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Description of Power Apps

Get Power Apps to conveniently access your work or school apps no matter where you are: at home, on the road, in the field, off-campus, at the airport, or at the beach – anywhere life takes you.


The Power Apps app is the front door to the apps at your work or school. Which apps can you use? It depends on what’s been created for you. Here are some examples you might see, or ones you can make yourself using the Power Apps website:

• Campus app: Map your campus with icons for landmarks and facility details.

• Event registration app: Record attendees as they arrive using barcodes or QR codes.

• Expenses app: Let employees submit their expenses and upload photos of receipts.

• Health clinic app: Let patients check in to appointments with just a few taps.

• NFC reader app: Scan NFC tags on ID cards, equipment, packages, etc.

• Performance app: Visualize data and get insights with interactive dashboards.

• Sales app: See opportunities and leads, review comments, and approve for your P&L.

• Space planning app: Take 3D measurements and manipulate objects in mixed reality.

• Timesheet app: Collect, consolidate, and analyze shift data from employees.

This is just a handful of examples; the possibilities are endless. Build and share low-code apps for your work or school at the Power Apps website.


• Swipe right to make an app a favorite, swipe left to add a shortcut to the home screen.

• As an admin, mark an app as Featured, so that it stays pinned to the top of the apps list.

• Some apps can work offline, and Power Apps will sync your data when you reconnect.

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More Information Of Power Apps

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.21113.21 Publish Date:2021-12-03 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Greg Davis 2020-10-28

There is a Black Overlay on the screen that won\'t go away. It says, \"Swipe from the left edge to close app\" I\'m on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. FYI I can interact with the UI under it, but it\'s hard to see through the dark screen especially in the day light. I uninstalled, reinstalled and it\'s still there.
Dennis Kuhn 2020-05-30

Absolutely love it. People please consider the quality of the Power App you are using, depends on the quality of your companies development process. We are using Power Apps from Timesheets, Receipt capturing and even real-time emergency trigger, WITHOUT ISSUES. Power Apps has signals about connectivity, it is up to your organisations developer to use those tools. Please don\'t run Power Apps down in general, because you are unhappy with your specific implementation. Direct those complaints to your organisations development department.
Rhume Disi 2020-12-11

I downloaded this app for a course. After building 2 apps, I couldn\'t login to view the apps. It keeps showing session ID. Click \"Sign in\" and it take you to your login email after which you are left on your own. It\'s quite frustrating !!!
Olajumoke Olawale 2021-02-06

Doesn\'t pass the login page, and I notice most Microsoft apps have this problem on Android, please find a solution to this ASAP I have found a solution to this, login with your Microsoft dev365 account instead of your personal account
Dave Ellis 2020-08-12

Flaky sign in. Frequently requires revalidation, insists on text message of code. In space of 5 minutes have had 3 separate codes texted from Microsoft, and the same code texted twice from a mobile number. Most people have poor network coverage indoors, especially in hospitals, so a clinician app relying on texts is just going to be exasperating.
JAGATH MADONA 2020-08-15

Terrible application everytime you change your password you have to re install the application And this is not just my experience, all of my colleagues have the same issue.
Paul Bernard 2020-09-04

Everything was working fine until a recent update broke notifications on android. At this very moment Power Apps Push Notifications work on iOS but not Android. I downgraded my app to v3.20081.20 and it worked flawlessly. Any help with this could be greatly appreciated.
Mohammed Sameer 2020-04-30

The keyboard is cutting off the view when we reach the bottom of the app. The form is not scrolling up and hiding behind the keyboard so that we cannot see what we are typing. This is so demotivating and annoying. Please fix it if you can or this tool is waste in Android. I have no such issue in iOS , it\'s working fine. I am just wondering did your devolepers tested the app before releasing with such fundamental issues not fixed.
Timothy Spink 2020-07-08

Since updating to 3.20065.12 the \'Optimise Images for Upload\' option has disappeared. Powerapps is also very restrictive and a pain to work with too. Some functions that should be available just aren\'t. Having the ability to directly upload optimised images to Sharepoint from both laptop and mobile would be a game changer, but unfortunately Microsoft don\'t seem to have this as a priority at the moment.
Junaidi Aminuddin 2020-07-29

Quite ridiculous that you have to not only share the app with the people in your organization, but you have to share all the connections (onedrive, sharepoint , flows, tables etc) as well. Too bad if I want my background data to be private. I cant create data easily just within the app itself.