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Description of Power Hover: Cruise

Power Hover: Cruise is a spin-off from highly popular Power Hover game.

Futuristic racer with super stylish graphics and large roster of characters to choose from! Fly the UFO and other vehicles or just cruise with variety of robots!

Make your longest run in challenging endless stages! Randomly generated hazards will make sure that you will newer meet the same sequence twice! Outrun your friends or take over the world on the leaderboards!

MACHINE: Race after a crazed machine in a deep underground tunnel. Ride on the floor, walls or ceiling and avoid the lasers and spiky things!

AIR: Go for a ride among the clouds and take on the wildly spinning machinery. Spin spin!

PYRAMID: Lasers, jump ramps, moving walls and rotating spikes! Ancient tomb made for riding fast!

DIVE: Descent into the darkness, fluorescent lights guide the way as you spiral out of control on this underwater tunnel full of rotating hazards!

METRO: Do the zigzag in this super fast city track. Avoid all the spiky, rotating and moving things while you’re at it!

HALFPIPE: Ride on the halfpipe hitting thought tiny gaps and avoiding spike-balls and moving lasers!

TUNNEL: It's never ending darkness here! Slow-motion collectables makes your riding easier (or not)!

FUTURISM: Boxes and Breakable walls!

GOOD LUCK: You do not want to stare the lasers!

WASTELAND: Abandoned and broken passage!

Wonderfull places for a nice Sunday ride!


• 12 unique endless stages with leaderboards

• 17 characters in roster, robots and vehicles

• Unlock items in a game gallery

• Google Play Achievements

• Cloud saving support

• An original soundtrack

Oddrok - © 2020 Oddrok. All Rights Reserved.

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More Information Of Power Hover: Cruise

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.9.7 Publish Date:2021-08-20 Developer:Oddrok

User Reviews


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Joey Knappenberger 2019-04-17

Edited: This game now works properly on pixel 3 xl, which is great. The gameplay is a fun update to the infinite runner, and the controls, while slow, are consistent. The range in difficulty across the different levels is a plus, along with the fact that everything can be unlocked through gameplay. The monetization structure is fair and unintrusive, with ads being reasonable. The collectable unlock artifact system thingy feels unnecessariy and gimmicky, but overall a good game.
Zack Wolfe 2019-04-18

Lots of forced ads, feels like i get pulled out of the game even between menu selections. No control input on pixel 3 (resolved).
Albert Tsholofelo Wilson 2020-02-16

The best game i ever played,i never knew that such a game existed & its the game ever.Down load it now!!!
mahek goyal 2019-01-05

This is a very nice game it\'s graphics are amazing. I feel so nice whenever i play this game. This game is very addictive 😎👍. This game really needs a five star rating. I am lookimg forward that ODDROK surely make another nice game which became hit😀. I also had played many games but this game is the best. I had also played POWER HOVER 1 i like that game also 👍🌟. Keep it up ODDROK. Thanks for making such a wonderful 😇 game. I like this game very much that there is no words left to speak.❤️
Nisan Sarma 2020-02-14

Are you kidding me!, The controls you put are simply not suitable for this game, too sensitive controls making me crash into the objects, and also its unimaginably hard and depressing, 😔😔
Ashton Sayles 2019-05-13

fun concept, very challenging. maybe I am just stupid but some of the traps and blocks in this game are like physically impossible to get through. I have been on the first level for like 3 days now trying to get passed 1500 and I can\'t. I like the game it is just excruciatingly challenging. the controls are also very touchy but I think that is part of the concept.
Ruby Biswas 2019-05-11

it just freezes when I click to watch an to continue.. even we have to click right on the right left buttons cant we click anywhere on the sides rather than on the button?? sorry to say but \"THIS GAME IS TR*SH
grimmdayle 2019-12-13

Great game overall. But something is broken within the \"Futurism\" and \"Good Luck\" play modes - which is being able to go outside the barriers or the walls (no collision), I just find it a bit cheaty and can eliminate the challenge of getting high scores. Also, the abrupt change of speed at the start of \"Metro\" is annoying 😅. Oh and, the slowmo power up thing should be used more other than the \"Tunnel\" playmode. 😅 again, still a great game, lovin\' it.
Johnny Cash 2018-02-05

Was so excited when I saw a Power Hover sequel/spin-off! The first game is right up there as one of the best phone games I have played. Not too happy with this game. Nothing to add to from the first one, levels don\'t end so there is no sense of closure. The level mechanics are same as in previous game. I wish you guys had rather made a part 2 with new levels, a new story, maybe even new addition to gameplay.
MARMMZ 2019-12-22

Great game for offline play. Controls are easy. Missions and objective keep you coming back.