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Description of PrivacyStar: Stop scam with SCAM LIKELY protection

PrivacyStar is full-featured call protection for your smartphone, from industry leader First Orion.

With PrivacyStar, you can reclaim control of your phone, with features like:

🔥 Scam Likely Protection

🔥 Enhanced Caller ID**

🔥 Visual Voicemail**

🔥 Reverse Number Search

🔥 Block by Call Category

🔥 Prevent callers from leaving voicemails**

🔥 Blocked call notifications**

🔥 Report fraudulent calls to FTC

Did you want some rave reviews? Well, CBS, TIME, and Forbes are among the many who loved it:

“PrivacyStar uses larger databases of untrustworthy numbers to preemptively block calls from the outside.” – The Verge

"PrivacyStar won’t just tell you who it is, but also identify the caller indicating how likely they are to be an annoying telemarketer." – TechCrunch

But let’s get to the features:

🆓 Scam Likely Protection - We update our database EVERY. SIX. MINUTES. By the time you’ve watched a few TikToks, we’ve refreshed all of our data with the most accurate information to ensure you’re protected against scammers, spammers, and fraudulent callers.

✅ Enhanced Caller ID** - Never wonder who’s calling again! We’ll identify incoming calls with a Name, Category, even an Enhanced Image and Logo when available.

➿ Visual Voicemail** - PrivacyStar provides in-app Visual Voicemail. Easily Play/Pause, Share, Search, and receive additional caller information on new voicemails - right inside of the app.

🆓 Reverse Number Lookup - Lookup any number. Go ahead, try it. PrivacyStar will display the owner of the number and an associated call category, if available.

🚫 Block By Category - Block telemarketers, account services, shady politicians - even your ex.

🛑 Prevent Callers from Leaving Voicemails** - Block calls and prevent new voicemails, or block calls and send them straight to voicemail. Your phone, your choice.

🔔 Notifications** - We’ll shoot you a notification when calls are blocked, sent to voicemail, even when you have new voicemails.

📉 Report Callers - File a report against abusive callers directly from the app! We’ll send those reports to the FTC, and they’ll put them on a bad guys list.

🚫 Custom Call Blocking - Add any number to your blocklist. Seriously, any of them.

🆓 Category ID - Displays the Call Category of the incoming call, if available.

🛡️ Protect Privacy - Your contact list? Not our business. We only use your contacts to help your incoming call experience - your contacts stay where they belong, on your phone.

** = Features only available to Verizon, AT&T, and Cricket customers at this time

Interact with us on:

▪️Twitter - https://twitter.com/privacystar/

▪️Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/firstorioncorp/

▪️Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/privacystar/

*Due to changes in the Android system, text blocking is not available on Android version 4.4 and higher.

*Enhanced Caller ID requires a network connection.

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User Reviews


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J Stevens 2020-07-08

I have had this app for a few months now and I paid the 2.99. I\'m not sure what the app is even doing, I get calls constantly and according to my dashboard in that time it\'s only blocked 8 calls all of which I added to the block list. Zero scams blocked and zero nuisance calls blocked. Still trash, above comments are still true and it also never tells you who is calling. I\'m deleting as soon as this is posted.
Darin Cawthon 2020-03-21

Doing the premium trial and I can report with this app \"supposedly\" but Activity doesn\'t even show the numbers that my phone\'s notification have, even the ones this app tells you about and it hasn\'t blocked one call yet. It\'s like they need nomorobos help with a database of current dialers. I keep getting new messages in inbox and it\'s just a privacystar logo. The local number spoofing needs to be changed to block NOT notify.
Julie Anne 2015-06-19

Read this I have asked to have this service REMOVED from my billing account and I have contacted customer service SEVERAL TIMES about this and they said to contact my service provider to have it removed and charges to stop. My service provider cannot do anything to remove this service. This has been going on for a few months now back and forth. I WANT THIS SERVICE REMOVED FROM MY ACCOUNT ASAP OR I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION!!!
Darrell G. Walton 2020-05-21

The reverse number search or identifying the owner of the income number is a joke. It seldom happens! You may get lucky to find the owner after the caller hangs up in the home list, but seldom when the phone is ringing when you need it most. It will identify numbers in my phone contacts list but not much else. I\'ve had better luck Googling numbers! As a paid subscriber, I should be getting better than this!!!
Timothy Torres 2019-03-25

Still get calls from numbers its suppose to block!! Rather uninstall and find an app that will actually help against these calls. My opinion is to stay away from thia app.
Tommy Trussell 2021-01-21

PrivacyStar was running well enough that I paid the $2.99 subscription when it came up after the trial month a few years ago. I used it to quickly block spam calls. Unfortunately a few days ago they completely changed something with it without telling me, and now it wants me to activate \"conditional call forwarding\" and agree to use their servers for voicemail. I am going to ask for an explanation or an option to opt out. If I\'m dissatisfied I will be canceling the service.
Judith Martorelli 2017-05-10

I had this app for a few years. Had subscribed for the full benefits for 3.99/month through Sprint. Since it updated, it tells me my subscription expired and to renew for 2.99/month, so I did. My last phone bill had two charges on it for this app, 2.99 & 3.99. Had to call Sprint to get a bill credit. In the app it showed I was subscribed for 2.99 through Google, so I cancelled that. App worked fine for a few days and now is back to basic and asking me to subscribe for 2.99/month again to get the full. I will NOT be double charged for this app. Uninstalled and looking for a new one that doesn\'t cheat you.
Justin Ankeny 2017-09-27

They fixed some of the bugs, so it\'s been awesome this time around
NightOwl SGS9 2020-01-20

I had to change it from call watch to PrivacyStar because call Watts wasn\'t supported by Boost Mobile my phone carrier it seems to be working all right so far I just added it to my phone 2 days ago and it seems to be working pretty well I would recommend it. take care and God bless.
Private Private 2019-04-11

BEWARE: First Orion who owns this app capriciously will flag your personal mobile number is Scam Likely. impossible to get this removed. Thanks for making my life miserable.