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Description of PulsePoint Respond

PulsePoint Respond is a 911-connected app that can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community and can request your help when CPR is needed nearby.

PulsePoint helps create an informed and engaged community that drives a “Culture of Action,” a key strategy in strengthening the Chain of Survival for cardiac arrest victims. In addition to nearby “CPR-needed” notifications, you can choose to be notified of significant events that may impact you and your family. These informational notifications provide an early heads-up to local threats such as wildland fires, flooding and utility emergencies. You can even monitor live dispatch radio traffic for most PulsePoint-connected communities with a simple tap on the speaker icon.

PulsePoint currently provides coverage for thousands of cities and communities, with many more on the way. For more information, visit pulsepoint.org, contact us at info@pulsepoint.org, or join the conversation at Facebook and Twitter.

PulsePoint not yet available in your community? Although we are working hard to make public safety agencies aware of PulsePoint, you can help by expressing interest to your local fire chief, EMS official, and elected officials such as your mayor, council member or supervisor. A simple note, phone call or public meeting comment would ensure that they are aware of PulsePoint. We have found that City Hall does listen and is quite willing to bring PulsePoint to the community.

PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.14.1 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:PulsePoint Foundation

User Reviews


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The EMT Dad 2020-01-25

This App is literally my most used application of all time! I work in an ER and I\'m also a Firefighter/EMT, so being able to look at whats happening around the county in real time with the dispatch log is fantastic. As a bonus, because of how accurate the information is, we use it all the time in the ER to help coordinate rescues coming to our facility and it lets us see just how busy EMS is that day. It helps us maintain our departments flow by providing us with minute by minute updates.
Michael Lazzarini 2020-08-17

PulsePoint Helps Save Lives. I\'ve responded to three CPR Alerts in the three years I\'ve had it. It\'s been effective at getting me where I need to go with clear concise location information each time. Twice I arrived to find the patient had regained consciousness. Once I had to do CPR. I arrived ahead of emergency services each time, proving that this app creates a faster response when moments count. The secondary features of the app are also great. I can see what\'s happening in my area.
JL 2019-11-19

I\'m addicted. I\'m so impressed that my loved ones and I will be able to reassure ourselves from across the country if/when we hear of emergencies and can\'t reach one another immediately! Thank you for this super cyber upgrade making police scanners so last millennium. Glad you\'re always working on adding as many agencies as possible as soon as possible. Your app also enables rerouting trips to avoid congestion from all sorts of situations. I love you guys!
jeremy patesel 2020-07-21

Fantastic app for both those trained in CPR / AED usage, and for those who just want to know what going on in their area. I listen to my local fire dispatch(mainly for vegetation fires, as I live in a fire prone area). One tjinng I\'ve noticed is that sometimes, medium - lrg incidents will disappear off the list and map. Incidents that I know (from listening to scanners) are still currently working (not even showing up under past incidents). I\'m assuming it\'s on the agency\'s side of things.
lisa rose 2020-09-26

I downloaded this when we were having a spate of wildfires and everyone was worried about local outbreaks. But it is SUCH an amazing app that does so much more! I depend on it every day at home AND when I travel. Super easy to tweak the settings as needed; instant notifications; super accurate. And FREE! Well done!
Lrak Musicplayer 2020-09-26

Great app! It is very informative as to the emergency events happening in my local city. It is also empowering, knowing that at any moment myself (as a certified BLS) could assist with saving someone\'s life, simply because I was in the area, and was made aware of the nearby need. Keep it up developers!
Veronica Naylor 2020-08-04

Love the app and easy to use and understand. Only complaint, i wish there were updates to fires. For example, containment or acres burned or highlighted areas affected. Having family across Southern California, it is very nerve wrecking knowing there is a fire close to a relative. It would be nice to have the peace of mind for it to be updated periodically.
Tim Ruda 2020-06-04

Great app, especially in the current times. I am not CPR certified and therefore not using that notification, but rather to know of potential dangers in the neighborhood like fires. One feature I would desire is to set time windows or schedule for notifications. I love knowing of all activity during the day but would like the ability to snooze notifications during certain hours, i.e. sleeping.
Ray Gallagher 2019-10-25

Excellent program, gives you all kinds of alerts for medical emergencies, fire, traffic accidents and etc. If you are CPR certified you can be alerted that someone needs CPR nearby and save a life!
Ze Za 2019-11-06

Awesome app... to find out \"live\" what\'s happening (fires, car accidents, hazards, natural disasters, etc) in your area of interest, there is no better app than this one. It\'s much better than the FEMA app and the Red Cross \"Emergency\" app.