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Description of PsyTests

This APP contains psychological tests about several issues that patients often consult to every professional in Psychology. Its content is simple to understand and very useful. You will be able to learn, consult, and evaluate many characteristics about your personality and also if you suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, addiction problems, etc. In addition, there is helpful information about love, related subjects about relationships, about who you are and how your psyche works.

All the tests of this APP have been developed thanks to the hard work together of a group of Professionals of Psychology.

Choose a test and start to know more about yourself.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Psique Apps

User Reviews


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Jessie Davenport 2019-01-21

Very educational without the information overload. Precise, clear descriptions and definitions but short and to the point. A long list of free tests that give accurate results along with professional advice and additional information. No adds, doesn\'t ask for any kind of payment, and doesn\'t take up a lot of room on your phone\'s storage. I just spent an hour and forty-five minutes going through some of the many topics this app has along with several offered tests. Very pleasant experience. 🖒💯
Katrina Morris 2019-03-15

I actually have depression. I\'ve been diagnosed several times over several years by many different psychologists. Yet this app says i don\'t have depression. i only answered no to one question. These tests are RIDICULOUS 😡 What if someone fails to seek help because of the tests? Irresponsible. Two stars because the app functions.
B. B. 2019-08-10

just did the anxiety test and almost lost it. they ask you a very serious question, do you usually feel like crying? as I answered a very loud video advertisement showed up full screen, and almost had a heart attack. which idiot approved such a design???? not really gonna use such an app, that doesn\'t care about the user experience. just fill it with the maximum amount of ads.
Timothy Gray 2019-07-23

I can\'t express my full opinion due too, only using the app for a short amount of time. But for the little amount of time I have used it, I think it is great and very educational to help people better understand who they are. Which in turn will also help them to treat others more positive because the better we understand ourselves the more empathy we have for others. Thank you for creating the app!!
Samantha Lynch 2019-02-06

while app itself functions and performs well, the quizzes though good for general knowledge are very generalised and no real indicator of an present issue, though that performance is no better or worse than any other quiz platform i suppose. i must say i felt very disappointed in the outdated terminolgy used especially relating \"disorder\" to sex and gender. personally i feel the word disorder is used far too much throughout the entire app.
Gina Buck 2019-09-11

I was all ready to enjoy playing with the app, and then i find out that not only does it have a ridiculous number off ads, but you pay for each test. Plus they offer to remove ads and it still has stupid ads.
Chrissy 2020-05-06

3 words. SO MANY ADS. I\'ve never seen so many ads in an app, particularly an app thats is pretty much completely useless. You take a 10-30 question quiz (with an ad every 5 questions) and it says if you likely have that mental issue. The advice is basic and does nothing to help someone with actual problems. So what is the point of the app? For the developers to make money off numerous ads while people with mental instability confirm what they already know: they need a professional, not an app.
Desmond Pereira 2019-07-24

Disappointing, sketchy and unhelpful information. An unreliable source of information that could potentially be more harmful than helpful to anyone seeking general psychological advice on personality disorders.
Marti M 2019-12-09

Was good until the last update...now it is nothing but excessive ads during tests. I feel like this kind of ad bombarding during tests distracts and manipulates ur answers which, consequently, affects the accuracy of the test results. So thoughtless and insensitive for a \"psychological\" app. Smh.
Scarlet G 2020-03-06

The app is a good idea, I am happy that people are discovering more about themselves with it. My issue with it is how you guys word answers. When you test positive for something, you use the pronoun \"he\" when describing a mental health professional. Always. We know what you mean, but it\'s always best to use \"they\" for sake of being open minded. You even implied all narcissists are male, which rubbed me wrong. There are ad free tests online that are much more thorough and professional than this.