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Printoid for OctoPrint, the powerful OctoPrint app APK

Printoid for OctoPrint, the powerful OctoPrint app

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Description of Printoid for OctoPrint, the powerful OctoPrint app

Printoid is the smartest interface for Octoprint servers. Controlling your 3D printer has never be as simple as now!

With the highest support of all the informations returned by OctoPrint, Printoid is reliable, stable and functional as possible with the latest versions of Octoprint.

The Printoid official website: http://printoid.net

❤ Printoid LITE version ❤

This is the LITE version of Printoid. If you like it you can purchase the PREMIUM version, which brings more cool features like video streaming, custom GCODE and SSH commands, 2D & 3D visualizers, real-time GCODE terminal & more.

That's the best way to support the developer and its hard work to provide you the best application possible!

Available on Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.yochi76.printoid.phones.premium

✴ Smart and secured connection ✴

Printoid do all the best to simplify the connection with your OctoPrint server:

- Easy configuration panel

- Chooses to use by itself the local or distant settings when needed

- Supports the SSL connection (HTTPS)

- Supports the basic authentication

- Retrieves automatically your printer configuration (heater bed, extruders)

🐾 All in one for the mobility 🐾

Printoid provides the best solution to control all your 3D printers:

- Add as much printer profiles as you want (pro & premium versions)

- Easily switch between printers (pro & premium versions)

- Android Wear module to control your printers from your watch! (Not available for Samsung Wear)

📂 Smart file manager 📂

Printoid manipulates your precious files with care:

- Shows GCODE and STL files from OctoPrint

- Download, or upload a new file

- Start/pause/abort prints

- Full support of OctoPrint's slicer feature (slice and edit slicer profiles)

- Efficient 2D & 3D visualizers for your GCODE and STL files (pro & premium versions)

✂ Full 3D printer control ✂

All you need is embedded in Printoid:

- Easy control of the axis, extruders, temperatures, ventilation...

- Support up to 10 heater heads & support heater bed

- Customizable presets for temperatures & fan speed

- Advanced settings to adjust extrusion length, flowrate & feedrate

- Temperatures plotted in graph in real-time

- Displays the current print informations in real time

- Full status of your current print in the Android's notifications

📹 Video streaming (pro & premium versions) 📹

Printoid reassures you when you are not at home:

- 3 different methods to show your video streaming

- Floating icon to show the video, no matter where you are on your device

🍀 Cool extra-features 🍀

What's a great application without its cool extra-features?

- Cults engine embedded

- Timelapse downloader & configurator

- Real time GCODE commands terminal (pro & premium versions)

- Send custom GCODE commands to your printer (pro & premium versions)

- Send custom SSH commands to your Raspberry PI (pro & premium versions)

- Direct access to your OctoPrint's web interface from Printoid (pro & premium versions)

- Screen locker for the best safety while printing

- Different themes available (let's try the Black Edition!)

📧 The best support from the developer 📧

Simply send a mail to the developer when you have some troubles, or suggestions!

⚠ Important disclamer ⚠

Printoid is not affilated to Octoprint. It's an application developed independently.

For any questions or help, please contact the developer of Printoid.

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User Reviews


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John 2019-10-21

BUYERS BEWARE: I purchused the Pro version of Printoid previously, and I went to go and install it to my other devices but the developer took down the Pro version from the Play Store and now and is forcing people to buy the more expensive Premium version. This is bait-and-switch as I can\'t reinstall or update the Pro version now and have to spend more money to buy the Premium version just to get my needed features again
Henry Wait 2020-08-08

Needs more features enabled in the free version, it\'s very hard to tell if buying the full version is even worth the money. Not a big fan of the interface and the bed temp graph does not always display. I\'ll just use my web browser on my phone.
Tom Wendt 2019-02-25

I have an Anet A8 and this gives me full control through octopi. Works great. Update: Ive been using the lite version for a while, moving on to the premium version. This is a very reliable and useful app.
Shaheryar Syed Muhammad, Azim 2018-04-09

Nice app, better than others
George Prout 2020-03-25

Waste of time installing this pos. Possibly usable if you upgrade, but as shareware/demo models go, this sucks. I want to view the info that my octo plugins THAT I WROTE, but sod it. I\'ll write my own mobile client and will open source it. It\'s not as if I don\'t have anything else to do for the next few months.
Phil X 2019-12-23

Bought the old paying version which the developer stopped working on Had to buy another one so I spent two times on this apps. Buyer beware the developer can create another upgraded app which will force you to buy it again.
Ангел Арнаудов 2020-11-19

The free version of app looks good, but needs of some premium features to be enabled in some tryal period like one day or two at least. So then I shall consider to buy it or not! I don\'t know now is it worth it ?! Best Regards!
Sase Best 2019-06-10

Deleopment of this will be stopped (developer announced that few minutes ago) so don\'t waste your time to try this app!
Matt Bennison 2021-01-13

Excellent app. Running an ender 3 with Rpi4 and a pi cam. Works perfectly for managing prints.
TJ Robison 2019-11-24

Phenomenal piece of software. Hands down. Buggy here and there, but the fundamental mechanics are flawless. To be clear, this is a poweruser application - if you want a simple click, print, monitor application this may be overkill/overwhelming. Else, welcome home 😊 (Crosspost from premium)