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Description of Polar Beat: Running & Fitness

Turn your phone into a fitness tracker with Polar Beat, the ultimate free fitness, running, and workout app. Train with real-time voice guidance, use GPS to track your route and distance, and share your achievements with your friends.

PLAN, TRAIN, ANALYZE, SHARE. All in one place.


» Sign in to unlock 100+ sport profiles

» Maintain a comprehensive training log using the different sport profiles

» Map your route with GPS

» Get voice guidance while you train

» See your personal bests

» Set training targets and reach your goals

» Track distance, pace, and route

» Connect to Apple Health

» Share your training on Facebook and Twitter

» Connect with Apple Watch


Unlock the full Polar Beat experience with a Polar heart rate sensor.

[+] See your live heart rate with a Polar heart rate sensor and train at the right intensity for maximum results

[+] See how many calories you burned

[+] See what you achieved with each workout: improved endurance, increased strength, or burned fat

[+] Understand the impact of your workout at different intensity levels

[+] Polar Fitness Test – Measure your fitness level while you lie down and relax

[+] Polar Running Index – See how your running performance is developing

[+] Polar EnergyPointer – See the main effect of your workout in real time - whether you’re burning fat or improving fitness

[+] Polar Benefit Target – Set specific training targets - like boosting recovery or improving endurance and get guidance to achieve it

DOWNLOAD Polar Beat now and turn your phone into a personal trainer.

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Note: Continuous use of GPS can dramatically decrease your phone’s battery life.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.5.2 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Polar Electro

User Reviews


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Dude PsyKnyd 2019-03-02

This app works fine, but has always been pushy about wanting my GPS because I keep it shut off. Now with the most recent update the app won\'t read my heart rate from an already paired Polar sensor. I can\'t use the app with my stationary bike unless I turn on GPS. Creepy as hell! Polar could have made this app much better IMO, but they went and made it worse blaming Android\'s bluetooth requirements. It\'s stupid to have a heart rate monitor that\'s more concerned about GPS monitoring. Uninstalling!
Katherine Leon 2020-04-23

I was happy with this app and used it mainly for running. As of two weeks ago it no longer tracks my miles/distance. Not sure what happened. I changed my battery and even deleted and re-download the app. Still I know I get at least 3 miles in and it reads .08 miles or anything under 1, just way off. I need the GPS to work again. I have the heart rate monitor that wraps around your body. Hopefully they will fix this soon. I now use two apps for running. A separate one to track distance.
Donna Butchko 2020-04-28

Almost great but not. It claims to, and probably does, have 100+ exercises. What they don\'t tell you is that there is no way to mark your favorite exercises. So while I do, at best, 10 different things every time I start a workout I have to search through the 100+ exercises to find the one (out of the 10 I do regularly) that I am going to do today. It helps me start every workout annoyed. Trust me, I have no plans to take up wheelchair racing, biathlon, or Finnish baseball in this life.
C Dougherty 2021-01-06

There are definitely good things about this app, but it\'s impossible to simply display the heart rate (other than a tiny display not meant to be used during exercise) without starting a preset category of exercise. The problem is you\'re then FORCED to see elapsed time and other elapsed values like calories along with heart rate. I do not want to know how much exercise is left to do whenever I choose to check my heart rate. These fields cannot be hidden or toggled on and off.
Marko Štefanič 2021-01-29

I want to like this app more but the GPS tracking does not work once you turn the screen off. I was hoping the latest update would fix the issue but it has not. The running index and pace are therefore useless. Tried everything. Otherwise it is a nice app. I will give it 5 stars once they fix the GPS issue. The gear is top notch! I am using the h10 sensor.
Adam 2021-01-11

Constant sync issues, now running version 3.4.7 (latest according to the Play store, Samsung Galaxy S8+). My recent activities are not being synced to Flow. Somehow \"Log out\" (or sign out?) option disappeared. Not sure how to get it working. There are GPS issues. Despite turning off power saving the map is very inaccurate (it works sometimes, but most of times it doesn\'t). Other tracking apps have no such problem. This app went from bad to worse.
Peter McCarroll 2019-11-10

Very useful for exercise with Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). I use polar flow with an H10 belt, and the accuracy and instant feedback is excellent. It ensures that I can adapt my workout depending on whether I am in AFib or in normal ryththm, and can demonstrate to my heart consultant of the impact that episodes of AFib have on me. Excellent for HIIT workouts using HR to manage effort, and ensuring Effort in LSD workouts stays low. Definitely recommend with polar H10 belt.
Ioana Montel 2020-10-02

App so far has been decent, doesn\'t track my distance correctly, even with the GPS enabled all the time. It does seem to connect to Polar H10, but has issues syncing with other apps. The low rating is due to the permissions I had to give Polar in order to use the app: they not only have access to all my workout data, but have the right to share and export that data overseas. That alone is making me seriously reconsider finding an alternative app or returning the Polar H10 altogether.
Rebecca Eland 2020-11-07

It sounds like I\'m experiencing similar gps problems as many others. Until recently, my only issue with the app was that it doesn\'t allow for sharing of live gps information with another person. But a few weeks ago, the gps stopped working properly and no longer records my mileage. My phone is not the issue, because I\'ve tried running other apps simultaneously, and the other apps record the gps information just fine. I also confirmed that I don\'t have any power saving options turned on.
Gerald Crockett 2020-11-21

At first was great. Tracked my runs nicely. Now has stopped, start a run and tracks for a minute them stops. Stop running and it starts again. Pretty rubbish really. So when it works, 5 stars. Now down to 3 and will see how it goes. But starting to regret buying into Polar... UPDATE Contacted support who have acknowledge the bug in the app, but there\'s no fix for it. So the app just doesn\'t work, don\'t waste your time on it.