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Description of PocketPatient

modmed Telehealth™ is now PocketPatient™

Check out our new look and feel!

Save a trip to your dermatologist’s office with the app that helps you seek medical advice and treatment remotely!

PocketPatient™ is a great time-saving way for patients to access services from dermatologists who use the award-winning modmed Dermatology™ Suite, as their electronic health records system.

All you have to do is send your doctor a few quick details and pictures of your minor dermatological concern and wait to receive your diagnosis and recommended treatment right through your mobile device.

To log in, contact your dermatologist’s practice or use your existing patient portal login.

PocketPatient™ benefits:

- No need to wait weeks for an office visit or go to another doctor you don’t know.

- Quickly communicate rashes, bites, lesions, minor burns and more when they appear.

- Get diagnosis and treatment even when you don’t have time to visit the dermatologist’s office.

- Receive personalized services from almost anywhere, any time.

- Push notifications keep you updated on the status of your submitted case.

- After submitting your case, secure chat allows you to communicate with your healthcare team.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.2.0 (0f1f9b329) Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Modernizing Medicine

User Reviews


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Amy Frick 2021-02-02

Mediocre app. Impossible to send messages to providers thru the app. You cannot scroll to see what you wrote and you cannot attach anything like you can online.
Judy Martinsen 2020-10-02

Impossible to set password! They sent an email to reset it that took me back to the sign in page, put in forgot password and they sent another email that went right back to sign in page... around and around we went. So I gave up!
Aaron Miotke 2020-04-10

Initially, I started the process to create an account on my Pixel, but I needed to borrow an iPhone to successfully create a password. However, I couldn\'t simply log in on that iPhone, rather, I needed to switch back to my phone. It\'s not often I\'d take the time to leave a negative review, but I pray my loathing for this app echoes cacophonously in the recesses of the designer\'s pocketbook. Even as I type this, I fear my review is still too kind to be accurate.
sydfaye 2020-03-17

This app is trash. I get all the way thru the e-visit and the clipboard page will not work. You can\'t skip it, all you can do is cancel the visit. I called technical support. First she told me that she couldn\'t talk to me because I was the patient and she had no answer as to why the button to call technical support was available on the app if we aren\'t supposed to call it. Then she put me on hold for ten minutes while she called my doctor\'s office, only to come back and try to help me. Try being the operative word there. You see, I had already done the most basic of basic troubleshooting, turning off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the phone, etc. She starts to take me through these options, I follow her directions and keep getting the same error, just as I knew I would. And she keeps telling me to close out of the app and start over. It takes at least five minutes to go through all the stupid questions and photos to get to the clipboard page. I ended up hanging up because the technical support was so unhelpful. Trash app.
Linda Morgan 2020-03-28

Horrible, can\'t even set a password to login. Made several attempts, keep getting directed to the login page!
Angie Bisson 2020-11-09

Had trouble with the password but I called the doctors office and they set a temporary password up so I could log in and create my own password.. I like the app because your able to send photos and videos to the doctor and explain what\'s going on before your appointment
Kim A 2020-04-10

It took at least half a dozen tries & several emails & calls with my doctor\'s office to set up an account that would actually log me in. On the day of my appointment, I & my doctor could both log in, but we never actually made contact via the app--all I got was the spinning buffer image. We decided I would text her some photos & we\'d talk on the phone. I cannot believe someone got paid to write this program. Awful!
Patti Shirley 2020-12-20

I used this app to talk with my doctor. Didn\'t have any problems and it was very clear.
Keirnoth 2020-04-10

First time user setup is extremely buggy. Password would not set. Had to call the doctor\'s office to fix it. Once it\'s taken care of however the app works. Interface is very spartan and slapped together. Check the Settings to ensure you\'re using your front camera for your doc and also set it at a high quality. App gives you notice when doctor rings you up and also connects seamlessly. Audio and video quality is high. They need to work out the login issues. Very frustrating first experience
Emma DeMartelaere 2018-12-12

This app stops working and shuts down before you ever finish making an appointment. It doesn\'t save any of the information you\'ve already entered and you are unable to complete an appointment request. This app is worthless.