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Description of PocketSmith

PocketSmith is an Android companion app for PocketSmith.

Get control over your money. See all your bank, credit card and loan accounts in one place. Live Bank Feeds keep PocketSmith automatically updated, so you can see where your money is going.

This app requires a PocketSmith account. Learn more and sign up at https://www.pocketsmith.com.


- Stay on top of your spending activity

- Categorize your transactions on-the-go

- Add notes and labels to your spending to record your memories

- View all your account balances at a glance

- View and edit your transactions

We're constantly improving the app to help you make better decisions on-the-go.

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More Information Of PocketSmith

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.3.2 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:PocketSmith

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-02-07

Simply too expensive for what you get, Compared to the others (Mint, Personal Capital) this service is good but not great and certainly not worth the fee when the others are free. There are things missing that the others have e.g. retirement planning, tax planning, portfolio tracking. This app doesn\'t even have fingerprint login. The 10 account limit is useless so we\'re talking $20/mo! Not likely
GSBS 2020-06-19

I don\'t give many 5 stars. I am not cranky; I just have very high expectations that things should work. My first compliment: service. Every single issue I email them about they fix. Every one. They don\'t let it go until then. And they are incredibly nice. \"Issues, you say?\" Every piece of software is a work in progress. It is never done. Second. PS is great for a quick look. \"How am I doing on my budget? How is my spending this month? Do I have any transactions to categorize?\" The mobile app has a great feature that you just tap through to see your spending by category. And for data geeks? I haven\'t found the bottom yet. Search by category, key word, and filters. And I haven\'t even started with all the reports and \"What if\" scenarios yet. Budgets are easy. Just tap the far right button on the app. Have a yearly expense like Amazon Prime? Just add it in and repeat it annually and you will now have an accurate picture of your net worth. In all seriousness, it gamifies finances. The mobile app is a companion to the web app. Some things are easier on the mobile and some on the web. Just to give perspective, I started with PS four months ago with 20,000+ transactions imported from Mint. Yes. I just tried Excel, and it was a big fail: I attempted to link to one of the major banks in their list, completed the 2FA and it couldn\'t connect. I no longer live in the past with my money; I have a tool to help me see the future.
Kirk Henderson 2018-07-29

This is the best, most serious budgeting app I\'ve come across for personal and home finance. I tried the six \'top\' apps out there, including the Editor\'s Choice which totally failed basic sync functionality and clearly put bells and whistles over deep thought. If you\'re open to a little work, and you can recognize an app that\'s developed by committed, smart people, then get into Pocketsmith. I don\'t even write reviews! This app is great.
Matthew Hubbard 2020-12-29

Unlike most any other budget app, this one can\'t keep syncing if your bank has any sort of text confirmation for security and it won\'t remember for future syncs. You MUST use the web portal, and do the text message every time. Renders the mobile app useless. YNAB has no issues maintaining sync with my banks without a text every time so I know it\'s not the bank.
L Smith 2020-07-03

This app sucks. I tried it back in 2018, and it sucked then. It still sucks, just \"prettier\". It\'s literally totally useless. For a $20 a month subscription, you\'d think it would be at least as good as Mint. The Desktop app IS excellent though. The problem is, I prefer to handle my finances on my phone since it is with me wherever I go, and my computer is NOT. The apps True Bill, Honeydue, and Emma are all way better than PocketSmith.
Jack Bennett 2017-12-31

Very limited compared to website
Dylan Casey 2019-10-17

Super frustrating app, when you tell it to categorize an expense it won\'t and let\'s you manually do it all. Takes a long time to load and is not very user friendly, very clunky, not intuitive at all.
Alan Shore 2018-04-10

If I\'m going to pay 100 dollars a year I expect the mobile app to have a WHOLE lot more features. Web app is on par with mint, give me a free year and you have 5 stars
Daniel Langley 2018-10-15

Keep up the great work pocketsmith devs! The desktop app is amazing! The android app just gives you a rough overview of what\'s going on in your account. All the organising and setting up is best done on a browser/desktop/laptop it currently seems. Very easy to create categories, edit transactions and set rules to catch future transactions. Have not tried setting a budget yet but looks like all the options are there. Please continue to upgrade the mobile app! If you are used to xero then this is similar, you can see great breakdowns of all your finances, like a business would have.
Giovanni Masino 2019-01-06

excellent app, great service. fantastic overall. only thing i am missing is to be able to add transactions manually on any accounr, not just the cash ones. please add this, it makes sense as a mobile functionality. everything else is top notch.