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Description of PrivacyWall

#Be #Different


Our #Story

We are the #UnSearchEngine. We're here to protect your data and your privacy 🍪 We're slaying cookies and viruses everyday for you.

#Why Use PrivacyWall

🌍Search the internet with the PrivacyWall app and enable tracking protection to block third-party tracking as you search and browse the web.

Our #Features

🔢Private View — Preview websites in realtime. Never reveal your IP.

⏩Faster — Your search is faster and uses less data because we block all of the hidden third-party trackers as fast as we can identify them, after enabling tracking protection.

🔎Search with Peace of Mind — We don't use your search data to follow you around the web with intrusive ads, stop being tracked by turning on tracking protection.

🕵️Private Browsing — Activate private browsing mode, and your search history and cookies won't be saved.

🛑Do Not Track — Tell websites that you do not wish to be tracked from site to site.

💯The PrivacyWall search app has all of the fully functional features you would expect with comprehensive support for multiple tabs, quick web search, top sites, bookmarks and more. You can also easily clear all of your data (open tabs, history, search history, downloads, cache, cookies, and offline data) with one tap.

Our #Mission

🔒We believe that your browsing should stay private, and that you should be in control of your data. Join our mission at PrivacyWall to keep your personal information safe and secure online.

#Be #Inclusive

⤴️PrivacyWall is committed to digital inclusion. Join us in bending the arc of history towards a more inclusive #future.

👍Follow us on Twitter (@PrivacyWallOrg)

🤙You can always reach us at https://support.privacywall.org

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User Reviews


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De Google 2020-12-13

👍Love it! This app stops Big Tech from tracking my searches, stops them from following me around with creepy ads, and stops them from selling my data. 🔥What I love best is PrivateView. The PrivateView links in the search results allow me to preview any webpage in realtime without revealing my IP address. That means the websites I visit cant track me. What I search for is non of Big Brothers business. I hate Big Tech censorship. They just try to censor us. 👻I love you PrivacyWall. I 💙 you
Daniel Salgado 2021-02-07

crashes, browsing could be improved
Hans Offyabitch 2021-01-02

Nice idea, promises a lot. I\'m sure it does everything it says it would if it didn\'t keep crashing every 5 seconds. Extremely annoying, time to walk away with someone else!
Nigel Vance 2021-01-15

I got fed up using this app. A few minutes in after opening the app to search for something the app just crashes. I don\'t need it and will be uninstalling it.
te amo mami Inline 2019-10-05

Like the Beattles said, it\'s getting better all the time! Inspired to see Amazon and IBM supporting the Privacywall project! Thanks for inviting me into the limited access BETA. I feel more comfortable searching for my medical questions using Privacywall knowing that they will not track my data.
Abdullah Bin Hossain 2020-06-07

Based on Firefox. I\'d recommend using Firefox instead. Add image option to your search engine.
Shawn Stoudt 2020-07-28

Works great wish it was available for Linux operating system and windows operating system and Mac operating system
Blank Blank 2020-11-02

Love this app. I am personally disgusted by the intrusive actions of big tech like Googe, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. They use our data in ways to gauge us and control us, they are manipulating searches and deleting or limiting post reach on conservative posts. Big tech openly supports progressive liberal politics and has illegally interferred with this election. I refuse to use Chrome or Yahoo search engines. This app is great for privacy.¹
Sarah Bentleys 2020-12-21

I love it! It stops Google from tracking my searches and stops me from being tracked. Big tech uses our data to discriminate against us and trap us in a filter bubble. Big Tech only cares about making a big profit. I like that PrivacyWall is supporting Feeding America and World Central Kitchen during the pandemic and supporting frontline workers. This is so refreshing. It makes me very happy to know that you support what I believe in. THANKS FOR FIGHTING FOR A BETTER FUTURE!
Elizabeth Tracey 2020-10-31

I just can not use this search engine. It has crashed every single time I open a page. It allows me to access a page for about 5 seconds then crashes, taking me back to my home screen. It is infuriating.