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Description of PTA Content Master

Make reviewing essential physical therapy academic content enjoyable! Physical Therapist Assistant Content Master is designed to assist physical therapist assistants to possess full command of core academic content. Physical Therapist Assistant Content Master is an ideal tool for PTA students, recent PTA graduates, and licensed PTAs.

The academic content is organized into ten unique system and non-system categories.

Musculoskeletal System

Neuromuscular System

Cardiopulmonary System

Integumentary System

Other Systems

Equipment and Devices

Therapeutic Modalities

Safety and Professional Roles

Teaching and Learning

Evidence-Based Practice

Therapists can review selected content by scrolling through subcategories in each of the system and non-system categories or elect to review content in a random mode. Frequent review of essential academic content allows therapists to successfully convert the information to long term memory.

Physical Therapist Assistant Content Master includes an assessment mode that consists of 600 multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice questions are designed to assess a therapists mastery of the information presented in the content review mode. The number of questions in each category varies from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 125. Therapists can elect to take examinations in a specific category (e.g., musculoskeletal system) or in a random mode.

A formal score report describes a therapist’s level of mastery in each of the ten system and non-system categories.

Company Information

Scorebuilders is the recognized market leader in licensing preparation for the National Physical Therapy Examinations. Our product line consists of review books, two day review courses, web based comprehensive exams, flash cards, and iPhone applications. Scorebuilders has assisted students to pass the National Physical Therapy Examinations on their first attempt for over 20 years. Timely updates and clinically oriented questions have resulted in our products being recommended by faculty and students throughout the country.

Copyright © 2013 Scorebuilders

Physical Therapist Assistant Content Master is the exclusive property of Scorebuilders. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, without the express written consent of Scorebuilders.

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User Reviews


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Vanessa M 2016-01-12

At first confusing, but then it is great! When I first tried the app I was frustrated at the amount of questions the app said I got wrong, when I supposedly put the right answer. So I did some digging and found out that I was wrong and the app was right! The way they grade is confusing and should be changed. after I figured out what was happening my quiz scores went up. Now the app isn\'t working for some reason and I would love to use it for practice which I can\'t, which is frustrating
Shamara Davison 2016-09-22

Could be better I have this app and the question of the day. The thing I prefer more about the question of the day is the break down of each answer. I would love this app if it were that way also. For me, I retain more from the other app because of that. Otherwise, I do like this app also.
Ben Gudenkauf 2016-03-31

Lacks depth and could be updated. Is informative but pales in comparison to the book. It is quite a bit less than the study guide so I don\'t feel too jaded. It also looks like it hasn\'t been updated in a long time as it still has a button on bottom of the screen for the old options key for Android though it does nothing.
Gray Falcon 2017-07-06

I passed the NPTE last July 2016 using only this. Thank you
jj hein 2019-03-01

Good content, but would like the developers to fix the sign in to allow you to stay signed in. Also, with the new update, it keeps crashing on me whenever I try to use the buttons on the bottom to navigate between pages. This is very frustrating as whenever it shuts down, I have to sign in again! Please fix this, I just want to use the app to study for my exam. It is a good product besides those issues
Dedra Reed 2019-03-22

great app and super helpful. i still use it for quick reference on things I don\'t see regularly . I had an issue with logging in to the new app but it was addressed and working beautifully
DogStar Dave 2014-03-10

Constant errors in grading... When reviewing my assessments, it consistently marks the wrong answer! It marks answers that I didn\'t pick. On one, it had my score at 12\\25; my actual score upon review was 22\\25... I can\'t see how it could be that far off- seems simple to keep the answer I actually chose instead of fabricating one for me. I\'m not confident the \"right\" answers are correct at this point, based on the performance of accuracy, so I\'ll be asking for a refund.
Chris Koons 2013-05-02

Needs updating!! I really would like to love this app - it contains a LOT of great information invaluable for the PTAExam & the tests are nice, too BUT I paid for this app as a tool to help me pass this year\'s PTA exam, only to find out it hasn\'t been updated in 2 years. Also, the text-only format makes it hard to visualize concepts & the tiny font and inability to flip the screen to landscape makes it really hard to read. Please update it asap - the exam is July 10th & I\'d like to say it was worth paying $30 for.
Adrian Pollard 2019-02-27

This is the core content that will enhance your critical thinking for the score builders content and ultimately your NPTE. I passed my licensure the first time with studying with no one else!
Tamara Thompson 2013-06-28

Great This was an amazing tool that helped me pass my test 2 years ago and I still refer to it if I have any question now that I am practicing PTA. Worth the $$.