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Description of Power Girls Super City - Superhero Salon & Pets

Become a superhero with Power Girls and their miraculous pets! When Super City calls for help, catch the monsters and turn them into friendly super citizens!

Each Power Girl has a special superpower: beautiful Blaze can control fire, sweet Moana’s superpower is water and charming Flora has the power of nature. And each of them has a cute pet sidekick: miraculous fox Sparky for Blaze, deer Daisy for Flora and seal Misty for Moana!

Save the city and help the creatures!

Power Girls, assemble! It's time to save Super City from monsters! River Monster is blocking the river flow! Ice Monster is freezing everything! Trash Monster is littering the city! Fire Monster sets everything it touches on fire! Save the city and help the monsters find a better home!

Style superhero looks!

Organize a relaxing spa day for Moana and do her hair and makeup! Choose a perfect girly outfit for sweet Flora. Dress up fox Sparky, deer Daisy and seal Misty in cool superhero outfits!

Have fun with Power Girls!

Cooking with superpowers is super fun! Blaze loves to use her special fire powers in the kitchen and makes the best pasta ever! Take the coolest photos with the Super Girls and their superhero animal helpers!

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lable: Educational - Games Current Version:7.0.50027 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:TutoTOONS

User Reviews


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Emmanuel Wamba 2020-04-11

Its a good game but there is very little to do i think all of then should be able to shower ,cook, and dress up and maybe some different food can there also be like battles with the monsters where all of them can help. And also an open world and more characters thank you :) !
Iza Salu 2020-02-17

I am 9 years old and I really like this game I never saw a game like this in my phone.But the ads is one problem.
Abigail Allright 2020-10-21

Yeah, it\'s good, 😊 but not that good, to make me say \"hmmmmmm, give it a lucky five!\" 😂 It needs more detail, like your other games, they\'re ok 😁 but, are they? I think it needs more to do, the ads are fine so, yeah, it\'s pretty good 💦🔥🗑️
Noiara playz 2020-11-15

Its a great game.There are no ads. perfect things, cooking,dressing,makeup,bathing and dressing up pets. I
Kids Learning and Fun TV 2020-05-02

I love this game . It\'s very very very nice . My favorite super hero is the fire girl because of how she cooks with her own hand and helped the cat get out of the ice.
Miley Creighton 2019-04-30

not much to do but and you can only make one of the characters in like if you want to do makeup or something like dress up only one of every characters can do that sort a thing so don\'t get this app unless you\'re a boring person and you don\'t care about anything at all
Sanja Jolevska 2020-07-14

I like this game it\'s pretty nice, it gets boring after a while because you play the same things over and over again but I reccommend to play it once or twice a day so it doesn\'t get that boring. But it\'s a really nice game though.
A Google user 2017-01-15

Doesn\'t open!!urrrrrggg Does this game ever open.cause in my phone it never opens .whenever I open this game , it says \"welcome to power city\" and after that it closes and return back to my menu .this thing needs to be fixed.but u guys never listen to us.after seeing the comments u still do not do anything to improve the app.this is disgusting.and Diana di and A Google user how can u guys give it 5 stars.
waketta thurman 2020-12-24

I know people don\'t really like really the same thing over and over but I think cuz you can keep the dressing up your character and it\'s really fun my kids love this game
Marilou Ringor 2020-03-01

you need to fix the ad problem so we can play well it always gives ads sorry💕🙏