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Description of Police Scanner, Fire and Police Radio

Download Police Scanner and be the first to listen to the live audio of public safety, breaking news, major events and crime waves near you anytime.

Police Scanner Radio is the police scanner app of live audio streams including police scanner, fire alarm, wildfires map and info, railroad radios, marine, aircraft, emergency, news, and amateur radio. Police Scanner Radio always keeps listeners updated with the latest news when major events are happening.

Join with listeners worldwide to discover the local live police scanner radio, fire alarm, wildfire map and updates, railroad radios, air traffic control, marine radios, emergency alert, and amateur radio station. Save your favorite scanners for quick access. Turn on notifications and keep updated. You're able to hear local news, emergency, events, and public safety affairs near you all the time!

Browse the directory through thousands of scanner radio feeds from all over the world. Listen to top live audio feeds that have the most listeners including Chicago Police Zone 10 - Districts 10 and 11, Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff Dispatch, Cleveland Police Dispatch and Metro Housing Authority, Buchanan County Sheriff and EMS, St Joseph Police/Fire, Fresno City Police, Fire and EMS, Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire.

Filter scanners by location. Don't just list all nearby local audio feeds in your county or other states located nearest you. Switch location, and discover what is happening around citizens in other states.

Turn on notifications, receive alerts anytime and know about the on-going major events, local activity, breaking news, traffic, emergency happening right now.

- Search feeds through the directory via keywords and access your favorite scanner audio feeds.

- Mark your favorite live audio feeds with one click, save them and add them to your list of Favorites for quick access.

- See the popularity of each feed in the directory and find the feeds with the most listeners. Each feed lists the number of listeners and citizens who are listening to the same scanner feeds along with you.

- Browse nearby scanners. Location services permission is required.

- In-app police, fire, and emergency codes alphabet. On-hand books for listeners and citizens to understand what situation the police are referring to without any training.

- View the scanner map and find out the location of the live audio feed that you can access within a certain distance. The app will determine the location of the scanners located nearby via the network or GPS if you select nearby scanners.

- Listen to the scanner radio before bedtime and set a sleep timer to stop the station at a particular time.

- Real-time updated statistics for all live audio feeds from broadcastify.

- New audio stream feeds are being added every day.

Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Police_Scanner_

Privacy policy: https://www.policescanner.us/policy.html

Terms of use: https://www.policescanner.us/termsofservice.html

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User Reviews


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Rocco Rockafire 2020-11-01

Really cool. Interesting to listen to crime as it happens in major cities. Also useful to be aware of local events. I was thinking it would be awesome to have a chat room for each station, but that seems like a difficult thing to program. Anyways, Really great app for Radio enthusiasts! Thanks!
Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi 2020-12-13

It wanted me to subscribe so the free three trial days get activated and cancel later if I don\'t like it. It\'s always a no, not going to subscribe before I see what the app looks like and how it works. You want more people to pay for your app? Let them try it for few days without making them subscribe for almost 40 dollars a month.
Kortnie Rapp 2020-12-06

Great app you can definitely listen to the actual real reports all round your location even in your location. To know what is going on in the world also helps a lot to get yourselves prepared for anything dangerous especially for if you young boys and girls in your family around your location as well. I recommend this app to be used a lot just to be safe or safer at least. 🙂🙏
Simon Spencer 2021-02-23

Very good quality scanner. Does everything i need it to do. I have put the scanner radio down to 3 stars, because the adverts are ridiculous. I didn\'t realise at first, just checked to see if it worked, which does brilliantly, but the adverts ARE annoying. You carnt click on the scanner, or go back to favourites without advertising. And you have to keep paying to keep them off. That takes the piss. I know it keeps it free, but don\'t be greedy. One payment should remove ads for ever.
Timmy Courtois 2020-09-30

I\'ve tried a few scanner apps and this is my favorite as I can use Police Scanner, Waze & Spotify concurrently. Other scanner apps will not allow audio from other apps. My only wish would be to have an adjustable volume control for the app and perhaps down the road an ability to monitor more than one frequency.
Top Ten 2020-12-30

Definitely not worth a subscription. There\'s maybe 5 areas of the UK available and 2 of those were offline. I listened for hours and heard nothing. If the developers are so confident in their app they would allow a decent free subscription without having to sign up or give your card details. This should ring alarm bells straightaway. ***AVOID***
Alana Wilson 2020-11-25

So after about 15 minutes of using the app (which did its job perfectly without error) I heard an officer call codes 22 meaning RESTRICTED RADIO TRAFFIC and 33 which means CLEAR RADIO TRAFFIC - EMERGENCY RADIO TRAFFIC ONLY. This leaves me wondering if this app is interfering with police radios and if they are able to receive signals from our phones while using the app. I have not heard anymore since then and I\'ve been listening for 2 hours.
AMY FOSTER 2021-02-04

Very very disappointed with this app. I downloaded it to hear a POLICE scanner and all that would come up is fire. Plus I had to put my CC info in to even get that far. Very poor misrepresentation of a product. I was very aggravated to find out that after adding my CC info I still didn\'t get any access to a police scanner. The name of the app shouldn\'t have police anywhere in it if there is no police scanner.
Trevor Goins 2021-02-05

Great app and easy to navigate. I enjoy the ability to listen to the scanner all over the 🌎 world, if I want to know what\'s going in Bopal India or Jarusalem Israel I can! I thank God for technology like this that allows me to know if a fire happens in my trailer park or my neighbor is having to call for help because she is elderly and fell and I can run over and help her. Amazing... Truly Amazing!!!
John H 2021-01-13

Free for 3 days only. And in order to utilize those three free days you first need to register and provide a credit card number. Uninstalled. Update: Hi Kaite. There is no option to \"skip trial\" and if I begin the free trial it automatically requires access to my credit card information. I will email you a screenshot but am using a Pixel phone and am quite certain this is not a problem on my end.