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Description of Qmee - Paid Surveys for Cash

Qmee is a free survey app that allows you to earn real cash or receive rewards as gift card for completing surveys, or for engaging with your favorite brands. Complete paid surveys for cash on the go, share your opinions and help to improve or influence the direction of brands.

With Qmee, it’s a win-win for everybody! Brands improve by finding out what consumers think, while users can earn cash, gift cards and help the brands they already like produce even better products. And to make your experience even smoother, we even find the best offers and surveys to fit your profile.

Complete surveys for money, get paid. Its easy with Qmee!

Why Qmee?

• Complete surveys for cash - not swag or points

• Cash out using PayPal at any time with no minimum cash out!

• Spend your rewards on a gift card or donate to charity

• Earn rewards via specially chosen offers and get money saving deals

• Receive deals or discover great gift cards & discounts on the go

• Refer friends to Qmee and receive a cash reward when they sign up

• Answer quiz style questions and receive bonus cash rewards for correct answers

• Activate your Streak and get an extra 10% on survey rewards

• Enjoy dedicated support from a friendly team

Shop online

In addition to offering cash rewards for taking surveys, Qmee also offers cash rewards for shopping in the app. Take a look at the specially chosen offers and receive a cash rewards for doing something you were going to do anyway - it’s a win-win situation!

Join the Qmee survey app community on Social to receive extra, bigger rewards and fun giveaways:

Facebook - /joinqmee

Instagram - /qmeeapp/

Twitter - @qmee

So what are you waiting for? Complete surveys on the go for cash or earn rewards making the brands you already love even better!

**Paid surveys are currently unavailable to users in California. Opinions can still be provided through voluntary surveys.**

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More Information Of Qmee - Paid Surveys for Cash

lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:3.4.8 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Qmee

User Reviews


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Kei Ng 2020-12-17

I have used a lot of survey apps and this gotta be the best of them. The best thing about this app is they can tell how much time you\'ve spent on a survey and GIVE you the money if you got kicked out in the middle, which I have never seen in any other survey app. You get money currency after finish survey and not points. There is no minimun amount to take your money, extremely convenient. Thirdly, their redeem process is FAST, like one day fast and it is straight to Paypal!
Saint Lenny 2020-11-22

I would give it 10 stars if I could! No joke! This app is wonderful!!! I\'ve averaged $150 a month doing surveys. Sometimes you won\'t qualify for some surveys, but a little patience does actually pay off. Heck, there have been a couple of times when I was almost finished with a survey and it crashed and qmee had my back and still paid out a small percentage of what the survey was going to offer, even if I was unfairly rejected. Definitely would recommend.
5G THUNDER 2020-12-17

I officially tested the app! The app is 100% honest. You can cash out with less than a $1 and at any given time! The prices are fair for each survey but technically with the cost to time ratio table I drew up you can average $4 an hour to $6 an hour! Not bad especially if you do a hour or 2 a day on your spare time and in a week you\'ll make about $35 extra a week! Nothing to brag about but hey I transfer that to my paypal then to my coinbase for investing! Money is money 🤑🤑
Feria Valade 2020-11-20

While I love getting money for surveys. Some you go through most of the way and then declines you. Can be all the way or halfway through. No, I am not talking about the generic entry part but the actual survey and it\'s frustrating to not have a convenient way to report it. I shouldn\'t be half way through a survey to only be declined because I\'m \"not what they are looking for\". Figure that stuff out ahead of time THEN let me do the survey. Cant report after the fact that I can see.
Corey Thompson 2021-01-22

I\'ve joined this app on Jan 17. In four days I\'ve made $34.52 total. Granted I did spend quite a good bit of time doing surveys. But to me it\'s definitely worth it. I only get disability and using this is a perfect way to earn a little something extra! Please don\'t ever change Qmee. This app for me will be a life saver. I try to answer honestly and thoughtfully. I hope more incentives come for long time users. I will definitely be sticking around. I don\'t mind sharing my data profile personally.
Johanna Johanna 2021-01-14

It doesn\'t seem like a scam or anything. However, I keep getting like half way through a survey before they decide to \"Deny\" ot or what ever; and then I end up unable to finish the survey and remain unpaid for the time I did spent filling the first half. So there is a lot of wasted time, and considering that you aren\'t paid all that much for your time spent filling them out to begin with it\'s frustrating. For example after about an hour of answering questions I\'ve got about $0.44.
drew h 2020-11-08

I gave the app a little over 1 week to try. So here\'s the breakdown in a nutshell. When you first sign up you\'ll get surveys worth $1.00 - $1.08. After about 1 day they\'ll pop randomly. After a few days has gone past you\'ll never see them again. The surveys will be worth no more than $.50 for the most part. Furthermore, many of the surveys tell you that it will take 10 mins when actually its more like 25 mins. You\'ll will get kicked out a survey while your 5 mins in. Its not as solid as they say
Michelle Miller 2021-02-07

Even though sometimes I get denied by atleast 20 surveys, the ones I do get to do are good and the money adds up fast too! Also I wanted to cash out and I only did $10 to make sure it worked as soon as I hit okay send it was already in my account within seconds! I never leave reviews for anything, I love this app, it\'s super easy to make money! Especially for me being a stay at home mom.
Monica 2021-01-24

Every single survey I have tried to complete tells me that I\'m not eligible and that it has been declined. Some of them do this after already wasting my time and answering questions - I\'ll get halfway through before it abruptly tells me I\'m not fit for the survey. This is a scam to get you to answer a few questions before telling you that the survey has been declined and never giving you any money. I wish these stupid survey apps would actually work for once. Ffs.
Lil Diamond 2021-02-03

Honestly this is the only app for surveys that has ever worked for me. I recently had an issue with the bank and was told I wasn\'t able to access my money for a week, but this app helped me get 20$ in a day and a half, letting me buy lunch and drinks that I needed for work. I\'m so grateful, every thing counts. This really helped ALOT.