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Description of Puzzrama

Complete the silhouette puzzle!

The next-generation 3D puzzle game!

Enjoy Puzzrama’s original puzzles!

The latest app from Translimit, that brought you

Brain Wars, Brain Dots, and Craft Warriors!

▼ Easy to Play

◆ Complete the Puzzle

Assemble pieces and finish the silhouette puzzle.

◆ Collect Figurines

Collect figurines by completing puzzles.

Place the collected figurines on the field.

◆ Complete the Dioramas

Complete dioramas with the collected figurines.

What story will you be able to tell with your diorama?

◆ Crafting

Use the crafting tool to craft your own figurines and dioramas.

◆ Publish to the Market

You can publish your crafts to the market.

Publish your crafts to the market so everyone can see them!

◆ Enter the Contest

Submit your craft and enter the Daily Contest.

Compete with other creators all over the world.

▼ Supported Languages(18 languages)

English/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Portuguese(Brazil)/Indonesian/Hindi/Vietnamese/Swedish/Thai/Russian/Dutch/Arabic

▼ For the latest information

Twitter: @puzzrama

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puzzrama/

Instagram: @puzzrama

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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More Information Of Puzzrama

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.5.0 Publish Date:2021-09-11 Developer:Translimit, Inc

User Reviews


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T Coleman 2020-11-25

Still highly enjoying this game. I really like that your able to do all the puzzles without having to collect coins or anything like that. Looking forward for some new puzzles. Great game to pass the time. Starts 2d and once completed it turns into 3d. Love all the detail that\'s in the game. Yes, you have to watch ads (it is free though) that\'s how they get paid. Appreciate all the details added, makes for a calming game to play. Just hoping for more dioramas to play.
Shaylee Wilkerson 2021-03-06

It would be fun if they wouldn\'t put an ad in between every puzzle, which each puzzle only takes a few seconds... so the ads are just as long as the gameplay is... I\'m thinking about uninstalling this app simply because there are way too many ads. The game also freezes every 2 minutes and over 70% of the time I try to open the app... it\'s a simple game, just fix it. Update: months later and still no changes, so it\'s being replaced by another 3D coloring app. I suggest you do the same.
Dareacop 2019-11-13

You know, I tried this, and to be honest it is a ok game, but when there are ads after every puzzle, that isn\'t right, along with the price charged for removing them. Most free games will give you the offer to permanently remove ads, but oh no, not this one. You can pay monthly for the same price, if not more. It\'s sad to see this happen to free games, because they\'re really good games, but are ruined by over placed ads. Even an advert bar at the bottom would be better.
KittyJo Pierce 2019-12-19

This is quite a unique puzzle game. I am glad that the little puzzles don\'t get increasingly harder, and so much enjoy completing the delightful little dioramas! I also think it\'s cool that random extra puzzle cards show up after it looks like the dioramas are completed. Edit: I dropped it down to 4 stars because I ran out of puzzles too quickly. Also, I would actually consider a one-time purchase of a \'premium\' version of the app, but subscription is the only option and it isn\'t worth it.
Evany Smith 2019-10-26

At first I thought it was too good to be true, with other landscape looking puzzle games, you had to wait every few minutes to be able to continue being able to continuosly work on multiple puzzles, but all this game gives you are wonderful animated puzzles, and in return it gives you only few ads that aren\'t very long.
Talia Morris 2020-12-31

This is a diorama puzzle game in which the figures and objects start out as flat, jigsaw puzzle-style images, and then spring into wonderfully detailed, animated 3d when finished. Graphics and animation are brilliant and include great special effects like fire. A couple of minor criticisms: The 2d puzzles are way too easy (5-10 pieces), and I would prefer a smoother style for the finished figures. They\'re cute but very Lego-like.
Vickie Nevels 2020-05-20

To many ads and the time between new dioramas is way too long.
Cazh Monii 2019-11-09

Editing this from 4 to 1 stars. I have been playing for 5 minutes, 5. I have received nearly 6 ads half of which were nearly 1 minute long, unskippable ads. I closed the game and reopened it just so I could play properly and boom another unskippable ad. It sucks cuz this game is fun I like it but it is completely ruined by the over-placed ads. I get free games need money but this many ads? Way too many. Idk why I\'m reviewing honestly you probably won\'t even respond or even look at this :/.
jester126621 2021-01-11

I like this games but there are too many ads. Nearly everytime you complete a puzzle there will be an ads and there are ads already at the bottom of the screen. Then they want $3.99 to remove them. It truly ruined this game for me.
Napoleon of Stupidity 2020-08-10

Coming back after a long, accidental hiatus from this game due to my original phone breaking, I expected nothing but better. What I was instead met with was crashing like a never-ending car crash and connection issues that shouldn\'t even of happened. Not to mention, if a connection issue happens in the middle of a puzzle, you have to start the whole damn thing over again.