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Description of Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android.

Poweramp v3 is a major update focused on the new Audio engine, UI, and navigation.

• new Audio engine:

• support for hi-res output (where supported by the device)

• new DSP, including updated Equalizer/Tone/Stereo expand, and the new Reverb/Tempo effects

• unique DVC (Direct Volume Control) mode allowing powerful equalization/tone control without sound distortion

• internal 64bit processing

• new configurable per-output Options

• new configurable Resampler, Dither options

• opus, tak, mka, dsd dsf/dff formats support

• gapless smoothing

• 30/50/100 volume levels (Settings/Audio/Advanced Tweaks)

• new UI:

• visualizations (supporting .milk presets and spectrum)

• new "wave" seekbar, can be also static via Skin options

• Light and Dark skins included, both with Pro Buttons and Static Seekbar options

• configurable notifications

• as previously, 3rd party skins are available (v2 skins are not compatible)

• new navigation:

• pull down or click album art to go to the current playing list

• as previously, swipe album art for the next/previous track, drag more for category

change (applies also to the bottom miniplayer)

• use bottom miniplayer to return to the main ui or to change tracks

• swipe left/right from lists for fast return

• pinch-zoom in lists

• long press on item for the selection menu

Other features:

- 10+ band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, built-in and custom presets. Up to 32 bands supported

- parametric equalizer mode where each band is added and configured separately

- separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment

- stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance, tempo control, reverb, system MusicFX (where supported by the device)

- compatible with Android Auto

- Chromecast support

- m3u/pls http streams

- unique Direct Volume Control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and really deep bass

- crossfade

- gapless

- replay gain

- plays songs from folders and from own library

- dynamic queue

- lyrics support, including lyrics search via plugin

- embed and standalone .cue files support

- support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists, playlist importing and exporting

- downloads missing album art

- artist images downloading

- custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play

- widgets with many selectable styles, advanced customizations

- lock screen options

- Milkdrop compatible visualization support (and 3rd party downloadable visualizations)

- headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection

- tag editor

- audio info with detailed audio processing information

- high level of customization via settings

* Android Auto, Chromecast are trademarks of Google LLC.

This version is 15 days full featured Trial. See Related Apps for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker or use Buy option in Poweramp settings to buy the Full Version.


Common Questions/Answers for Poweramp:

Q. Does my Poweramp v2 purchase include Poweramp v3?

A. Yes.

Q. How do I disable visualization?

A. It's disabled by default, can be enabled/disabled by first left button right under cover or in Settings / Visualizations.

Q. Seekbar? Titles on cover? Other UI tweaks?

A. Please use settings / Look and feel / Skin and set built-in skin options as needed.

Q. My songs are missing from folders/library/playlists.

A. Please ensure you have all your folders with music actually checked in Poweramp settings/ Library / Music Folders.

Q. Amplified basses are distorted over Bluetooth.

A. Please review Poweramp settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control (DVC) options.

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More Information Of Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:build-939-bundle-play Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Max MP

User Reviews


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עידו אסרף 2019-12-03

Great app! Just the best \"all around\" but there\'s one thing that I wish they would fix on their next update - the ability to see your \"now playing\" and order the songs the way you like (spotify-like). The queue optuon is not quite as use friendly as it can be. It could make a huge difference for my using experience. Thanks anyway for the awesome app.
Hare deLune 2020-04-14

This may be one of the best sounding music players on the Playstore for audiophiles. The UI can be a little... eccentric, but this can mostly be fixed in settings, or with a third party skin. I would like to say more, but unfortunately the Fifteen Day Full Featured Free Trial is in reality a Three Day Trial, so the evaluation was cut short. I can only imagine this to be a bug. I cannot think that the developer would purposely lie and create a bad name for himself. Five stars for fifteen days.
Stephen Lawson 2019-04-09

This music app is just amazing. I play through my Bluetooth speakers and headphones. I love how the album art is automatically found and displayed. The presets in both the equalizer and reverb are great. This app turns my phone into a fantastic stereo system I could only dream of a few years ago. The app is very good on my battery, I choose to have the screen always on and play through Bluetooth and yesterday I was playing my music all morning and most of the afternoon and I still had 30% of battery charge when I went to bed. I don\'t even bother looking at other music apps, no need too.
Benni p 2020-08-11

Very customisable, feature-rich and highly recommended. Compared to some other music apps, there\'s a slight learning curve to set it up just right but after an afternoon spent with it, everything was fairly painless to set up. I love the wealth of options available - in particular for audio output. I was intimidated at first due to the sheer amount of options available but now it\'s set up, it\'s my sole listening app. Paid for the pro version - no regrets at all. Thanks!
Leviq Nova 2019-02-11

New update did bring me some critical issues. First, the app started crashing way too often. It became even worse with the latest update. I am forced to find another app, because I think I tried everything I could think of to fix it. In addition, it became harder to navigate folders. I often find myself trying to tap on the artist\'s name or album to go back, but it just doesn\'t work. I have to scroll to the very top and tap a sepatate button. Very inconvenient.
Daniel Koontz 2021-01-03

Fantastic! I have used this app since I had an HTC One M7 and continue to this day with an S10. The developers have supported it for a long time and I am so thankful. This gives access to more dynamic EQ than 90% of other apps have, including preamp (gain) editing. The UI saw a couple changes over the years. One major change about 2 years ago and they\'ve been refining this one since. With their most recent update, I think they\'ve got it basically perfect now. Use this app! Buy it! It\'s worth it!
Craig Hutton 2020-11-06

Installed the trial version and was quite impressed. Everything worked really well - until I got in the car. I was not able to control my music through the touchscreen of my car stereo. It played, but only if I selected what I wanted to listen to on my phone - something that is extremely dangerous to do while driving. I sent an email to the developer several days ago (time being of the essence because I am using a trial version). The question: \"Does you app support Bluetooth Audio (as well as Android Auto)? If not, do you plan on adding this functionality?\" To date, I have not even gotten the courtesy of a response saying \"we\'ll look into it\". So, for very poor customer service, I will downgrade what would have been a 5 star review to 2. It\'s still a very good app, but if your car stereo is like mine and doesn\'t have Android Auto, but operates on BT Audio, it is necessary to know this. It seems like they may only respond to poor reviews rather than direct emails, so that\'s why I am writing this. If they do respond, I will update my review.
Vincent E 2019-07-30

Poweramp is a wonderful piece of software, huge range of features, reliable, easy to use. There is one feature I would like to see: ability to assign equaliser profiles per Bluetooth device. All my listening devices are Bluetooth and they\'re quite distinct, sonically. I don\'t know if that\'s possible but it would be very handy, thanks.
Israel Lichtenbarger 2019-01-04

Really the only choice if you need to play all sorts of different audio files types. Was never a big fan of the interface, until now. Version 3 is beautiful, on par with any less featured music app out there when it comes to visuals. Tons of customization options to make sure the app works just how you want it to, options you\'d never even think of, they thought of. Only thing this app is missing for me is the ability to manually edit metadata tags for multiple items simultaneously.
Natalie Holman 2020-02-15

I have purchased the full version. But since the last update, it will not play a majority of my songs. I keep getting the message \"file failed : storage unmounted\". I have done the full rescan, uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. What\'s the point to paying for the app if it\'s not even going to work?! This needs to be fixed ASAP or I need a full refund! Why charge people for an app and then ruin it\'s functionality?!