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Description of Prepaid CardConnect

**Android version 6.0 and above are supported**

The Prepaid CardConnect* mobile app makes it easy for you to manage your money on the go. It’s safe, secure and best of all, it’s free. Download the app today and check out these great features:

Single Login – Access your card account on your phone using the same password you setup online

Check Your Balance – Get up-to-the-minute balance and transaction detail

Transfer Funds – Make Card-to-Card or Card-to-Bank Account transfers in just a few easy steps

Find an ATM – Use the GPS feature to locate the closest in-network ATM to you

Enjoy Safety and Security – Built using the highest standards of mobile web security – you can feel confident that your card account number and private information are never stored on your phone

Install now and then write a review to share your experience with Prepaid CardConnect.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.15 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:PPCC

User Reviews


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Melody W 2016-06-29

Error error I can login most of the time but forget ever checking my card activity. Errors out 99% of the time. Needs fix asap cause I would really like to use this app instead of login online.
Kimberly Starrine 2016-08-12

Lame app for sure Good luck doing a damn thing from this app it gives u error messages non stop for no reason at all no matter how many time u try and log in it will tell u it can\'t find u this is a huge fail. rated 5 stars so people will see this
Heather Larsen 2016-08-06

Great app This is a really great app to have! I love being able to check my balance on the go without making a lengthy phone call. The only problem I\'ve had is that when I launch the app, it\'ll give me an error message. However, launching again right after that lets me log in with no problems. So basically, it\'s a strong app with a slow start.
A Google user 2018-12-23

The app crashes when I go to find ATMs near me but this is still a great app! I appreciate the time taken to my my Elite Paychek PLUS!™ card more easy to access and check on instead of relying on a browser to be able to check on it. Thanks Developers!
Justin Wadkins 2020-11-14

sucks! only works half the time and even less now with the update. I have been going out of state the same time each month, to the same stores and they have now put a hold on my card 3 times. I asked them you see a pattern? Good job it only took 3 yrs to catch these unusual transactions leaving me stuck at a gas pump out of state when you put a hold on my card. Good thing I had some cash to get back home. A holes!
Jonathan Brown 2020-07-28

Even though at times customer service can be slow over phone, being able to automatically transfer money in the a savings balance or checking your balance on a card(s) I feel has never been easier. I wouldn\'t have this as a permanent bank for my money though. The app is very easy to navigate through.
Aariell Johnson 2020-07-09

This is app is very handy and easy to navigate but every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, there\'s a new update, the app crashes and doesn\'t let you log in for awhile, so you have to do things over the phone or through the website. It\'s inconvenient, but the process is still as easy as using the app. I really wish they would do something to prevent the log-in crashes from happening because it is very annoying.
T.J.XY1567 FEH 2019-11-23

When I tried to log in on my account I got an error occurred and I have to wait like a day Or 2 I just hope you guys can Fix the Problems and this app is still Great And I hope for my next paycheck Will really good for somethings for myself.
TAWCoDREAM 2020-07-05

I love the features this app provides and I was happy biometrics were included for the last update. But unfortunately ever since it\'s been added the app crashes when I log in, whether it\'s through password or my fingerprint, and I have been able to access my account at all. I\'ve tried clearing the data and cache but with no luck.
Screwhead Mentality 2020-12-19

Most annoying card app I\'ve ever had. Makes me log in everytime I open it. If I log on then close the window and come back later, it\'ll change the app to a blank screen forcing you to log out. It acts like it\'s letting you log back in but won\'t load until you close app and try again. Horrible annoying system. Customer support useless. Their company keeps flagging my regular purchases as fraud, making it unusable for days. I call the worthless number on the app, they just tell me to wait longer!