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Description of QuietMind - Meditation Timer

Meditation timer for silent meditation, with option for Vipassana 60-minute sit by S.N. Goenka.


- One gong at start of meditation and 3 gongs at the end.

- Stay committed and don't break your streak!

- Ten stages of meditation as described in Culadasa's The Mind Illuminated.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Alex Ragone

User Reviews


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A Google user 2016-08-22

I consider this an Essential App!!! This has been the best for beginning and ending my twice daily meditations! I\'ve practiced TM meditation for 20+ years and I absolutely love this app! The \"breath intervals bells\" sound so crisp and beautiful. The quality is by far the best I\'ve found! They sound like they\'re being played in the same room! You can actually feel the vibration (like a mini gong bath)!!! Plus, the continuing encouragement is a really nice little bonus!
Lenin 2016-09-27

Beautiful, but lacks important features The interface is clean and some features of tracking might be useful for some people. But what I wanted is it should dim the screen when the timer starts. It doesn\'t have options for volume of the bell, and my last session didn\'t even sing the bell. I don\'t know why. Uninstalled!
Donald Bourne 2016-07-04

Close but no cigar I really like the set up of this app and it works great. A couple of things I would like to see though: the ability to turn off chimes at the beginning and end of a session, the ability to set a daily reminder, the ability to manually add in unrecorded sessions, and the ability to journal after a session. Journaling is a must have for me as I use it to keep track of what guided meditation to listen to next
Edgar Inouye 2016-06-10

Great App Great app, the job was quite well done, congrats for the developer. I\'d like to make some suggestions, it\'d be very useful to have a reminder of how to overcome the challenges of each stage. Keep the good work!
Daniel O\'Sullivan 2016-10-06

Great but one flaw This is a great, simple, app. Exactly what I was looking for. My only issue is that the days counter doesn\'t work. Even if I practice every day it seems to be stuck on day one always. It would be even better if it saved the days to a calendar of some kind. Still as a basic timer it works well.
Richard smith 2020-02-21

I just wanted a simple timer with capability of setting a bell at user defined intervals. My old app refused to work on my new Samsung tablet. This app works just fine but I find that it keeps the screen on the whole time. This is unneccessarily given that I have my eyes closed and don\'t need to look at the screen (that\'s why I use the interval bells). I also don\'t like the streak feature. I know it\'s meant as an incentive but motivation should come from inside not from an app. Otherwise ok.
Non-random Earthling 2016-10-31

It\'s fine Quits unexpectedly after meditation. Despite this, it seems to be tracking my sessions. One thing I don\'t get is why the screen brightens when the session begins. Seems that dimming the screen would be more logical. I flip my tablet over to hide the brightness as I tend to meditate in the dark.
Sebastian Monroy 2020-02-11

This is the best and most reliable meditation timer. It is easy to set up the timer duration with a horizontal slider (like a kitchen timer). It has pleasing bell/bowl sounds, which often sound synthetic or poorly recorded in other apps. And the sounds ALWAYS work, unlike other apps. The habit tracking feature is encouraging but not annoying. The Stages of Meditation pages are succinct and well described. This app does no more than it needs to, and does it very well. Highly recommended.
Danny Crawley 2016-05-08

Interval and stop /start sounds Been using this app for three weeks,, very good,,, but have lost the interval and stop /start sounds,,,, help!!!!,, my sounds, have mysteriously,,,, 28-4-16 no start or interval sounds,,, Also do you have an upgrade, as this is the best app of its kind, that I have found,, lost the interval sounds,,, but still a great app,,,
Steven Makai 2019-06-16

This is the app i keep coming back to - i love the basic functionality and easy to use interface. the only real issue i\'ve had with the mediation timer is that the chime is not consistent. even when adjusting the volume and the duration sometimes the chime is missing. in the future as you continue development here are a few features i would love to see: 1. working chime (i\'d much rather listen to it than try and count the time without it) 2. the ability to create multiple profiles 3. a way to reset the stats other than that an excellent application for meditation - thank you for making it.