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Description of project44 DriveView

DriveView is an intuitive, free mobile application designed to provide real-time location visibility for active truckload shipments. Easy to install and effortless to use, DriveView communicates location and ETA information to carriers, brokers, shippers, and other business partners while you are on the road. Designed to track your load and stay out of your business, the app checks in with you as you start your trip and automatically shuts off when shipments are delivered.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.4.3 Publish Date:2021-12-12 Developer:project44

User Reviews


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pedro morales 2020-06-03

Got a load with a broker and before i knew it this app opened up by itself and started tracking without my permission. Had no option to pause ir stop that i could see. It did turn off automatically when i arrived at delivery and opened the app. All in all i disliked it very much. Project44 needs to make changes.
Sam B 2019-09-17

Very disappointed with Coyote on this one. Tracking ONLY and VERY hard on my battery life! I uninstall in-between loads I pull for them
Shane Vladeff 2019-10-18

There needs to be a -100 as an option. App drains battery to fast and freezes up phone. I\'m on a load right now. I\'m deleting it, piss on these navigation tracking apps
Shane Southworth 2019-09-22

Keeps Tracking and running in background days after load delivered. I\'m also bombarded now with text messages adds. I dont think that will stop now. Yall suck
Thomas Ramey 2019-08-08

very disappointed that my phone number was recieving advertising which resulted in text form. I am letting the company know that this is the same as giving out my personal information and will take legal action. What a huge mistake ever agreeing to be tracked at companies discretion to except a load.
Jamie S 2019-08-04

Fine print says they share data for marketing and also show ads. Not necessary for tracking loads. As a driver from back in the payphone days, all this tracking is for commies IMHO! App gets permissions removed and blocked internet access by me whenever load is done. Get the Netguard app github version to block ads and apps. It uses phone\'s VPN service to block apps and can use custom host file like Windows does to block any website (ads) you want.
Lyle Mulholland 2020-01-31

Very Disappointing app installed for a short local load in Michigan it was tracking me to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin ? If it\'s waiting for me to go to Wisconsin it\'s going to be tracking for a very long time. I finally had to uninstall it, it really served no purpose, it has no options other than languages, have to uninstall after every load
Chaotic Thoughts 2019-03-27

i\'m giving it only one star because TQL badgered me mercilessly because the app wasn\'t showing my location. i\'m tired of all these tracking apps on my phone and the DOT needs to get involved. I think there should be a limit to what can be installed. we already have a box that tracks us. this is just a useless program..
Gary McCall 2019-12-13

I found out that I can go into apps on my phone and force stop when I\'m finished with the load but it continues tracking. I have no problem with battery usage. Other apps that I use contribute to power loss. Just plug it in people. Quit crying. 40 years ago we had to get off of the highway to find a load, find /use a phone to check call. These electronics aren\'t completely easy for us old school guys and gals, but we have the common sense to plug our phone in when the batt is low.
Donna Von Sprecken 2020-09-30

This app is horrible. Had problems with it before and now (only due to brokers request), it won\'t download at all.