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Description of Poker Offline

Poker Offline: Play poker free with millions of players from all over the world when you are online or Offline! Most authentic Poker app in the world. Lots of interesting variations like Texas Holdem Poker, Sit-N-Go, Poker-Match-3, Blackjack, lucky-wheel.

After winning multiple awards ZMist presents you the app on Android! Compete in intense environments, place bets, go All IN, Bluff, put your Texas Hold'em strategy to win big! Go up the poker-ranking ladder by winning tournaments & Sit-N-Go games.

List of features:

● FREE CHIPS: Free Chips every 15 minutes and Daily Bonus to boost your chips. A richly-featured rewards system that allows you to win Big.

● Tournaments: Multi-level Sit&Go tournaments to win trophies.

● Offline Or Online Play with computers/bots while offline OR with friends/players from around the world when online.

● Game Modes: NO LIMIT HOLD'EM, SIT&GO, Poker-Match-3, BLACKJACK, LUCKY WHEEL. All modes with or without internet.

● NO LIMIT HOLD'EM: No limit on money you can win in this game

● Poker statistics: Track and improve your game with extensive poker stats.

● BLACKJACK: Play blackjack in the same app.

● Rankings & Leagues🏅: Dominate the world of poker with your skills and become the top player.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE / Roulette: Rotate the wheel to win chips.

● START WITH 45,000 chips:🎁🎁🎁

● OFFICIAL VEGAS EXPERIENCE: Try your hand at Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Tournaments, and more for FREE.

● VIP membership: Enjoy VIP membership and VIP tables.

● Facebook Connect: Connect with Facebook and play with friends.

In short, we think you'll love it as this game is the top offline poker free game. Enjoy poker when you are offline Las Vegas style.

Now you can select language of your choice. Available languages are:

- German (Deutsch)

- Portuguese (portugués)

- French (francés)

- Spanish (Español)

ZMist lets you play, the best card game in the world, anywhere anytime, on your Android device! Now with statistics available and worldwide player pool, you can compete with friends and challenge new poker players! ZMist is known for providing games related services free of cost. You can also play the live online Multiplayer Hold'em and prove you are the real poker pro!

This game is for an adult audience for amusement purposes only. Game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money. Please read our terms & privacy policy for more information.

You can connect with us on our Facebook page:


For any issue, suggestion or comment please mailto: support@zeemist.com

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More Information Of Poker Offline

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:4.6.0 Publish Date:2021-08-30 Developer:ZMist Games

User Reviews


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Abhishek Srivastava 2020-04-10

Interface and everything else is great. However, the game is suspicious specially in offline mode. Once you win enough chips, than other players start winning your good hands continuously on the river card. For example , if you have two pairs, than out of nowhere, suddenly your opponent players will start getting 3 of a kind etc , in a row.
A Google user 2019-03-05

This poker offline app is very good and fun... You won\'t be regrets... You will meet alot of nice player in this poker offline app... Eventhough there is a few minor problems but not oftently occurs... Hopefully the management of this poker offline app can fix the problems... Thanks for the poker apps...
Ivanna Kutchoo 2020-06-03

Absolutely LOVE this app. The match 3 has got me hooked. The poker is also awesome. Having the option of playing offline is critical for me because I don\'t always have cell reception. That being said, I\'ve lost 300,000+ coins due to crappy reception on match 3 games. Like just 5 mins ago, I joined a 100,000 round & lost connection for literally 5 seconds & I got booted to the main menu without even playing one turn. There went 100,000 coins... I would have given 5 stars if that wasn\'t a thing.
Gage Kent 2020-09-25

After looking at my hand logs I can confirm that this game is rigged. Not a fair experience, would not recommend.
Ronnie Williams 2020-03-03

Love playing match three. Took me a minute to get the full understanding of the rules and point system but once i got it i became addicted. A few downsides; the rudeness of the \"play faster\" chat response. Its a game not a intense drill in calculas. The other thing is if you misplace a card you cant move it where you meant to place it. I had a text alert while playing and the system dropped the card where i didnt want it. Orherwise great game. Oh i play black jack while i wait for gems.
John 2020-06-07

Fun and easy. Would give it five stars except when all the cards are dealt, the first card obscures the top left player\'s bet and the river card obscures the top right player\'s bet. Makes it a bit of a guessing game if you were contemplating calling or raising. Other than that, this app rocks.
knot head 2020-04-09

Pretty good interface, but there are some major problems. Every table you join you are the short stack and they adjust the blinds by how much you choose to start with, so YOU can\'t go in heavy. Additionally, The prevailing style is to buy 10 million chips and go Kamikaze all in every single hand. .... if you fight your way up and earn your chips, it\'s a little frustrating to be small blind and then have to spend her entire stack to just see a flop, hand after hand
Rushon 2020-05-07

Best offline and online app , use this everyday but it\'s not a 100% but it\'s surely 80%.... ..... Please add match 3 ranking in next update and stuff in next update.
Vivena Parikh 2020-06-27

I am giving it 5star as I am in love with this game, I open it every one hour to get 15,000prize money and even we can make friends in this game, we should definitely try this, it is awesome but there is one problem that your id will get band so you can\'t play with your friends but with new people you can and there is limited money so if you get more than 10qt chips you will be coming back to 0 and then you have buy install it again and there is also limited friends so that you can\'t make more.
Roger Herrera 2020-07-18

The game is as good as it gets but there is suppose to be a ceiling for buy in amount and a corresponding table for it not just only one table regardless of your money..a table for low bets,medium bets,and high stakes poker players...more improvent is needed and hope tbis site dont rig the game so more players will come to play.