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Description of Porte: Mobile Banking

Porte is the mobile finance app built for you. Enjoy no monthly account fees,⁴ contactless debit card, virtual cards, charitable giving,⁵ and Direct Deposit that pays you up to 2 days faster.³ Own your money and your future with Porte.

Some of the many reasons why Porte should be your first choice:

• Some of the many reasons why Porte should be your first choice:

• No monthly account fee⁴

• Premium matte black Porte Visa® debit card

• Faster Pay - Get paid up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit³

• Got cash? Add money at over 130,000 convenient reload locations⁶

• Open an Optional Savings Account¹

• No ATM fees at over 32,000 MoneyPass® ATMs²

• Lock/unlock your card within the app

• Up to 6 virtual cards to secure your online purchases

• Apple Pay®

• Real-time balance notifications⁷

• Support a charity through Porte’s #DoorToChange⁵ program

Download today and get ready to secure your financial freedom.

For California residents, go to https://www.portebanking.com/privacy/ca/ to learn what personal information we collect and how it is used.

¹ Qualifications for the Porte Savings Account are changing. Click here for more information about the changes taking effect on 1/1/2022.

No minimum balance to open an optional Savings Account. To open a Savings Account, consent to receive communications from us in electronic form is required. Savings Account funds are withdrawn through your Porte Account (maximum 6 such transfers per calendar month). The Savings Account

linked with your Porte Account is made available to Accountholders through Metabank, N.A., Member FDIC. Funds on deposit are FDIC insured through MetaBank, N.A. For purposes of FDIC coverage, all funds held on deposit by you at MetaBank, N.A., will be aggregated up to the coverage limit, currently $250,000.00.

² No ATM owner surcharge or ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees for domestic ATM withdrawals at MoneyPass® ATMs (“in-network ATMs”). Visit the Porte Mobile App for a list of in-network ATMs. All other ATMs may apply an owner’s surcharge fee in addition to the ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee disclosed in your Deposit Account Agreement. Balance Inquiry Fees apply.

³ Based on comparison of our ACH processing policy vs. posting funds at settlement.

⁴ Other fees may apply. See your Deposit Account Agreement for details.

⁵ After selecting a charity through your Mobile App, Populus will donate an amount equal to 0.05% of every debit card purchase transaction, subject to certain terms and conditions, made with your Porte Debit Card to a charity selected by you through the Mobile App. Netspend, MetaBank, N.A., and Visa are not affiliated in any way with this offer and do not endorse or sponsor this offer.

⁶ Fee may be assessed by reload location and may vary from location to location.

⁷ No charge for this service, but your wireless carrier may charge for messages or data.

Porte is a mobile finance app, not a bank. Banking services provided by MetaBank,® N.A., Member FDIC.

PORTE is a deposit account established by MetaBank®, National Association, Member FDIC. Certain products and services may be licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,000,608 and 6,189,787.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.5.2-20220511-RELEASE Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Populus Financial Group, Inc.

User Reviews


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Nacho Business 2021-02-06

So far, pretty good. First thing I did was use the check scanner to make a deposit and it worked great. I\'ll have to wait 10 days to access the money. Hopefully that\'s not a forever thing. I get several checks each week and the only other option is pay $5 fee per check and still don\'t get the cash today. The last thing is that I couldn\'t find a section showing pending deposits so when I scanned the check, it just disappears? For 10 days until you clear it?
Ramesh Chander 2020-12-05

3% saving rate is amazing! Top of the class! App is great. Couple of suggestions for improvement would be to make transferring money out more easier. Also make the savings rate transparent in the app..some place where we can easily see the current savings rate (unless I am not looking right). Hopefully u don\'t change the savings rate to .25% one day and not inform us.
Jaymee Davis 2021-01-26

I came across Porte trying to find another bk, decided to try this instead. SO glad I did! There are several features you\'d never get with a traditional bank and they\'re all great! Instant transfer (even from external accounts), physical AND virtual debit cards to use for spending, but can be deleted after your payment to help prevent theft/ fraud. Those features alone had me!! Easy to navigate, no fees, good security. Exactly what I needed & so simple to open.Take 5 mins,sign up! You\'ll love it
BMF Fights 2021-02-22

So far I am extremely impressed. I have an open account with many banks, and this one is truly unique and has some really great features. I love the virtual card idea, and the 3% APY in savings is also attractive. Keep building on what you have here Porte, this is a great application so far! Thank you
Walter Adams 2020-10-08

5 stars for great customer service, excellent. 4 stars for the app itself. Had a rocky beginning with the app and wasn\'t able to use it but their customer support was great, and fixed the problem. 4 stars for the qualification for the savings account. Not a huge deal but understandable. Friendly UI, sleek and clean. 4/5 hope to see Porte do better in the future.
Jennifer Vaughn 2021-01-13

Love this bank and the generous 3 percent interest on the savings account. Hopefully, Porte will have online bill pay soon. Sophisticated app that is easy to use. High ATM withdrawal and daily debit card purchase limits compared to most banks.
Matt Harp 2020-08-06

Far and away the coolest banking app I have encountered. Love the sleek look and charity feature. Highly recommend!
Jessica Robinson 2021-02-07

this is one of my favorite cards I have, it\'s perfect if your looking for an 100% online banking through mobile app ! easy approval and I use my card everyday, no monthly fee you can deposit money by loading at a location like CVS or 711. I love it!
Joe Duarte 2021-02-05

A big draw for me would be the automatic charitable giving feature, but I can\'t find a list of organizations even after installing the app. I\'m concerned that their list will be politically biased, based on the three they list on their website. Leftists tend to try to co-opt such programs by excluding non-leftist causes and smuggling in leftist activist groups as \"charities\". I would want to give to groups trying to reduce out of wedlock births, the NRA, or high impact Give Well selections.
iDrinkkoffee 2020-11-03

Signed up. Tried signing in. Nothing happens. Can\'t even log in. Clicking \"Sign In\" does nothing. Not even an \"error\" message. Update: yeah...very faulty app. Constantly struggling to load. I\'m on an S20+. Please give me customer support email so I can request an account deletion.