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Description of Puzzly Words - word guess game

Word Game is easy to learn, it’s competitive, it’s addictive, and best of all Puzzly Words train your brain! It is like searching for hidden words when you unscramble letters.

Play against the clock and three other people to unscramble the letters and find the words with the highest score by pushing your vocabulary to the limit!

If you like word games you will love the challenge of Puzzly Words. Be word master and take victory over 3 other people to be the champion wordsmith in this fast-paced game of vocabulary.

Can you think quickly, create the highest scoring words and win your opponents? Test your vocabulary, learn new words and laugh with your friends all in one, fast, fun game.

Like all the best games, Puzzly Word Game is easy to learn and difficult to master, the gameplay is simple but addictive, and the challenge is never ending.

How to Play

When you play the game, you are presented with a selection of random letters in your letter pile, as with scrabble, and space above to drag those letters to form three words. That really is how simple it is to play.

However, the multiplayer challenge really makes this different. Each round lasts just sixty seconds, and as you drag letters into your word slots above, there are other people doing the same. You battle against the time limit, your own vocabulary and the other players all at once!

You do have help to beat those challenges though, in the form of power-ups that you can use at any time. You have three, the Extra Letter power up, which adds a random letter to your letter pile and an extra 10 seconds if you are trying to complete a word and the 60 seconds is running out. Finally, you have the Validate Booster, which checks the word for you during the game to make sure it's valid and will score.

Of course, with varying opponents, the challenge never ends, and Puzzly Word Game is definitely a word game that will encourage you to expand your vocabulary and keep improving to be the best.


• A true multiplayer word game, compete against other players as well as the clock

• Test your vocabulary against friends and family

• Race against the clock to find high scoring words in your random letters

• Eye-catching design keeps everything clear to see

• Learn new words and expand your vocabulary

• Power-ups help you tip the balance

• Simple to learn, difficult to master

• FREE to play!

With its online word gameplay, the challenge never ends. Boost your brain without supplements - Puzzly Word Game keeps you coming back for more, learn new words, use your power-ups and beat the competition!

Support: help@puzzlywords.com

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:10.5.70 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:SIA Fufla

User Reviews


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Cathy Schultz 2015-09-20

LOVE IT HATE IT Technically this game makes me want to throw it through a window. The reset radials work OCCASIONALLY, the verify works too late to be worthwhile, it would be nice to see more frequent multipliers. BUT the game itself is positively addicting. Great concept, just sharpen it up technically - PRETTY PLEASE. Oh yeah. What freakin dictionary are you using? ZOOT is not a word, nor are any number of words that ARE words in Word Battle. Hmmmm.
Daisha Gardner 2016-01-08

Minor complaints. I love the game and the concept.. However, I wish there were a way to earn EXP and coins faster. That\'s truly my only complaint. It would be cool to incorporate a chat of some sort too.. Just so we could talk to people you\'re playing against.
Gisela Gaeke 2015-12-30

I like the game very much,I\'m leaning English an it helps me I just wished you would increase the points you give they are never the same,and I don\'t have the money to buy,I check in every day but they only give me 3 that is not enough.
Emily Wilkinson 2020-03-19

I love the challenge & excitement of a good multiplayer game! The pace & number of rounds feel right. It must be difficult to achieve that kind of balance. My only complaint is that it gets VERY finicky about the way you drag the letters, specifically if the they aren\'t perfectly aligned with the spaces when you release them. Now I tap them instead.
Tyler B 2020-06-08

I have played this game for years. I have always had it on all my phones and play daily. It\'s a great vocabulary builder, my only complaint is the extra letter/extra time feature. I don\'t don\'t think it enhances the game at all, in fact it ruins the game for me when you have a player that hits all the extras right as the round opens. Or the player that hits extra letters with 3 secs. left to play. The game would be MUCH better without those 2 options. Thank you for the great word games.
Sylvia Newnham 2020-07-13

Brilliant game, I even win occasionally! I now can\'t get on it at all after several years of it being my favourite game. I have recently been able to access the game after several months of not being able to but it has now frozen me out again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but it won\'t let me in with Face Book or Gmail. Advice please.
Kerrie Watkins 2016-03-14

Dictionary clarification required I enjoy the game but would love to know what dictionary is used. There are many valid words in the Oxford dictionary not recognised here and i have yet to find a \'standard\' dictionary that lists Heighth as a word. Also the calculation for when there is a draw is often incorrect.
Lisa Eller 2018-05-23

I love this game and it brings out the competitor in me. This is an edited review because for some reason I kept getting a message that I didn\'t have internet connection when I actually did. The only thing I could do is to uninstall and reinstall the game to see if I could finally play again. All of my other internet connected games worked so we will see if this fixes it.
LaToya Jackson 2016-08-01

Puzzly Words I still enjoy this game and play everyday. But having played it over a longer period of time, the glitches are more annoying. It takes way too long to level up. We should also have an opportunity to earn more coins daily and when we achieve different levels. I don\'t invite friends to play because the two times I\'ve done it, I never received the extra points that were promised. The game is fun and addictive, but a few kinks should definitely be worked out.
Basil Simon 2016-10-30

Almost perfect! This is a fantastic word game, the ultimate solution in online multiplayer grammatical fun!! Excellent intuitive interface, stunning graphics and instantly addictive! But..... 2 things let it down for me. 1. There absolutely needs to be a link called \'points system info\' because it certainly is not clear how others seem to always get more points than you when you are a rookie! 2. ADD A CHAT FEATURE! LIKE IN WORD BATTLE! I totally miss that social element when in Puzzley words. If you add those two features then I\'ll add two more stars to this review! Now that\'s fair yeah? Because.... You know I\'m right! RIGHT? He he!