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Description of Power Pop Bubbles

Start your engines and get ready to shoot and pop bubbles in the best shooter game! Unlock cool boosts & win coins!

Power Pop Bubbles is an addictive, exciting, brain-training puzzle game with thousands of fun levels packed with awesome challenges, power-ups, and effects. Play for free today and join the bubble popping mania!

Shoot and burst all the colorful balls and solve the fun puzzles and challenges to level up. Make combinations of 3 or more identically colored balls to pop the group and blast the bubbles away. Aim carefully to hit the target, strike and drop big groups of bubbles and clear the board. With cool new items and effects, powerful boosters and tons of puzzle levels, you just won’t put it down- Try it out today!


Addictive gameplay. Play and enjoy hours of endless fun.

Thousands of incredible levels packed with fun puzzles and challenges.

Bubble swap is free, just tap on your bubble to change its color.

Awesome features and effects.

Classic and most addicting gameplay.

Easy to learn and super fun to play.

Test your matching skills in thousands of exciting levels.

No wifi connection is needed so you can enjoy an unlimited bubble popping fun!

This amazing shooter game will test your strategy and planning skills in thousands of exciting puzzles and brain-teasers. Download now and play for hours!


Power Pop Bubbles is the best game to play when you have some free time, or when you’re looking for a fun activity to share with friends and family. Get it now and enjoy this fun puzzle game designed to keep your brain sharp and active.

TIP: Drop the big groups of bubbles first so you can clear a path. See which bubble color you are getting next so you can work out a strategy to pop your way to victory and remove all the bubbles from the board. You can restart any level without having to wait for lives, as they are unlimited!


Earn awesome power-ups and blast through the challenges:

* Make 7 shots in a row to earn a FIREBALL that will burn up bubbles on the way.

* Drop 10 balls or more and get a BOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.

Do you have a knack for logic and puzzle games?

PLAY Power Pop bubbles now and have fun bursting the balls in this online bubble shooter game. Dive into the balloon popping fun and discover amazing levels, cool effects, and challenging puzzles. Download and play anywhere you’d like, online or offline - no internet connection is needed. Take your time and plan your every move, play today and win rewards!

How to Play

* Drag your finger to move the laser aiming and lift it to shoot bubbles.

* Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color or more to pop the group and win points.

* Boost your experience with awesome power-ups.

* Swap and match balls and win coins.

* Aim and shoot matching bubbles and win big.

* Use your moves efficiently to overcome all obstacles and complete levels.

* Solve the fun puzzles.

* Pop and burst balls and clear the board.

* Reach high scores by using the powerful fireball & bomb boosters

* Master all the different challenges.

Liked the game? We would love to get your feedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay even more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review.

Have any questions for us? Contact our support team at support@ilyon.net

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All rights of Power Pop ®️ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

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More Information Of Power Pop Bubbles

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:6.0.32 Publish Date:2021-11-04 Developer:Bubble Shooter Artworks

User Reviews


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Cameron 2020-08-07

This game was very fun. It was always just a enjoyable game to play, it wasnt too hard but it was easy. Whatever this last update did, it ruined the game. It\'s almost impossible to get through a level without having to use 7, 8, or more special balls, to get three stars. They founders say that you have to use the special balls at the right moment to beat the level, but that\'s IF you even get the special balls. The way they changed the levels you cant build up enough energy to get the specials.
Michael YTD 2018-09-17

Ok but the rounds are repeating every now and then Try adding more complex levels and remove the stupid amount of adverts. I have had the game 2 days and level 89+, You should make a difficulty level for everyone.
Laurie Larson 2020-06-27

I would love this game more if I could get stars for completing the game with all bubbles & no help. But to get one star with a perfect completion is extremely frustrating. Certain games appear to be rigged with no possibility of completion! 6/26/2020 The commercials are out of control! I spend more time trying to get past the commercials than I do playing the game. It takes all the enjoyment out of it! Love the game, just too many interruptions,! I mean, three in a row??!!
Ognjen Palija 2020-07-07

I play this game more than than 3 years. It was great time passing game. Last year they changed reward system so if I could made 10 or 20 lvls by day now I can make only 2 or 3. There are also too much ads and you can\'t hide them. Before, for one victory you could get an coin that helps you to pass some difficult level. Now you need to won 5-10 times to get MAYBE a coin to pass new level. Dissipointing Every day I got questioned to rate game. Every Day!
Christopher Lewis 2018-09-30

WAY too many ads. The \"5 second\" timers eventually became 10-15 second because they simply slowed their count. Also started overheating my phone which no other app does.
A Google user 2019-03-22

I\'m well over 2450 games (yeah, I know), and the ads are now 30 seconds in length. I turn it off and restart and it\'s quicker. Also, game continually hangs up after it\'s completed, again necessitating a restart. Additionally, a huge \"X\" displays and says tap to continue. Then maybe it loads or it doesn\'t. Very frustrating.
Troy Gadsden 2019-09-12

I really like the game but, when the time came to play for extra coins and finished the course, those coins were never received. Making it impossible to pass those courses without using the coins U already have. Now, not only R U down a bunch of coins, U never get a chance to claim your prize in the end. And there is way too many pop ups.
darlinj12 2020-04-19

Good way to pass the time. Addictive. Got passed level 2350 and it will not let me use the \"Helps\" to get extra balls or get more coins. Had to uninstall and start from scratch. Update 11/19: Reached 2400..it done it again. The helps will not work for extra balls! Whem you get down to 5 left & try to buy balls. The game shuts down and restarts. Loving this game but this stinks! Update 3/3/2020..up to level 3515. So far so good.
Joe Rixon 2020-07-23

This was a brilliant game but the latest update with new levels is ridiculous. Its like your aware it will take 50 shots for a perfect game and have knocked 10 shots off. Unless you use every power up you have available youve got no chance of completing these new levels. Takes the fun out of it completely
Juli Howard 2018-09-13

This game has more glitches than Windows XP. It\'s too bad too because I was enjoying it. But all the glitches take up too much time trying to fix it.