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Prepaid2Cash: Gift Cards to Cash Instantly



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Description of Prepaid2Cash: Gift Cards to Cash Instantly

Prepaid2Cash: Instantly turn unwanted or unused prepaid & gift cards into cash!

Enjoy spending the money on your gift cards wherever you want. Deposit prepaid cards or gift cards in your bank account, debit card, or Bitcoin Wallet.

Prepaid2Cash supports Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Target, Nike, and hundreds of other brands.

As seen on: Business Insider, CreditCards.com, mobilepaymentstoday.com, and more!

How it works

1. Scan: Use your camera to instantly scan your card

2. Transfer: Choose to securely transfer funds to your bank account, debit card, or Bitcoin wallet

3. Receive: Cash will be in your account in as little as 15 minutes


• Convert your unwanted gift cards or prepaid cards into cash and instantly redeem it

• Get instant or next-day cash delivery

• Scan your gift cards and prepaid cards with our QR reader

• Save more money by using P2C - we save you more cash compared to other apps

• Secure, safe, and reliable. We’re trusted by thousands of people!

• Add your Bitcoin Wallet to receive BTC!Prepaid2Cash: Instantly turn unwanted or unused prepaid & gift cards into cash!

Don’t lose money from cards again

Prepaid cards are restrictive and full of fees. Hidden monthly fees and online shopping restrictions limit access to money on your prepaid gift cards.

Physical prepaid cards also lack any loss or theft protection. If you lose your card, you lose your money—it’s that simple. Most prepaid card owners never end up redeeming the full balance of their card. Don’t fall into the banks’ fee trap—get cash for your prepaid cards and gift card wallets today!

Spend your money when and how you want

Prepaid2Cash allows you to easily access your prepaid card’s funds. Empty that gift card wallet you have sitting in a junk drawer and convert it into cold hard cash!

We deposit your funds directly into your bank account, debit card, or Bitcoin wallet. Pay your bills, get out of debt, or redeem the money for a much-needed vacation!

Lowest fees around

Prepaid2Cash charges the lowest fees in the industry! Save more money with us than any other gift card app.

Secure & trusted

Physical prepaid cards don’t have any loss or theft protection. If you lose your card, you lose your money - period. By using Prepaid2Cash, you’ll never have that problem.

Prepaid2Cash makes cashing out your gift and prepaid cards quick & easy. We also protect your account by using security measures to guard your account information.

Prepaid2Cash is an agent of Evolve Bank & Trust. All money transfer services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, including capturing funds from gift cards and transferring funds to your bank account, subject to Evolve Bank & Trust's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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User Reviews


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Rob In-hood 2020-11-03

For some reason the quickest deposit (15 minutes) showed an error and said I had to use the longer method (1 day). I am glad that this app exists and am glad my transaction will go through the next day, but it was urgent and the faster method would have been alot better to use. If the faster method had worked it would be a 5 star app because you can turn any gift card or prepaid card to cash and use the money how you want or need to.
Bill Bacon 2019-05-25

Not as described. Next day. Not so much. Took 36 hrs for approval. They stated it will be in my bank account 5 days later. Paid next day fee.
Alix Perry 2020-11-02

Worked as described, exceeded my expectations. I had never heard of this app, or any like it. I found it too good to be true, as it the app didn\'t have too many downloads. But I tried it out. In under 5 minutes I had an account created, a transaction complete, and money in my checking account. The fees may be a bit steep, I ended up paying about a 16% fee. I\'m not sure if the fees increase with the transaction value, but I was okay losing $8 on a $50 giftcard. I will be using this app again!
Jay Rob 2019-12-06

I was a little apprehensive because of some of the reviews but needed cash so decided to try. I\'m glad I did.! I had 2 Visa gift cards that I wanted deposited into my bank account. I connected my bank account, added the cards in the app, and the money was in my account the next day with only small fees taken for each card. Everything was seamless! Will definitely use again.
Mandi Davenport 2019-05-24

prepaid2cash app is great i was kind of spectual in the beginning because when i submittded my gift card soon after i called my card and the money was gone and i had not recieved the despoit in my bank but everything turned out to be legit and the money was in my account the next day. Customer service was great with the response time when i had a question. so if you looking for a fast trustworthy place to exchange your gift card then prepaid2cash is great.
wayne lizzette 2018-03-01

Every pre-paid that I have scan it\'s said error card no activated when they are activated help
Harry Do 2020-01-05

The app was good to use at first but then it started to act with CS. Card was rejected meanwhile it could be used with other merchant. Emailed support and facebook page multiple times and no one bothers replying back. These people are hired to work as clowns
Cali Williams 2018-03-05

Always says error at the end
Sara McCumber 2018-04-04

My bank is based in New York, and I am in Texas. Somehow this stupid app thinks I want to transfer money to one of the prohibited states. Don\'t waste your time with this trash.
Mashrafi Alam 2019-02-05

This app is fast, simple and overall works very well. It accopts a variety of gift cards, and does its job of transferring those funds to your bank.