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Description of PPKP

Suddenly the Monster Corps attacks and breaks the city. Be the hero who will revive the city while taking down monsters.

- Scrapyard

Get building materials by smashing old cars to pieces. The more fingers on that button the better.

- Restaurant

Replenish your strength and boost your combo powers while gaining needed experience to level up.

Don't worry about losing some fights; the restaurant is always open to satisfy your appetite. So go out and challenge those monsters again and again.

- Dojo

Ancient scrolls of martial arts are available for you to learn. Learning more martial arts allows you to upgrade the dojo and learn much more.

Don't forget to check the hidden room for the forbidden techniques.

- Laboratory

Do you want upgrades? The laboratory has them. From special goggles that let's you see the monsters weaknesses, to power ups that will make you the best monster hunter, the laboratory has them all.

Some power ups will gain experience if equipped at your house.

- People

Tapping on people in the city will give you some nice hints. Animals also deserve some of your tender taps.

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More Information Of PPKP

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.1.9 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:toshihiro_app

User Reviews


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James Filby 2019-04-01

Hey kids! Do you like ads?! Well, prepare to see a whole bunch of em in this trashy, throw-away ad slinger! Yet another example of what could have been a great game ruined by ads upon ads upon ads. Played for about ten minutes before uninstalling this rubbish.
Akhil Singh 2019-02-03

Controls 2.8 Graphics 2.8 Gameplay 2.7 OVERALL SCORE 4.8 Needless to say most of the 5 stars here are fake or spam accounts. That said, the game is baby doodoo. The controls are wonky, the recharge time uncomfortably high and good luck dying 20 times in a row without making any progress whatsoever because it takes 12-14 hits to kill the first enemy and you die in 3.
Eric Bestrom 2019-02-08

The game is a fun time killer for a few hours. The controls are simple but gameplay has just enough depth to be engaging. Progression is good and only felt a little grindy. It would have been a solid 4 stars except for the final boss fight. The game discards all the progression for what is functionally a mini- game that you have to grind resources to practice.
Ventastic 2019-03-28

Lovable semi-hardcore action game. What makes it difficult but enjoyable is the timing and how you move (use moveset) on each enemy. This game can be better by adding more feature like spend your gold on exp/car-crushing booster Overall this game is already good. Make a seasonal event I guess?
Jon Hall 2019-10-02

Great concept for a game, but you\'re locked to a timer for how many times you can play a level. For some reason successfully blocking attacks sends me back home, wasting the gas i spent getting to the level. I have no way to try other strategies because I run out of gas for the car, so now I have no idea what I\'m doing wrong and can\'t try anything else until waiting for the timer to finish. Incredibly frustrating.
frank Lucienne 2019-02-04

i love it because it is pixelart and i love that its a little goofy like a cartoon and i love that you can counter attacks because most games don\'t have that and i think its awesome that you can learn more combos by buying them. Now the problems are the controls they are a bit wonky sometimes when i press punch or kick it doesen\'t render last the diamonds the diamonds are to hard to get the best way to get diamonds is by buying them so can you make getting diamonds a bit easier but game very good
A Google user 2019-02-05

really beautiful graphics. blocking depletes health which is annoying. controls are weird, doesnt do my combo moves all the time. diamonds are really really really hard to achieve unless you purchase them with real money. building the houses were easy but getting gold is a hassle and takes a long time. great time killer but overall another pay to play game for awesome items and perks.
Hezekiah Armstrong 2019-01-19

very fun game. good to pass the time, although a little repetitive but what do yiu expect with a beat em up like this 😂 its great!
Keith Olsen 2019-02-01

Who in there right mind puts play limits on an idle clicker?! No sane person! It appears you can watch ads to restore x2 indefinitely so that helps. But then so many core upgrades and features are locked behind huge premium currency pay walls, and aside from the 5 you can get for an ad view every few hours I see no way to earn them in amounts that matter, when you need 100s-10000s for just one upgrade. Ridiculous. Love the game in every other way, so I\'m very disappointed to not want to play it.
Anton Olfert 2019-02-01

One of the best retro NES experiences ever. It doesn\'t just imitate mechanics, but rather recreates the feel using some modern features. Easy to learn, outstanding variety for a game of this size, great attention to detail.