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Premise - Earn Money for Tasks APK

Premise - Earn Money for Tasks

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Description of Premise - Earn Money for Tasks

Improve your community and earn money by completing simple tasks! Share an opinion or take photos in and around your city to earn money on your own schedule.

The Premise app offers a task marketplace that allows you to earn money for simple tasks. Take surveys, share local information like the location of construction zones or the price of milk at your local store, and explore your city to earn top rewards. Making money with Premise really is that simple.

Premise’s tasks feature local questions and surveys relevant to your city. Earn for sharing information important to you and the people in your neighborhood – it’s like getting paid for doing a public service!

Premise’s task marketplace is always growing, which means there are tasks for everyone. Earn money every day by sharing your local knowledge as a Premise contributor.

Take surveys, share local information, and earn money with Premise – download now!

Map your community:

- Earn money while you capture what’s happening in your community.

- Earn for sharing insights that reflect your reality, your thoughts and your community.

- Earn real money for sharing information relevant to your city, from traffic jams to local events to supermarket sales.

Earn real money:

- Earn money from tasks and photos.

- Choose tasks that fit your lifestyle based on how much time you have.

- Earn more when you do more!

Share your opinion:

- Get paid for your insights - your opinion matters.

- Surveys for organizations and community leaders that value your feedback.

- Premise makes it easy to capture and share your perspective.

Make an impact:

- Get rewarded for sharing real data to drive real change.

- Join Premise’s growing network of millions of Contributors around the world.

Download the app to become a Premise contributor today!

Need help? E-mail support@premise.com

Learn more about being a Premise contributor: www.premise.com/contributors

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User Reviews


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Jay Jones 2020-01-08

I completed every survey and was surprised as the funds started to add up. Until I tried to cash out and had multiple problems. I even tried making a new PayPal account to cash out and it still won\'t work. I even tried sending a message through the settings tab on the app with no response. I like the app overall but I gave two stars because, I hate apps that waste your time after they promise to pay you for your time. I would update my review if I could get the cash out problem fixed.
Jess Do It 2019-11-15

I tried to sign up but instead of allowing me to enter my hometown info it made me share my current location (out of town visiting) and said sorry we are not in that location. So I was blocked from signing up. Do not try to sign up unless you are where you intend to use it cause it will not allow you to enter anything. It requires access to your current location.
Bee Changg 2019-02-15

PAST POST: Great app. It really pays you when you complete a task. The minimum payout for Paypal is so achievable. I will change to 5 stars when I achieve 500Php. Haha. Overall, it\'s recommendable. Will share this to my friends/colleagues. CURRENT POST: I was able to achieve 500Php after a few weeks of doing tasks. However, they now changed the minimum payout in Paypal from 6Php to 50Php, so it gives me motivation on one side and a negative reaction on the other side. Still, it deserves 5stars.
Shawn Bash 2020-01-04

This is by far THE BEST app I\'ve found for making extra cash. You wont get rich, but it\'s a few bucks here and there. The app itself is super easy to use. Very straightforward. Small surveys and easy tasks. And the best part is it really pays out, in cash. Made $21 within my first three days. Slight delay with money transfer but nothing serious. Customer service answered me fast and I felt as though they were really there to help. GREAT JOB guys.. really great app. 10+stars
Heather Fitch 2020-03-10

I had nothing but good things to say about this app, until it started having issues with the payment methods. You will get the same copied and pasted response from their \"support\". If they give you a time frame of when it\'ll be \"fixed\", you\'ll be able to cash out, but it doesn\'t last long because the next time you try to cash out their system is down again. If they would get this payment issue fixed, for good, they\'ll get the 5 stars they deserve, but this payment issue is ridiculous.
hector ferrer 2019-10-14

First of all this app is nice but the thing that i don\'t really like is when i already answer the task survey it will take 2 to 5 days to review my survey task. And then the survey also will take 3 to 5 days to see or appear in your task survey. So dissapointing i will wait for 5 days if nothing happens i will uninstall this app because its wasting my time.
Jerri Howard 2020-12-19

Horrible...I have tried AT LEAST a dozen different times to use this app. I was told by a good friend of mine that it\'s an awesome app. I was super excited to they it out. Every single time I\'ve tried to do the tasks, NONE of the barcodes match up. NOT ONE TIME. It\'s super annoying walking around Walmart for an hour and a half trying to match up barcodes. Serious waste of time.
Jocar Acebuche 2018-12-22

Thank you premise i already transfered my first pay to my paypal account. Just one thing, please change the way the location tasks needs to be done. Sometimes the starting point is inside a private owned property and we are not allowed to enter it. If only can just take a picture of the of tasks and record the location, it would be wasier. There are also in where you are near the location the task is gone and if you are far from the location. The task ia back
J Quirk 2020-12-30

If you try to complete the tasks good luck. The item descriptions are in gibberish Even store employees are confused when I ask about a item. Then when you just think you found it and complete the task it gets rejected because the item description and the barcode number do not match and that\'s only if you\'re lucky enough to guess what the item is. And then on top of it I had a single cookie to find and I had to take pictures of the top back left and right. Does not make sense!!! GOOD LUCK!
Priscilla Wandia 2019-11-12

I\'d give this app 5 stars👌👌Its a good app...It\'s genuine and accurate😎.You complete tasks,they review your work and if done well they accept and approve..BOOM!!!💥💥💥🧨🧨If your task is accepted and approved,the payment credit is disbursed and reflects/added to your balance and ready for withdrawal which takes less than a minute.Thank you.