P 2019-08-08

Very good app. simple. Visual. Intuitive. Complete FREE
iSuperman Iam 2017-03-12

എറ്റവും നല്ലതു.no1 -all other are waste..i tried raytrace.. qoptics..etc.. but this provide all with free cost..real simulation...thanks man..i trying to buy 300mm lens to fit in mobile.its helped me to learn..optics
Carson Fujita-Turnbull 2020-02-25

I just used this because I wanted to double check if i could increase the range of my infrared sensor using lenses. So yeah. It was an okay experience. Not mind blowing but it did its job.