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Description of Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker is a very helpful app for a pregnant woman.

Best pregnancy app for you!

With Amila Pregnancy Tracker you can easily:

- track your pregnancy app week by week

- get information about your baby

- calculate current week of pregnancy

- calculate due date (pregnancy date)

- track your weight

- track baby kicks

- make notes with your pregnancy symptoms ( morning sickness, changes with your body, doctor appointment )

Free pregnancy app.

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More Information Of Pregnancy Tracker

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.2.79 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Amila

User Reviews


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Karoliina Hassi 2019-05-01

This app provides quite little useful information and a lot of the \"information\" is repeated several times as \"updates\". Tips like \"Your breasts may have got larger, try using a loose comfortable bra\" is in my opinion completely useless for anyone with an ounce of common sense. No references to any sources makes the app seem a bit too much based on whatever the makers may have thought, doesn\'t convince me in being researched or based on fact. Quite disappointed in the content, and lack of it.
Betsy Smith 2019-03-03

Great app, then 16 weeks into my pregnancy, a quarter of the screen becomes large flashing advertisements, making it impossible to focus your eyes to read the text. Boo! Rendered useless.
Ganesh Yadav 2019-09-09

An excellent app with more accurate info at every stage of the pregnancy. They have done an amazing research on pregnancy. Most of us won\'t have any idea on how to handle things during pregnancy, for those this app is an eye opener. Avoids a lot of confusions for certain usual changes in the body, we need to panic for every change in mom\'s body during her pregnancy. Well done guys, u have delivered a much needed app for us ! God bless :)
Miranda Housh 2019-11-21

This app has ads that pop up on the phone randomly and it actually makes me furious. I factory reset my phone to try to make it stop but I didn\'t realize it was the app until I reinstalled it. Thanks a lot, jerks.
Megan Shafer 2020-07-11

I\'ve never rated an app before, but I like this one so much, I decided--why not? The interface is clean and easy to use. Even if you don\'t opt to pay to remove ads (I actually did, another first!), the ads aren\'t as obtrusive as in some other apps. I really like the kegel exercise timer and fun facts for each new week. I downloaded a few pregnancy apps initially and quickly deleted them all except this one. Highly recommend!
Rocco sly 2020-08-07

Second time using this app! Loved it for my first pregnancy. The app is very detailed. It gives you new information everyday.there\'s also a kegel counter if you want to strengthen your vaginal muscles for vaginal birth. There\'s a kick counter, as well as a contraction counter. Overall a great app and I would recommend for moms who are pregnant. Regardless of the amount of times you\'ve been pregnant.
Sarah Estep 2019-05-29

this is my first pregnancy and I love this!... especially the daily updates!... it\'s been uncanny how specific some things are on EXACTLY the same day as the daily update report. they are great since it\'s easy to read about the entire week and pretty much have it memorized. I still get to check in and learn new things each day... or am at least validated in a, \"no I\'m not crazy, its actually normal\" kind of way.
Saleh Khan 2019-05-07

a great way to keep in touch with your unborn child and to see the process of how ur baby is doing and growing. keep a count of how far along you are, as well as a week by week update in the different stages of your child.
Amanda Leete 2020-04-14

It\'s been pretty cool. I love getting the weekly update on the changes and what\'s going on. It\'s very informative. I also love that it has tools to kind of guide you. I personally love the weight tracker. I tend to have very big babies and gain quite a bit during pregnancies but this kind of helps me try to stay on track better and be a little more mindful of what I eat. It also has a kegel workout plan for those who do not already do them. People underestimate the importance of kegels.
Caitlin Spradley 2019-03-07

Essential for every expecting mother! It lets me know how far along I am everyday, how much longer until delivery, how my baby is growing and how I might be feeling WITH advice on how to handle it. I love this app!