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Description of Poseit

I like to think about this app as a natural evolution of the traditional drawing mannequin, I designed it to have minimal details and just some hints of anatomy, so it generalize well with any kind of character I want to draw. The screen space rotation method and others automatic features make your posing process faster and dynamic. After the latest updates it even supports Inverse Kinematic functions, has the female mannequin and props gallery.

Pose it and view it just the way you need it to strengthen and improve your human figure drawing skills.

Pose it was born as my personal tool to help me drawing the most challenging poses, during the lockdown I had to spend my vacations at home and I gave myself the challenge to polish it and publish it (yes it is my very first app). I hope it now can serve others as good as it served me :)

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More Information Of Poseit

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:1.3.6 Publish Date:2021-09-18 Developer:1ManBand

User Reviews


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Adam Jensen 2021-01-19

TL;DR: it\'s a poser that has its user in mind, making it easy to use. \"Best\" is an understatement, it\'s literally the easiest and most optimized poser available in the store, and it\'s user friendly. I have tried two other posers (no name mentioned for anonymity) and they\'re, either a cash grab or ad driven. Not to mention, this one uses an old-school mannequin for a model (both male and female) so it\'s very easy to use.
shadowik leon 2021-02-20

If you are a poor student but you want something really good for posing, this is the app for you! It is free! It is smooth and it doesn\'t lag! It is user friendly, Plus, it has pre-made poses that you can unlock either by watching a few ads, or paying as little as 1 dollar to as much as 7 ( pretty fair tbh, if you can pay 7, do it, if you can pay 1 it\'s up to you, if you hardly have any money, just watch an ad) no one is left out! It\'s win win for all of us, so Thank you so much for this ❤
Bill. E Spleen 2021-02-07

This is the first time I\'ve felt inclined to give a 5 star review in less than an hour of installing an app. The layout is nice and simple, the model is realistic, and it\'s all just easy to get used to and pleasing to the eye. The last app I used for pose referencing had models that shared the proportions of an exaggerated anime artstyle rather than an actual human. PoseIt was such a refreshing breath of air compared to that, I already recommend it!
Dank Memes 2021-02-12

The app is very user friendly and only has ads when you need to temporarily unlock additional things and what not. It\'s been very useful in understanding perspective and anatomy. A gripe that I have is the inability to delete the faces, which sometimes like to double up and glitch out and cause my phone to lag. This may be just a one off thing. Now the app has the ability to have two models at the same time, I hope that different body modles or a height slider appear in the future.
Jonni Colby 2021-01-28

Amazing and straightforward. Need an app for reference for whatever art/project you plan on doing, this is a great choice. Although similarly to other apps, you need to watch ads/paywall to get the poses. However, the amazing thing is that you can remove the ads very cheaply ($1.00!) if you don\'t intend on spending much. This also unlocks everything so its worth it. Any other amount is purely optional and supports the developer. Easy and precise movements and overall better than most apps. 10/10
Ryan M-W 2021-01-30

It\'s a wonderful app for artists, but it has a problem with crashing whenever you try to take a picture, after spending a while trying to get a pose right only to start over. Also, the manipulation gestures are janky since the last update some reason. I\'m not sure if I\'m doing it wrong or what. Overall, I can\'t wait to see more improvements on this app as well as the bug fixes.
Balloratari 1020 2021-01-02

As an artist struggling with anatomy and poses, I\'ve used a lot of posing apps, and none of them are good. Until now. This app is incredible for posing for different uses, and I\'ve already used it for two different characters in a drawing. It\'s easy to operate, and easy to use for proportions and poses. Best posing app ever!
Brian McCarthy 2021-02-03

I love this app. It\'s simple to use compared to other posing tools. Visually it is very beautiful and though I\'m an artist I\'ll probably use it as much for fun as for work. A small problem for me is not being able to save various preferences such as transparency. They reset to default every time you open up. Thank you for your lovely app
MikenSarah Nixon 2021-01-31

Loving this app, donated and took advantage of props and no ads. I recommend to any one wanting to draw figures in different and dynamic poses, the props are awesome and help bring mannequins to life. This app is way better than an actual mannequin and being to cast light on figures is amazing! Thabk you to the developer for such a wonderful learning tool, gladly donated to the cause, enjoy that beer buddy!
shahalim 2021-02-25

I\'ve only recently looked into this app while comparing to other \"recommended\" ones and I sincerely think this is a VERY USEFUL app because of the IK alone. It makes posing so much more natural! And thanks for making it a mannequin model. Some features I\'d love to see in future updates: 1. Easily reset the head to default after applying prop heads 2. Ability to pose individual fingers 3. Hair (and long hair as FlexProps) I love it, paid for it too! Thanks