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Alira Cahya 2018-11-26

Loved it. My first smartphone game from years a go, hahah. The graphic\'s not the best, but the minigames are fun! And no matter what, Pou is just so cute💕 I\'m not into pet-care kinda games, but I\'ll make sure to take good care of him. It\'s also great the game is still constantly being updated, too. Keep up the fantastic work.
A Google user 2018-10-29

Its really boring because all you do is wash him,feed him,play with him and go outside with him. To make the game better you could just do one where you can take him to space and that is what will get you a 5 out of rating.😊
Aiden F 2019-12-09

Pou is a classic! Pou has been one of my favorite mobile games since I was little. Pou can get a bit boring but it is fun! You take care of Pou, he is a little brown alien-like creature that needs care, food, sleep, medicine and more! You can play games, water your plants, take your pet on a walk, drive a car, ride on a skateboard and much more.
What if you didn\'t 2020-11-19

I\'ve been playing ever since I was seven (on another acc) and i never got bored. The games are always exciting and pou is customizable. The only con to all these pros is that it sometimes glitches. It\'s only for half a second though and never really affects the gameplay. I love how there aren\'t any pop-up ads and how you can basically control everything. You can also find friends by nicknames/emails which I found really helpful. It was worth seven years.
Anila Ahmad 2021-01-06

This game is AMAZING!! So you might be wondering why 4 stars instead of 5? Well its because on the minigames, I play memory, and sometimes I tap on a card it doesnt flip so you could see the pic it,stays still but the time still moves, anyway itz great just plzz fix that other then, dat game amazing rate it 4 or 5 stars atleast. Thanks!
Spooky Spaghetti 2020-08-06

I LOVE THIS APP! I\'ve had it for about 2 years now and it\'s so much fun to play with and mess around with. I do enjoy that the microphone option has an on/off switch, it makes me feel safer. I love how Pou isn\'t a specific gender, you can make it anything you want! I do wish that its needs worsened a bit slower because I always feel bad when Pou is unhealthy when I forcefully can\'t check on it, but it\'s still so cute and fun! I highly recommend it for virtual pet lovers!
Keaton Knippel 2019-07-19

I guess it\'s fine at what it does, but it tries to accomplish a lot without polishing anything. the visuals look like they were made by a 5 year old, and all the minigames are just watered down versions of better games on the app store.
Brittany Mathis 2019-05-11

my 2 year old son loves the microphone page from this game. I actually discovered pou when I was like 14 or 15. however I\'ve noticed my son doesn\'t get the technique of the games from pou other than the ball. may I suggest adding a few games for the little ones? the ones it comes with are hard for him to get the hang of. other than that, definitely 5 stars from me.
Sara Taylor 2020-07-01

Such a cute app!! Something about the simple graphics gives it a nostalgic feel. Not at all pushy with ads, don\'t need to spend real money to advance, and the fee things I have seen that cost real money are quite cheap. Lots of games to choose from, some too tricky for me but others would love. Love the gradual growth of the pou. Love love love!
Quinn Streeter 2020-12-13

i just love love this game but i don\'t lt really like how it makes me pay real mony to get the baby potion and the adult potion. But there is 4 bugs the first one is Whenever i get of the game and get back on it gliches and it makes it hard to play. The other bug is that on beach volly I just get fouls consintly.The next bug is that pou sometimes don\'st eat a food when hes hungry. The last bug is on beach volly my pet is cheating! And that really makes me mad But can you KILL Pou?