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Description of PPSSPP - PSP emulator

Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition with extra features!

PPSSPP is the original and best PSP emulator for Android. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed.

No games are included with this download. Use your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISO or .CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which are available online. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USB storage.

This is the free version. If you want to support future development, please download PPSSPP Gold instead!

See http://www.ppsspp.org for more information, and see the forums for game compatibility information.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.12.3 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Henrik Rydgård

User Reviews


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Tramaine T 2019-04-05

I really like this emulator because it let\'s me play games I played from my childhood. But the only problem I have with this app is that some games don\'t work and keep lagging, such as \'Darkstalkers: Chronicle the Chaos Tower\' is lagging and messing up. And if the creators or the workers of the ppsspp company please fix \'Darkstalkers: Chronicle the Chaos Tower and other games please. Thank you.
Jed Rayala 2020-09-25

I\'m so sorry to give it 4 stars. The reason I give 4 stars because when you download a game in Google, of course the file first need to be extracted in zarchiver, but after that, some of the games I downloaded can\'t be open anymore. The screen goes black and start all over again. Especially Huawei users(me also) can\'t play other games anymore. Please fix this in Huawei. And when you download a game, something is not right, the sound becomes choppy and laggy it ruins the fun.
Miller TV 2019-04-11

the emulator can\'t play spider man 3. how is those is when i tap de spider man3 game it runs the introduction of the game (spider man and all it\'s related characters...............bla bla bla). that\'s were it stops.. it will be showing me only the introduction of the game why is that? just downloaded spider man 3 with 1.22GB, i don\'t want my GB to be wast. is there any setting that i need to enable or disable for it to play!? i need help.!!!
Bïmo Flànàgans 2020-08-01

For this update I like it a lot, because it\'s easier to edit controls. And finally PPSSPP now supports full screen mode without having to hide notches at the top of the smartphone screen. It really presented a new playing experience for me, it was amazing. I hope that in the next update PPSSPP can bring something new again so that this emulator can become the best PSP emulator in the technological era 🤡
Sathish Reddy 2020-03-25

working fine in mobile, but not working in MI Android TV box. after welcome screen, showing black screen. tried more than 100 times, worked just 3 times until I exit the game. I know it\'s graphic driver issue. As per your blog, tried to change driver backend, but only OpenGL is available. Please fix this issue as it\'s the only best PSP emulator one available right now. Edit: downgraded version as new one has incompatibilities with graphics driver of MI TV box, works fine.
BaZeL BooP 2021-01-01

Welcome 2021! I have to say that this is still the best PSP emulator app you can have on pc and android. The settings can be a bother to experiment on, but well worth it. The controls are awesome, but I sure wish there were seperated versions of the face buttons, or more combo buttons, maybe up to 8? Overall, the best emulation experience so far! Keep up the good work Dev.
Ultra Animations 2019-12-02

This emulator brings so much joy and laughter, with surprisingly good graphics and high performance. Once you get your roms, prepare for high quality and nostalgic gameplay. It\'s only flaw is that for multiplayer games, you must connect to mobile data to play with your friend. Maybe the developers can make an option that you can connect to the same wifi instead. Thank you for reading.
KaiZen Cyrus 2020-08-10

This is definitely a five-star, but I\'m having a problem. I noticed that all OPPO cell phone users (which have PPSSPP installed) experience this. Whenever I press two buttons on the right pad and one button on the direction pad at the same time, the buttons get stuck. Please, kindly fix this. Also, I kindly ask to add at least one more combo key.
southeastrashian 2020-09-28

I\'ve used this for 6 years, and I\'m proud to say that I\'ve never been disappointed with how it works flawlessly (with exception for some games, because technical issues that stem from game itself). Whether i want to played it at work break, or when i just want to relax, it works great. Great job for developers. P. S. For those who experienced problems, try PPSSPP forums. Most of your issues can be solved with some technical know how, and in game settings. There\'s always exceptions though.
Michael Onyendu 2020-12-12

I really love this app cuz it enables me play mad games like PES but there\'s just one major problem. It always stops at a certain point of the game. It\'s really really annoying. I thought it was from the game but I realised it wasn\'t only that game. There\'s always a point where the game stops n exists. It hurts😓😓😓. Pls if u could do something abt it. Create a better version possibly 😪😪😪