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Description of ProfiMail Go - email client

ProfiMail is email client offering many interesting functions, and it is provided completely for free.


● Folders tree hierarchy - see all accounts and their folders in a tree view

● Signatures - add your signature to composed message, automatically or manually

● Rules - conditions and actions applied automatically on incoming messages

● S/MIME cryptography - mail encryption and digital signatures

● Combined folder - see messages from multiple folders in one place

● Conversations and Threads - see related messages in a conversation in a tree view

● Rich text message composer - add images, colors and smileys to your messages

● Widget - see new messages on Home screen or lock screen

● Multiple panes - see more on large screens

● Full-text search - find any message on your device

● Integration with X-plore - uses our free file manager for working with images, sounds, and other files

● Tight integration with Android - make calls, open websites, share content, whatever

● Fully automatic or manual work - check mail any way you like

● Push mail - using IMAP IDLE to connect to any IMAP folders that you wish

● Configurable - you choose how much/what/when to download and how to be notified about it

● Attachments - shown in nice list, with icons, images with thumbnails

● Works in background - you can do other tasks while mail is downloaded or sent

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:4.30.32 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Lonely Cat Games

User Reviews


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Private Citizen 2020-03-23

This gets 5 stars because it is good and it is free. There are some areas where it could be better, and it has no support. But... it is pretty good once you spend the time to learn how to set it up. It\'s depth is surprising. The HUGE text in messages is easily fixed by adjusting zoom level. In each window you can tap a corner and get more options. Confusing ... a little, but you can get it set up well.
Pally Boy 2020-07-23

Still THE Best I started using Profimail when I still had my Nokia phone running on Symbian OS. I\'ve used all the other email apps, and they are good... but I keep coming back to Profimail - seems like the developers built in all the updates for the next 30 years for the app!.... other apps seem to always be missing something. Maybe a Windows version can be built someday 😁 Thanks guys. Profimail is still THE BEST!
Marek Samec 2019-12-10

Very good email client! Offers good functionality and compact layout. If you prefer functionality and more features over fancy material touch designs, this is your choice. Might need quite lot of configuration to get going. It works with gmail if you generate app password for it via your google account.
Ray Barnicoat 2020-11-10

When properly set up this is the best mail app. (Free one) that I have found, and I have tried them all. Works just fine with Gmail as well and there are no adds.
Leola Site 2020-08-17

Gmail, go to settings, first thing, enable either IMAP or POP or both, if you have 2 Verification in place, you would be able to generate APP PASSWORD: go to security, look for APP PASSWORD and generate one as password for setup. If 2 Verification is not in place in your email, under security, look for and enable \"Access for less secure apps\", once enabled, use your email password for the setup of. Same guidelines for Microsoft and Yahoo, but this 2 may not require one to enable IMAP or POP.
James August 2018-11-15

Finally an email client that has sorting rules. My work email doesn\'t have sorting unless you are running a IMAP account on a pc. This app saves me from having my pc on 24/7 to sort my emails. Everything else is good. Ui has a bit to be desired, but it does the job. Everything is nice and customizable as well which is a plus.
JH Daniels 2020-11-14

Has Home Page [UI] where you can see all email accounts\' status at a glance. Has best folder management for Android. Haven\'t run into anything I can\'t do... yet, as I can move email to my other account(s). Very nice job here and so useful for me I have installed an Android emulator on my Windows computer to use this app.
d b 2020-11-10

I like this email app a lot. It\'s responsive —the message list opens immediately, and feels professional. The only criticisms: 1: When first adding an account, push email isn\'t defaulted; you have to go into advanced settings. It\'s a rather basic requirement so this should be the default. 2: The icons you can choose to represent a particular account are silly—no email icon. However, you can provide your own. 3: Emails need too much scrolling as there\'s not enough space left to display them.
A Google user 2015-08-04

Great app, bad subscription idea This app works very well, it\'s not the most glossy smooth \"material\" app but this does the business without the fluff. The bad, I purchased once used the Nokia version of this for years and while the price is reasonable the Payment should make it yours for life. Happy to pay again of course but sub\'s are just a pain. Please dev create a \"pro\" version.
Raghavendhar Sekar 2020-04-18

This is a tremendous app, but the level of support provided by the support team is too Low. They simply respond to questions without reading what the actual issue is.