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Description of Pointillist - Thermal Printer Camera

Pointillist is a simple instant camera to capture and print photos on the go, using your phone and a cheap Bluetooth thermal printer. Express yourself in striking black and white dots, on receipt paper! Dither like it's 1976.

Printing Tips:

- A Bluetooth thermal printer that supports ESC/POS commands is required and must be paired first with your mobile device. Paperang or PeriPage are not supported, unfortunately, because they are proprietary to their manufacturer.

- Prints failing to finish or printing long strips of garbage text? Try enabling image slicing and increase the buffer overflow delay in the app's printer settings.

- Many white horizontal lines? Disable image slicing and decrease the buffer overflow delay time. Also, look in the printer's computer drivers for a program that can increase the printer's Bluetooth baud (bandwidth) rate.

- Garbled or narrow prints? Ensure the pixel width (dots per line) setting matches the printer's specifications. 58mm printers are usually 384 dots, while 80mm printers are 576.

- Most printers include PC software for configuring print speed, density, and other settings via a USB connection. Enable Bluetooth 4 if possible, and set the baud-rate to a higher speed. Consult the printer's manual for more information.

Still have questions, suggestions, complaints, or issues?

Send an email to the address listed below and I will always respond! This is a free project created in my spare time, and I can't always respond immediately, but I will try my best to help you :) Thanks for trying my app!

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User Reviews


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B B 2019-02-02

Really awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop and publish this app! Being able to configure settings for print delay and image slicing is so useful, and I\'m pretty sure this is the only app on the entire play store that allows you to choose from all the major dithering algorithms and bothers to list their names. I haven\'t come across ANY other apps for printing photos on a thermal printer that can compare to this one. It\'s free, NO ads, works great. Exactly what I need. 10/10
Alex F 2020-11-27

Great app, that does exactly what I was looking for when purchasing a thermal printer as a poor-mans polaroid camera. Would be great if the rasterization options showed a preview, or could be changed more easily.
marko budor 2020-12-16

Works as described and has plenty options, there\'s definitely room for improvement but thats not a bad thing.
Damian Rene 2019-01-04

It is unique and probably the best as a image thermal printer app, with different image dithering algorithms. The only issue is that after printing some images, the print goes wrong always starting with hundred of Chinese characters. I\'ve lost meters of paper with this issue. I can\'t find a solution other than pairing again with the printer, but it always happen it again after one or two prints, I put 5 stars because it is simply speechless perfect in every aspect (not even ads)
Viesturs Siliņš 2019-12-05

Works perfectly! Simple and beautyful.
Ridwan M.H. 2020-04-03

This app helps me printing receipt from mobile banking which doesn\'t have dedicated Bluetooth printing option.
Ejkt 2019-07-18

Simple, clean, no ads...
nros trading 2020-12-01

The best app for my bluetooth printer, good thing as i cant use Walkprint.
Yohannes Kurniawan Barus 2020-11-01

Very helpfull app, simple easy to use. Nice job, keep update for new fitur. Godd job fellas
Constantinos Chaidalis 2019-04-12

hi. can this work with peripage printers; i cant find out how! thanks. the peripage printer is actually a paperang printer. (the same product) but with a different name in the bt id and it comes with a terribly designed app. I\'m trying to find a workaround to use the paperang app but i haven\'t been very lucky. Thanks for your time though! :)