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Description of Pokémon Masters EX


The ability to Dynamax comes to Pokémon Masters EX! Now your Pokémon can drastically multiply in size once per battle to unleash a powerful max move on your opponents!


Enjoy special and seasonal Trainer outfits—exclusive to Pokémon Masters EX!


Hatch Eggs to get new Pokémon! Add hatched Pokémon to your team, and battle your way to the top!


Assemble Trainers and Pokémon to take on battles! Create a team all your own, and aim for victory!


Champions, Elite Four members, and Gym Leaders from the past have come together! Team up with Trainers and their Pokémon, and go on adventures!


In Pokémon Masters EX, experience an original story that crosses generations—along with familiar Trainers!

・We recommend a device with at least 2GB of RAM.

・Android OS 7.0 or higher is recommended.

・Android OS 5.0 or above / 64 bit


・We do not guarantee functionality on all devices listed above.

・There may be cases where the app does not function properly due to your device’s capabilities, specifications, or particular conditions for using apps.

・It may take time to become compatible with the latest OS.

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More Information Of Pokémon Masters EX

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:2.15.0 Publish Date:2021-11-28 Developer:DeNA Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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jonathan espejo 2020-12-20

The game is fun, the battle system is a great middle ground between turn based and real time and the graphics and music are great. However, a company that makes as much money as Pokemon does has NO NEED to be so greedy with the gem system, it is a pain to have to grind so much to be able to get characters.This game has a lot of potential that is being overshadowed by greed. Edit! Stamina is a definite miss that has worsened the game & idk whats going on but the Gatcha is so much worse now.
Alan L 2021-03-07

It\'s okay if you ignore the obvious cash grab elements. It\'s pretty. It\'s cute. It has stories about the pokemon character. Battles are actually pretty engaging and there\'s real stategy involved. But, you\'ll definitely feel a pervasive dissatisfaction with your characters. \"If only I had more copies of X\" or \"Doesn\'t the character X that just came out trivialize this?\". That said, it seems like the devs are aware of that stigma. Keep an eye out if you already love the characters.
BlazikenBoi 2020-12-22

Well, this app was really good at first, I would play it everyday. It had good graphics, battles, good characters, and nice events. But then gems got harder and harder to get, as well as it was becoming more and more p2w, with constant limited banners and seasonals. It\'s why I don\'t play it so much. Also the company, DeNA is the worst. They don\'t listen to your feedback and add in stuff no one asked for. Thanks, but I\'ll stick to Arknights instead.
Jai Kalair 2020-12-28

At first I found the game to be enjoyable and I was challenged but it was not pay to win. Eventually, it got really hard and that\'s where people say pay to win. You just grind for the manuals and give them to your people using skip tickets. Dena however, have decided to release an unfinished game. It\'s been a year and a half and you still can\'t win the championship. It\'s annoying because all the updates are for things nobody asked for. Good game, but the devs are ruining it with no updates.
Alexander Ramirez 2020-10-31

I find the game really fun. There are banners only for paid users, but all characters are obtainable for free. Especially with careful gem management. There is a lot of endgame content that can dissuade new players, so be aware of that. Stamina is also a hit or miss, but it allows me a sort of pacing to play my other gachas. However it will be tough if you want this game to be your main (Edit)Dropping my review to 4 stars and maybe lower. Its harder to be F2P without the battle villa. Bad move.
Micah Allen 2020-12-22

Alright look, you\'re gonna see a lot of reviews from a lot of people saying it\'s pay to win. I\'ve been playing for a good while now, have put together a team with over 20 5 stars, and haven\'t spent a cent. I got lucky with my early draws, but even without luck you can crush with Skyla/Hau/Leaf which are all free. It only feels grundy if you view it as the kind of game you play for hours. That\'s not what this is. You pick it up, play for 5-30 minutes, and put it down. Great game, would recommend.
Kevin Junga 2020-11-01

This was a fun game, over the past several months they\'ve kinda ruined it starting with slow stamina recovery. maybe 15 to 30minutes of play per day at the current rate. If you are new to the game,, it will take you forever to get anywhere in the game. If you are a longtime player, there is nothing to do. Reruns of events don\'t give any worthwhile prizes anymore, only a couple of the most basic items. The egg system sounds cool, until you realize none of them or usable, and to repeatable....
Josh Sunderlage 2021-01-03

Love this game! It has improved a lot recently, but do have one concern. I think it\'s too difficult to max out a sync pairs level to 125. The level up course helps, but once you run out of stamina you have to wait for more. On top of that you have to gather materials to unlock the level cap in order to max it. I think level up manuals should give more exp to sync pairs. Maxing out sync pairs needs to be easier and less of a grind.
Niko Gamer 2020-12-21

I love it.. But there could be alot that can be fixed. Listen to the community for goddness SAKE!
James Yau 2020-11-02

The new stamina system limits gameplay too much, you can no longer grind any time you want, instead you\'ll have to wait for stamina to recharge. There\'s also a huge lack of co-op events in the recent months, it\'s been more focused on solo events. And I still feel gems are too expensive. Edit: There\'s now too many events, and the stamina does not recover fast enough for you to complete them all. It\'s seriously trying to force you to pay real money to make progress in this game.