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Description of Progression Body & Weight Log

Track and understand your body with the help of Progression – become a winner in body and soul.

Timeline offers you a quick overview of your measurements for a given bodypart or your bodyweight. Adding a new measurement is no more than a click away.

Powerful statistics give you an in-depth analysis of your journey. Upgrade and use the graph to see the bigger picture, and view your stats to get additional insights.

Its all about you. Under the profile screen you can view an overview of where you’re currently at, view all measurements split up on a day-to-day basis, as well as get all the necessary BMI information you might want.

Day-to-day, most places in the app will let you view all the powerful statistics and your timeline exclusively for each measurement category (bodyweight, or any tape measurement). Use the day collection screen to review all your measurements for a given day, compare it to other days, and quickly add full body measurements in one go.

Google Fit lets you easily stay up to date with measurements from any other connected apps, or scales that support this (Withings, amongst others).

Your data is precious, therefore you can sign in with your Google account to have it automatically backed up and synchronized across all your connected devices, instantaneously.

Going the extra mile, for you. Use the dark & light theme options to make the app look and feel just the way you love it.

Supported measurements include bodyweight, bodyfat, chest, shoulders, overarms, forearms, hips, waist, legs and calves.


Mission statement

We believe in a world where everyone reaches their full potential. And we believe that keeping track of yourself is the way to make steady progress towards it, and make it a reality.

By keeping track of your body, you will with the help of Progression start seeing patterns, and learn to work with them rather than against them. Many users in our early beta program have reported being much more aware of themselves, and where their bodyweight is headed, as well as being able to take control and push it in the direction they really want to go.


You are beautiful just the way you are. Progression is not about changing your body - it is about making sure it functions well - so that you can live everyday of your life with a smile on your face, knowing that things are getting even better with each new day.

If you share our vision, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you, tell us your story, tell us what additional tools you might want to make things even better and easier to manage. We want to make this world a better place, and this is our contribution.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Zoltan Demant

User Reviews


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James Cowan 2016-11-16

I love your apps bro, they\'re nearly perfect and this is the first comment I\'ve ever posted. You have to add a BF% tracker with this thing, and give an option or tab for your FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index). I\'m a certified personal trainer and almost never use the BMI with my clients or personally. It\'s highly inaccurate for just about everyone lol. Please give an option to use FFMI rather than BMI like how you have the option to go from Metric/Imperial units. My 2 cents, and 5 stars when that happens.
Brian Mcclintock 2020-10-02

PLEASE READ. The developer abandoned this app after Android 11. If you upgrade to Android 11 all your workout history, weight history, and workout plans will be deleted. The developer has replied to a few reviews saying this will be fixed. It\'s been 2 weeks since Android 11 was released and all of my data is still gone which leads me to believe this is permanent. You can no longer contact the developer via email either as it has an auto-reply on.
Naim Elmasri 2016-11-06

My favorite developer yet High attention to detail, features are always added, communication with the users. I don\'t know if I\'ll actually use this app as much as the fitness tracker but I sure as hell will buy pro to support the dev. Keep it up, man!
Andrew Taylor 2017-01-26

It\'s a very good app. I think the one feature I\'d like added would be one stolen (and improved upon) from MFP were you can add progress pictures at each weigh in and then can create side by side pictures. I\'d like to see the ability to add images for every body part. For example, for weight I could decide to have pictures of my whole body. But for arm size maybe I just want a picture of my arm flexing and could see change not just in the measurements but also the visual change over time. But, this app does what it\'s trying to do and does it well and cleanly, so I won\'t penalize it too much for what I\'d like it to be. But, I think what it\'s doing doesn\'t necessarily differentiate itself too much from features available in other apps. Per body part progress pictures absolutely would, in my opinion.
Diego Otero-Caldwell 2019-03-31

Clean and simple. My go to app for tracking my body weight. My biggest complaint has to do with the way the graph displays your progress. There\'s no way to focus on just a certain period of time, you\'re forced to look at all of your entries at once. Also the way the data points are spread out on the x axis is odd. It\'s like time doesn\'t matter to this graph, and all points are spread equal distances from each other, regardless if the measurements were taken a day or a year apart. Otherwise great
Carlos Pereira 2017-01-16

Awesome, but there\'s one thing missing I love your app. I even paid for it. The only thing missing is the option to upload our photos to track improvements. Please add this and I\'ll gladly give it 5 stars!
Jake Counne 2020-12-31

Have been using this paid app for over 3 years. A bit buggy, but overall it served the purpose. After a recent phone update the app has lost all of my historical data and backups, upwards of 300 workouts worth. When I contacted the developer, I received an auto reply that said he was aware of the issue and linked to Reddit. It looks like this was a known issue for over 3 months with no warning to his users. He\'s been promising a fix for over 3 months to no avail. Stay far away!
Derek Sparks 2020-01-30

Great app that integrates with Google fit and Google Drive for back up and the fitness app of his called Progression Fitness Tracker. Combine these with the app fit to fit if you have a Fitbit and everything syncs nicely. Also has charts if you give a few bucks. Well worth it.
Michael Abraham 2018-09-26

Simple, clean, and built in a way for you to track your progress efficiently. A lot of apps focus on losing weight, this one enables you to track gaining weight. It\'s awesome
Kurt Abersold 2019-01-14

I love it for tracking fitness progress, I\'d love it more if I could add my own measurement fields. (e.g. neck, muscle mass, water weight, etc.)