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Description of PONS Vocabulary Trainer

The ideal app for language-learning: Learn only the vocabulary that you really need. Compile your own lessons or buy vocabulary from PONS and Klett.

At last you can integrate the words you’ve looked up in the dictionary into your active vocabulary. Use your time on the move effectively - in a waiting room or at the bus stop, for example. With this app you can collect and practise the vocabulary you need wherever and whenever you wish!

Who is this app for?

It’s ideal for all learners of foreign languages who want to practise their vocabulary while on the move. With this app you can use the PONS Vocabulary Trainer on the road and at home. It’s simple: just transfer the vocabulary that you downloaded or practised while travelling, to your computer when you sign in at home.

What can this Vocabulary Trainer do?

• It collects the words you look up in the PONS.com online dictionaries. So, you only learn the vocabulary that you need.

• You can add any vocabulary you like to the Vocabulary Trainer and thus tailor it to your individual requirements.

• With its methodological approach, the PONS Vocabulary Trainer adapts to your individual learning level so that you can successfully learn vocabulary.

• The Trainer teaches you new vocabulary step by step: five different types of exercise become gradually more challenging as you progress, so that you can master the fifth, most advanced exercise called LexiTest, where you translate a vocabulary item without any help.

Alternative to this 5-Exercise Mode you may use the traditional Flash-Card Mode. Check through all of the vocab items in a lesson to see if you already know them.

• It can be used with all of the languages available at PONS.com: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. In addition, Japanese is available as well.

What can the app do?

• The following free vocabulary lists have already been prepared for you, so that you can get started right away: a German-English “Internet & Co.” vocabulary plus the most important words and expressions for travel, accommodation, eating and shopping in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.

• Look up words online in over 30 PONS dictionaries directly through the app. Then, simply tap on your looked-up item; it is then copied to your vocabulary trainer together with its translation. You don’t even need to use your mobile browser.

• You don’t have to be online to practise your vocabulary. The trainer retrieves your current entries and learning levels from your PONS user account, so you can use it on your mobile device and on your computer at home.

About PONS:

PONS has been developing green materials for learning languages for life for over 30 years: from classic dictionaries and grammar aids to audio and software language courses right up to free online services.




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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:4.8.4-vocabtrainer Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:PONS

User Reviews


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Anita Reuter 2019-12-11

Great app best one i found sofar But since a week ago i haven\'t been able to synchronise my tiped in vocabulary which worries me a little cause it\'s quite a lot! Update: It\'s been almost a year now since my first complain and still I was not able to synchronise... I have over 1000 vocabularies typed in this app and i\'m anxious of losing them. What shall I do?
Patrick Gott 2020-07-03

This app is nothing but embarrassing ... no content in most language combinations ... they will ask you to create your own content ?!?!? ... Great idea: let\'s all create apps with no content
Yuki 2019-07-25

Advertising different languages but there is nothing for dutch. Shame uninstall
A Google user 2019-01-16

it says that I can copy vocabularies from the pons translator app to voc trainer app but it doesn\'t happen even though it says, it\'s done. plus each time I open the voc trainer app it tries to sync 49 items (always same number so it means no more voc was added) and each time it fails... if it would work it was going to be super... I\'ll wait for a while to see if it will be fixed.
Omid Ghandeharian 2018-09-15

Great app to learn languages, download the dictionary and add any word you look up to the vocabulary learner, you can add words by your own too. And then learn them one by one.
Marie-Rose Ramboz 2016-01-04

Good ideas but... Doesn\'t have lessons for french/english and not very user friendly, it has way too many clicks to do something. For example : to hear a word, there\'s an audio button, then we can choose if we want to hear it in French (France or Canada), in English (UK or US). First, if the button audio is near the word in French, it should be OBVIOUS that I want to hear the French... Then the accent should be chosen once in the settings and that\'s all...
A Google user 2017-05-14

Import of items doesn\'t work. When searching for an item to add it to the vocabulary list, the app apparently can\'t connect to the internet. Otherwise the app is fine, but without being able to import items it\'s of no use. That\'s quite a nasty bug.
Andrej Balaz 2016-02-16

Useless Why cannot I search for a word in the Pons dictionary and then add it to the vocabulary and then train those words? I don\'t understand what the purpose of this app is. I would expect that pons would leverage the availability of its dictionary content. Other apps are much better, because apart from the completely useless feature set, this app\'s design is abominal. A shame that Pons still doesn\'t understand digital. And sorry I won\'t write any more emails to receive generic replies.
Friedrich Tugend 2020-05-08

Soo. Computer voice? Is it real life? When I press on lessons name.. Nichts passiert. How to use it? When nothing happens and there is a Google voice :)??
Isa Özal 2020-04-30

It\'s a great app for vocab. :) But there is a small problem. When we come back from a lesson, it\'s going up automatically to the top of lessons. I think it would be better, if it stays in the area , where we clicked before.