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Description of Podcast Go

Listen to your favourites podcasts in your phone!

Podcast Go is the an elegant podcast player for Android phones and it is free.

Podcast Go allows you to find, download, and listen to podcasts offline any place and any time. This app is Chromecast-ready.

You can subscribe your favourites artists so you will be always up to date.

There is over 800,000 episodes and you can explore them by popular categories such a comedy, music, news, games, education and so on.

Top features:

1. Download episodes and listen to them offline.

2. Discover new and popular podcasts.

3. Create your own playlists.

4. Control speed rate.

5. Choose your favourite app theme.

6. Set sleep timer.

7. Subscribe podcasts. You will get notifications about new episodes.

8. Enhanced performance thanks to calculating color pallete for every podcast.

9. Saving podcast files to SD card.

10. Chromecast support.


Player Go is constantly developed and supported. Feel free to write to us and share your feedback and we will get back to every mail as quickly as possible. There is special "feedback" option in the menu when you can tell us about your opinion.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:2.20.1 Publish Date:2021-04-02 Developer:Sanity Audio Apps

User Reviews


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Brian Goodwin 2019-04-19

This app is so frustrating. After every update, there end up being so many quirky yet very irritating issues. Like currently -- a podcast is downloaded and then when I go to my downloads, it\'s not there. Or I download a number of podcasts, as I do, then the next morning none are in my downloads. Then there\'s the reoccurring issue -- a podcast that I\'ve downloaded says it\'s not and then when I try to remove it, it won\'t go away.
Melody Harmony 2021-01-16

After a couple of years of consistent use, it\'s about time I put my two-cents in. First, I really like this app for it\'s clean, simple design, easy navigation, vast library. The adds, although present, are not thrown in your face intrusively, and neither are prompts to give ratings, reviews or \"buy premium now\". However, it would be really useful if I could re-arrange my podcasts in my preferred order and pin specific ones to home screen for quick access. Update plz? 😊 Thank you for your work!
Mark Creel 2020-11-30

I went back down from 5 to 3, I used to love this app used to think it was the best one still use it but I\'m about to stop because for the past 4 months every time the screen goes off whatever I\'m listening to stops it did this in the beginning y\'all fixed it and it worked flawlessly whatever has been done since has brought it back. I even hope this update would fix it. But it hasn\'t I have to go back to my phone from whatever I\'m doing usually working to hit play again. Just letting dev know.
Gary Fenster 2019-07-10

This is a real podcast app. It isn\'t just a feature on another type of app that lets you check podcasts. This app specializes in podcasts, so it can do it professionally. There are podcast apps. I like the design of this one, and would recommend it to someone as being a good choice of one! This app does what it supposed too!
Roman Pobel 2019-06-12

This is beyond ridiculous. You\'ll get a update every single day, yet the app will fail to perform even basic tasks like reordering your playlist or download episodes via patreon links. Or sometimes it will, sometimes in parts, sometimes it will randomly download the same episode multiple times but label it differently, you\'ll never know. The worst thing is the unreliability. You never know if a feature still works tomorrow. Seriously, this app has become absolute garbage.
Mycroftess 2019-07-22

UPDATE: OH NO, NOW IT\'S ONLY ONE!!! No update to fix the update and now it won\'t open-crashes immediately. The time has come... FOCUS FRIENDS, YOU\'RE LOSING STARS... Since last update shows are starting at random points not in beginning! and no, it\'s not me leaving them partially listened to.. However, there does need to be an actual \'play\' button because accidentally barely touching anywhere on the box while scrolling is making me lose it. Might have to find different pod app if not fixed soon.
Eugene Portlen 2020-02-12

Sometimes podcasts I have finished do not automatically show as \'completed\'. Podcasts I have finished show as \'completed\' but constantly still remain in my unfinished list 😕 The major issue is many of the podcasts I have previously finished and were once marked as \'completed\' are once again unmarked. It\'s very frustrating not knowing which podcasts I\'ve already listened to. Will be looking for an alternative app to use instead as it\'s happened multiple times and once is too many.
Ripster 2020-06-05

Waste of money. Originally was using the free version & was quite impressed so I bought paid version. Big mistake as now there are download issues & when you can manage to download, they randomly disappear. Paid version has now adverts on it. Really! Contacted developer & Google Play about a refund but to no avail. Not fit for purpose. Updated...received a reply from the developer. Reinstalled app and all is now sorted. Happy again with it. Thanks 😊
Kylo 2020-08-23

Update: while this app is great, after using it for a few weeks I have to go back to Pocket Casts. I missed the multi-device history sync without the hassle of backups, and the ability to queue episodes easily. I still don\'t understand how or if that\'s possible in this app.
ᛗᚤᛋᛏᛁᚳ ᚠᛚᚩᚩᚠ 2020-03-15

Gets worse by every update , stops playing , won\'t connect to the internet , crashes quite often , and a 40/60 chance that the app won\'t continue play in the background ,.... update : it\'s getting better again 👍