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Description of Potatoyz

*** Create your own favorite digital toy character ***

*** This toy has NO limits ***

*** Order a figurine of your Potatoyz in 3D printing ***

What if your favorite toy character lived inside your tablet and you alone could decide about its color, clothing and make up in any-which way? THIS is what Potatoyz allows YOU to do.

Potatoyz is a simple way to stimulate your kids’ imagination in a fun and playful way.

Thanks to an interface adapted to the youngest audiences, you can easily edit and customize your Potatoyz. You may choose among a great variety of stickers, patterns, colors… and create the Potatoyz of your dreams in order to get it as a 3D printed figurine in 1 only clic!

Principal features of Potatoyz:

- an interface adapted for kids

- a selection of over 300 different stickers

- a photo booth adapted for all ages

- perfect image control thanks to a very sensitive touch technique

- 0 rules, 100% freedom

Please contact us at jean-cloud@potaterie.com if you have questions or comments. We will make sure to get back to you.

Regarding the POTATERIE:

The POTATERIE, a brandnew Paris-based Factory, creates edutaining content for children. The startup company was Co-founded by Antoine and Gabriel, two buddies passionate about animation and new technology. After an initial sucessful experience in working for the US Animation Industry (The lorax, Despicable me) they decided to create their own adorable series of characters, Potatoyz, a true product of their free spirit, rooted in the DoItYourself movement of today's next generation.

With the Award-winning Potatoyz app' and its mind blowing design, the company creates a new form of Family entertainment, while at the same time offering an extended experience that lives beyond virtual creation on screen thanks to 3D printing. This is how Potatoyz originated!

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More Information Of Potatoyz

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.7 Publish Date:2022-05-16 Developer:Potaterie

User Reviews


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Brittany Brown 2020-07-03

I give this a 4star because the (idea of this app is amazing) and the fact that you can (create your toys is wonderful). However the printer does not work (even if you are connected to the internet) it still tells you that you need to connect to the internet that doesn\'t make sense, and there\'s (no contact or help in the app) and there\'s not enough (instructions for situations that people may come across like the 3D printer for example. I will keep this app but please fix it right away.
Serenity 2019-06-22

its Really not that hard to create things in this game but it doesn\'t allow me to use 3d printer mode but overall it is a pretty good game you should definitely try it out I made me mario and my mom and more another problem is you can only make six of them but I still like this game.😊
Lisa Minton 2019-03-31

this app sucks 😣 it i filled up my bin and wanted to make more but unless i buy more can\'t. also for some reason it let me get some sort of free trial where i could make more but all of the sudden deleted the two i made and the bin i can\'t get the free trial thing back!😦😬👎
Kaden Johnson 2017-07-28

COME ON GAME MAKERS NOT EVERY ONE HAS THAT MUCH MONEY!! THE AMOUNT IS UNACCEPTABLE. IM ONLY 11 I DON\'T HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY.Please lower the price and stop being greedy. Im not trying to be rood but GEEZ can you please lower the price.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Hannah Henry 2017-09-07

I think that is is a really fun game. You can design a little buddy, take a photo of it, save it, and if you want you can buy it. But just designing it and sending the pictutes to my friends is fun. I\'v only made two of them, and I like it already. The only thing I don\'t like is the prices, you should do 1 dollor an hour. So if it takes 3 hour to make, it will only be 3 dollars. It charged me $16, that is a lot of money for just a tiny thing. If it\'s takes 16 hours to make which I doubt it does then it\'s fine but seriously I don\'t think it takes 16 hours. Now I\'m just making them I\'m not buying them, unless you change the prices of coarse. besides the prices I think that it is a really fun game
runi 2019-05-24

I think the game is really fun and amazing! I\'m getting my own real one soon! Wish there were more animal designs but I still love it. I got to make a giraffe and I\'m really happy with it.
rr3yzupp 2020-09-05

This game is AMAZING! I really like the idea of how you can create your own 3D model and you can 3D print it out. There are SO MANY colours to choose from. Although you can only make 6 of them and if you want more you have to pay, if you could please make there be a bit more of the blank models so you can make more. But it\'s a pretty good game, I highly recommend it!
Maddy Nearpass 2017-07-04

DIDN\'T LOAD!!! WANTED TO PLAY!! 😠😣😢😥 Well,... I pushed the play button, then the loading screen popped up. Went back to home screen. Looked like a nice game! Also looked like a similar game to \"Toca Mini\" (first try loaded about 20 sec. then other times about 5 sec.)
SquidInk2000 2019-10-11

I a really fun app i like creating the the characters but i get annoying when you have really good ones and you want to make more and you cant because you dont want to get rid of any of them but some times you can get colors at the top of the sceen and those are worlds but they go away a couple day or hours and you lose everything you made in that world but you can buy then so yeah thats my opinion but maby tgats just my game or something
Adam Haspel 2020-10-05

The idea is amazing, I love it, intuitive interface, and is a great comcept. Except for the 3D print thing, when ever I do it it just says \"No Connection\" even when there is! could you please fix this?