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Description of Prehistoric Park Builder

Prehistoric Park is a free theme park building simulator that will show you a whole new angle of the prehistoric life. Take up the call of the primeval past and enter the world of crazy prehistoric rides, attractions and roller coasters! Turn a boring caveman’s life into a wonderful never-ending holiday! Build an incredible theme park and become an amusement tycoon of the Stone Age!


#1 in Android Quality Index's Top 10 games list of December 2012

★★★★★/5 - androidappsreview.com

"...With fantastic graphics, a unique prehistoric theme, loads of building options, and low system requirements, Prehistoric Park is definitely an impressive app!.."

★★★★★/5 - webapprater.com

"...The game is a never ending journey of creativity and fun and the items in the game are interesting and designed smartly..."

★★★★★/5 - thedroidguy.com

"...Prehistoric Park reminds me of old classics like Rollercoaster Tycoon. It is a great game, especially for those who enjoy things being done in real-time (and there are a lot of you who like that)..."


★ You can choose from more than 60 mind boggling attractions and rides: giant wooden swings, trampolines made from mammoth hide, giddy merry-go-rounds, stone slides, extreme roller coasters, water rapids and even dinomotors powered by real huge Jurassic dinosaurs to make all these rides run!

★ Decorate your theme park with exotic trees, unique flowers, pagan totems and stone temples.

★ Build snack bars, drinking fountains, balloon stands and restrooms around the park to meet your customers' needs.

★ Build cozy rest areas and place benches around for your visitors to feel comfortable in your wonderful amusement park.

★ Offer your guests a fruit cocktail, cook them a great kabob and treat them with the first ice cream ever created.

★ Hire workers. They will keep your fun park running and take care of visitors when you are not in the game.

★ Play with your friends and share your achievements! Compete with them to build the best amusement park!

Build the biggest and craziest prehistoric theme park ever! The prehistoric world is waiting for you! PLAY IT NOW FOR FREE!









Prehistoric Park is a park building sim with fair free-to-play. It means that you can pay to enhance your progress but whole of the game can be played for free. If you played Prehistoric Fun Park or Prehistoric Tribez on java phones this game is certainly for you! If you like rollercoaster tycoons, theme park tycoons or Jurassic park series you'll find this game interesting too!

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More Information Of Prehistoric Park Builder

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.3 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Gear Games

User Reviews


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Debbie 2016-08-07

Fun Game with Cute Graphics This game is fun to play but it hasn\'t seen an update since 2014. That being said it runs smooth and is very cute. I hope there will be a part 2 with suggested improvements like being rewarded with special coins more often so it is easier to update. There is nothing else out there like this game. Love it so far. Also would like to see more guidance on what the park goers want added. Right now it is a shot in the dark.
Drooling Tiger 2015-11-29

Still Loving It Some I played this previously and don\'t recall having to wait so long to level the park by buying more rides, etc. The money came in a bit faster as well. It\'s too bad I couldn\'t pick up where I left off. Still a very cute game so I didn\'t mind having to start all over until I noticed how much longer it takes to make your money from the patrons. Okay you guys went and fixed it for me. Thanks so much. Also thank you for the free game. *squeeze* :D
Shari Jefferson 2020-11-05

Love the game! Totally out-of-the-box thinking. However, it\'s hard to earn gold when you can\'t afford to spend money on a game. It would be great if you included optional quests to earn gold. Like capturing dinosaurs for the dinomotors. Just a thought. Also, it would be great if you offered fences, hedges, and the ability to add streams. Would be great if you could upgrade bathrooms and be able to flip the ride (or whatever item) to fit the empty spot a different way. Just thinking.
LadyAleris Kimball 2015-12-23

Way to long to wait! I like this game but it takes way too long to build up coins to build new buildings and rides, you don\'t get much from the rides that are built and it takes weeks to level up. If it were easier to make a profit, I would play more! As is this sits on my tablet and I barely touch it.. you should make easier ways to get gold coins as well, one video a day is not sufficient.
serenity quimby 2017-01-07

Great This is addicting and super fun! I do have a couple issues though. First off, we shouldn\'t have to pay for the simple dirt path. That should be free because you actually NEED it to play. Second, dino motors shouldn\'t have to be close by or even run things in general cuz the price gets higher every time you buy one. Or you could just make the price stay the same each time you buy a dino motor, either would be better. Other than that, it\'s super fun and I would totally recommend getting this game!
Marhola 2020-04-19

This is the only company building game that has attracted me. Ever. The graphics are very nice and the animations are excellent. I would use to recommend it 100%. But that\'s before now. I rate it two stars because the game is now unplayable. It always asks for wifi even if I\'m at its side. If I activate and deactivate the wifi, it says the servers are unavailable. I love this game, but it\'s impossible to play.
Thornton Black 2020-07-03

Looking for something easy to learn, this was it. The tutorial was simple and clear to understand. Game play pretty immersive. I have found myself play/building what I think is a cool park. The only disappointment is, it takes some time to build, waiting for the the money to come in.. That\'s if you do not buy. With real currency, game credits. A cool experience, so far. (1 week of of game play).
Stacy Baumann 2014-08-12

Stacys dump Its actually very challenging. ..I also like the way u design it completely from ur imagination...the only thing I dont like is waiting to collect enough gold or silver to enhance or build..wish it had a loan policy...where u take out so much and then pay it bk as u earn it...that would make it more challenging and teach u life skills...u could even use ur lots u get or rides for collateral...but it is very addictive...great game!!!
Claire Edwards 2014-03-27

Excellent game I reviewed this game a while ago when I hadn\'t been playing long and said I enjoyed it. I get bored of games quickly but do love build and go games if they are good. This one is excellent. It is very easy to get started and relatively quick to level up allowing the possibility of building different rides and attractions. Raising the money to do so can be slow but you can upgrade the rides you have to get more money. You can spend real money in this game but it\'s not essential to move on.
Carille González 2020-06-16

I like this game. Even so, Ihave a few observations that maybe you could take into consideration. The rides are TOO EXPENS I VE, the rides don\'t make enough cash and I had to wait all day to make enough money for new rides. Also, no trashcans? And the janitor fee, I mean, really? It\'s entertaining but I don\'t want to pay $100 real dollars for updates.