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Description of Qonto • Business Finance App

Qonto energizes SMEs, startups and freelancers by helping them whizz through their business finances.

More than 220,000 customers already use our finance management solution to keep control of their account at their fingertips. On the go, wherever they are.

Qonto, the finance management tool that boosts your business

Qonto simplifies everything, from everyday business banking and finance to bookkeeping and expense management. By doing the boring, time-consuming chores, we energize SMEs and freelancers so they can achieve more.

Say goodbye to banking frustration with Qonto

Our pricing is simple and transparent. There are no hidden fees. And when you’re with Qonto, you can look forward to rapid-response, top-tier customer service. So that when you have a question, we’ll get it answered swiftly.

Send and receive payments in a flash

Open an account in just 10 minutes and access flexible payment methods that can respond to the specific needs of your business right away:

- make purchases online instantly with our virtual Mastercards, from anywhere in the world.

- order physical Mastercards for payments and withdrawals abroad or at home.

- add virtual cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay for online and in-store purchases.

- create a Flash Card for one-off, single purpose payments. Securely.

- send and receive SWIFT and SEPA transfers directly on your phone.

- if your company is registered in France, we can even cash your checks.

With the Qonto app, you can manage your business finances even when you’re on the move.

Company creation made easy

Use our app to open an account without the paperwork eating into your time. Because we know your time is precious. Once you’re set up we can even help you switch or transition accounts progressively if your current bank or neobank is in France.

If you’re setting up a new company, we’ll guide you so that you’re up and running - with all your admin handled (within an average of just 72 hours for France-based customers).

Qonto: much more than just a pro account.

We can equip you with a vast range of business finance management solutions that include:

- IBANS in France, Spain, Italy or Germany, so you can be truly localized;

- unlimited transaction history and real-time notifications, so you’ll always know what comes in and what goes out of your account;

- For customers in France and Italy, we can also propose credit opportunities without all the paperwork, so you can fund your projects;

- as well as up to 5 sub-accounts in all our markets, so you can better organize your teams and their budgets.

Bookkeeping got you down? We’re here to help

When it comes to managing expenses and preparing your accounts, we’ve also got you covered. Scan your paper receipts on your phone and let the app retrieve the VAT and match them to the corresponding expense so they’re valid for your books. All completely automatically. Give your accountant access to consult your account; they’ll be delighted to find everything they need to manage your accounting. They can even connect Qonto to their favorite accounting tool.

Delegate spend management to your teams

We help make spend management a collaborative team effort: delegate cards and budgets to team members, give your managers and employees access according to their roles. Let them manage their spending within the rules and limits that you set in advance. They will enjoy the autonomy and you’ll keep control of the bigger picture.

Take back all that time and energy you currently spend on managing your business finances and focus it where it matters.

Download the Qonto app now and keep the control of your company’s money in your pocket.

Qonto is a payment institution regulated and authorised by the ACPR (registered under number CIB 16958).

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User Reviews


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Alex Ouimet-Storrs 2020-11-15

Loved qonto at first (I have recommended them twice to people) and both of my companies are registered there. The banking experience is pretty good but the moment you have something a bit out of the ordinary (fraud on bank card and foreign wire transfer) happens, they seem to not be able to handle these things well. Lots of problems with customer service here and it\'s caused my company financial harm (one wire transfer for an important amount from Canada that was sent 3 weeks ago hasn\'t arrived
Michael Parr 2019-12-06

Wasted my data downloading this app only to find it doesn\'t work in my country. You should put that in the app description instead of wasting people\'s time, thanks for nothing.
Alvina Doremus 2019-08-21

excellent. It would be nice to get the sum up of each category or label though
Jando Tatafo 2020-12-21

Hi qonto, I I have opened a business account with you. I transferred sum money from my personal account and now the money is stocked there for more than a week now. I cant withdraw and I cant transfer. You say company background needs to be checked from 24 hours to 3 working days. But is more than a week now no response. Moreover, everything was checked before I was allowed to pay money into it, why wait until my money gets into a the account before you do background checks that last 4ever
aurelien lemaire 2020-02-11

Clean and precise. To get 5 stars: - missing in/out trend graph over time with category - slow start after authentication after 5 months of use
Alberto Dolcetta 2020-10-01

Really amazing experience both on web and on the app.
Alessandro Recla 2021-02-16

Ottimo servizio clienti: gentili e rispondono subito. Ma molti problemi: un conto per professionisti e aziende che non permette di pagare gli F24... Come dire: apritevi un altro conto su una banca \"normale\", ed eventualmente tenete Qonto come conto secondario, se vi serve. Quanto tempo sto perdendo!
Michel Sainisch 2018-10-15

[Edit of the original review] The developer took quite a good amount of time to try and resolve this very particular issue which seemed to somehow only happen to me, and no one else with the same phone and update status. After various tests, the latest public release has fixed the issue, and all is well with the world. Excellent customer service with serious follow-up.
farhat Sam 2020-06-15

The App is excellent, and the service is amazing. Best virtual bank
Religion Kills 2020-09-21

Says no internet. I have perfect connection!!! And then support only in French! UNINSTALLED 👹