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Don Giancana 2021-01-19

Very addictive game. The only mobile game I play these days. There\'s quite an issue with the play zone indicator at the top of the screen. When I\'m not in the zone it appears and blocks my shoot button, especially when I\'m in the heat of battle. I like my shoot button at the top, so do many other players... I don\'t play any other way and it\'s very frustrating, please remove or put the indicator elsewhere. It\'s very difficult to enjoy playing the game with that in the way.
DarkLord 2021 2021-02-09

It is a good game, good graphics, and controls. But the main problem is that to buy UC is too expensive and some people can\'t afford the money to buy it, second problem the BP doesn\'t have too much use only to buy soldiers crate and other small things and last there are still some cheaters or hackers in the game. Fix it if you can!
Sapphire 2021-03-04

As an honest reviewer, this game is ok. The only complaint I have about this is that every single time you get onto the game, the server groups you with players who have a 100 tier, while you\'re, (for example, a 13 tier). You get killed every single game, and people kill you easier. Try to group people towards the same level so it\'s more fair, and try to make the controls better for aim. Lag is also an issue, as well as graphics that aren\'t the best. Other than that, It\'s pretty fun I guess.
Dileep Jose 2021-03-11

The game is very good. I have been playing the game for more than 2 yrs with my friends. But there are many cheaters playing mostly in both TPP and FPP solo. Also with every new update the game becomes more lagging and the ping is higher even when playing in high speed wifi. Also, for the past two weeks, when I start a match, it\'s showing that \"the ping is higher in the selected server. Continue anyway?\" I have been playing in the same server in the past 2 yrs and had no issues.
Alexy Vassimov 2021-02-02

I love it. My only game on smartphone. But i don\'t like new modes. I would love it to be more military style. Will be nice to have new mode on Erangel, 50vs50 (battlefield style). Capturing buldings. With few different roles : commander, medic, sniper, engineer, rifleman, marksman. each role have its own equipment. And radio to have 2 or 3 channels (for example 10 players in 5 teams, the team cam speak only with each other, commander have opportunity to speak with other commanders.
PHAZE671 2021-01-13

This is a fun game that I enjoy playing,I like the high quality graphics also the gameplay. The only problem I have is when I have low ms that\'s when I start lagging all over the place. I enjoy playing with everyone even though they sometimes kill me I enjoy playing. I hope that all the negative comment dont drag this game down.i give this game 5 stars keep up the great work guys.👍👍👍👍👍😁😁
Kayla Stranger 2021-02-06

Amazing game. Everything is so thought through and I play this nearly everyday. It\'s extremely addictive and has heaps of different modes to play. If there could be something else like a new lobby or before you jump out the plane it shows you inside the plane than you running and jumping out, I think that would be a nice feature. And also I can\'t lean left or right while shooting like other players can, it\'s very frustrating. Apart from that this is definitely a game U would recommend.

I have been facing login error (Account has been logged with a newer version of the game ) So, I looked up for the problem changed my wifi/internet connection even I purchased new device but the same thing repeated. I found something interesting after i reinstall it from playstore, it has different version of the game. I am from South Asia region. Nepal is my country. Please fix this issue as soon as possible!
Master-san 2021-02-18

I keep on having server issues, a lot of the time my ping is so bad. My internet connection is as fast as it could get, I can watch videos on youtube without any buffering at all. Even in other games, my internet is very stable and barely encountered any issues with my connection. Yesterday, the problem got worst, as the server keeps on kicking me out of the game and I am unable to re-enter the game as I\'m stuck in the loading page, as it keeps telling me server did not respond.
Louis Chong 2021-03-09

A very good game to play with friends. BUT all the events is totally useless, rewards/exchange items all is NOT permanent, what the point to exchange something will expired after 7 days?! There is no RNG in this game when you open chest because you wont get a single good thing in the chest. I save up a lot of ticket to open a chest and none good thing come out. All this game can do is play the match and cant enjoy the events.