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Description of Pro Knot Fishing + Rope Knots

100+ Knots! Pro-Knot is the most trusted and the best selling printed knot reference in the world.

102 knots are BOTH animated and illustrated! The Pro-Knot App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of 52 fishing knots (MOST FISHING KNOTS of any app anywhere), 2 emergency fish hook removal techniques and 50 rope knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot, step by step illustrations and instructions, and a description of the knot’s use.

- 50 essential Rope Knots

- 52 best Fishing Knots (most fishing knots of any App in any store!)

- Animations and Step by Step illustrations.

- Movable to SD card

The 52 Best FISHING KNOTS include:

Terminal Tackle Connections (28):

- Arbor Knot

- Baja Knot

- Berkley Braid Knot

- Centauri Knot

- Davy Knot

- Drop Shot Rig

- Egg Loop

- Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)

- Fish-N-Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner)

- Harvey Dry Fly Knot

- Improved Clinch Knot

- Jansik Special

- Knotless Knot

- NanoFil Knot

- Non Slip Mono Loop

- Offshore Swivel Knot

- Orvis Knot

- Palomar Knot

- Pitzen Knot

- Rapala Knot

- Riffle Hitch

- San Diego Jam Knot

- Snell Knot traditional version

- Snell Knot Uni Knot version

- Trilene Knot

- Turl Knot

- Uni Knot

- World's Fair Knot

Line to Line Knots (11):

- Albright Special

- Blood Knot

- Bristol Knot (aka No Name Knot)

- Double Uni Knot

- J Knot

- Nail Knot

- Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon knot)

- Slim Beauty (Exclusive - awesome leader knot)

- Surgeon’s Knot

- Willis Knot (Leadcore)

- Yucatan Knot

Loop Knots (9):

- Bimini Twist

- Dropper Loop

- Homer Rhode Loop Knot

- King Sling

- Non-Slip Mono Loop

- Perfection Loop

- Rapala Knot

- Spider Hitch

- Surgeon’s End Loop

Plus: Bobber Stopper Knot, Knot Tyer Tool Nail Knot, two Tenkara Knots and two Strike Indicator Knots and two Emergency Fish Hook Removal Techniques!

The 50 Essential ROPE KNOTS include:

Hitches (27) (rope to object knots):

- Anchor Bend

- Blake's Hitch

- Buntline Hitch

- Cleat Hitch

- Clove Hitch

- Constrictor Knot

- Cow Hitch

- Distal Hitch

- Girth Hitch

- Half Hitch (and Two Half Hitches)

- Klemheist

- Marl

- Mooring Hitch

- Munter Hitch

- Pile Hitch

- Prusik Hitch

- Rolling Bend

- Rolling Hitch

- Schwabisch Hitch

- Slipped Knot

- Slipped Buntline

- Tautline Hitch

- Tautline to Rope

- Transom Knot

- Timber Hitch

- Trucker’s Hitch

- Valdotain Tresse Knot

Bends (13) (rope to rope knots):

- Backup Knot

- Better Bow Knot

- Common Whipping

- Carrick Bend

- Double Fisherman’s

- Double Overhand Stopper

- Heaving Line Knot

- Monkey's Fist

- Sheepshank

- Sheet Bend (doubled version too)

- Square Knot (Reef Knot)

- Water Knot

- Zeppelin Bend

Loop Knots (10):

- Bowline

- Bowline on a Bight

- Butterfly Knot

- Figure Eight Follow Through

- Honda Knot

- Prusik Knot

- Slip Knot

- Slipped Buntline

- Slippery Eight Loop

- Yosemite Bowline

Summary of Features:

- 102 knots – 52 Fishing Knots and 50 Rope Knots, and two fish hook removal techniques.

- Illustrations from the best selling knot reference in the world (800,000+ knot books sold)

- Knots listed and searchable alphabetically by name and by category

- Overview page gives explanation of knot and finished knot illustration

- Step-by-Step screens give separate illustrations and directions for each step

- Swipe the images to move forward or back through the steps

- Animation movies of all knots

- Favorites page lets you save your own list of favorite knots

- Knot Terminology page explains rope and knot terms

- Created by one of the most trusted and respected knot reference publisher in the world.

Feel free to email us your comments, suggestions and requests (info@proknot.com). We love to hear from you!

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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:John Sherry

User Reviews


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Jim Scarborough 2015-08-23

Much better than any of the free apps This is by far the best of the fishing knots apps and is well worth the small cost. I\'ve been fishing for over 50 years and consider myself an expert at tying fishing knots. However there are some knots I don\'t use often and it\'s great to have a reminder on hand. Every fishing knot you\'ll ever need is included and is well explained and illustrated, including when you should use one of them instead of another. Also, it can be stored on your SD card and it allows you to save favorite knots for quick reference
Ian batman 2020-03-04

Worked fine for a while, now every time I open the app it tells me it\'s out of date and to check for updates.
RaceOrBust 2015-01-11

Quite good. Knots 3D is the better app with animations that are smoother and can be slowed down - give you a 360° view etc, also it\'s frustrating in this app that when using the step by step guide rather than the animation - it doesn\'t prevent the phone from sleeping so the screen goes dark as you\'re trying to follow the instructions whilst tying, but this app is still good and has one or two knots that \'Knots 3D\' doesn\'t have.
Joe Van Wormer 2015-09-27

Fantastic App You can stop searching for a knot tying app cause you\'ve found the best one. You can clearly distinguish which way the rope needs to go, under, over or whatever it needs to do from the pics and animations. You can watch the knot example step by step or a smooth visual animation. Some ppl cried about the 50 or so Mb\'s of space it needs. I care more about the usefulness of the app and for how good this app is I wouldn\'t care if it was a could hundred Mb\'s. Awesome job on this app, keep up the great work.
A Google user 2019-03-30

Good app except... it stopped working and doesn\'t download the videos for the knots
A Google user 2016-05-21

Favorites sometimes don\'t work This app is very good at showing how to tie various knots. However the Favorite Knots feature does not always work. Sometimes when I add a favorite, it says it worked but the knot does not show up in the list of favorites. Tried rebooting my phone, clearing cache/data, and reinstalling the app. No luck. I am on Android 6.0.1 on a Nexus 6P.
Seth Lambert 2020-08-01

This used to be a handy app but it has stopped working on the current Android systems and now it won\'t even open. Don\'t purchase for current Android systems!!! Please either fix it or refund everyone their money.
Lu G 2013-10-30

WTF?! This is great for apps... BUT OVER 56 MB?!?! Thats more than some games...wtf...whatever you\'re doing, you\'re doing it way wrong. Great concept, but someone sucks at as an app developer/programmer... replace him with someone who knows what they\'re doing cause you don\'t need over 56 MB for this. You\'re loosing alot of people who don\'t want to download such a huge memory space hog.
James Hagist 2019-12-16

Has all major knots and is Handy out on the water
Gregg Robinson 2013-02-23

Great Resource Awesome variety of knots for fishing and utility work. Well presented examples on how to tie them. Recent problems with upgrades has been fixed.